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The PS4 may have sold solid to this point, but they just hit the 10 million mark while the PS3 is over 80 million.

Much bigger installed base with the PS3 so I expect most major releases to be available for both for some time, until the number of PS4's makes the added cost of developing for both platforms no longer worth the investment.

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@naamah said:

@armistice: @dwronin: Naamah Prime is watching you talk about games and movies right now... ;)

Armistice Prime is watching Naamah Prime watch people talk about games and movies right now O_o

@dwronin said:

@armistice: Yeah I bought a PS4, but beside the Metal Gear 5 demo, I just use it as a blue ray player haha

No plans to upgrade to a PS4 until some must play RPG's come out, right now the only one I'm waiting for is Persona 5 and that is still a PS3 exclusive.

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Used to play across most genres back in the day, at this point my PS3 collects dust unless a must play RPG comes out or I get in the mood to play a retro one I missed along the way.

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@dwronin said:

@armistice: That was a video game that shouldn't have been good but was so awesome!

Never played it, pretty much a lapsed gamer outside of RPG's at this point.

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Misfit Team - Characters that are square pegs in a round hole of a world, never seem to fit in anywhere and exist on the fringes of the larger picture most of the events and struggles occupy. Individuals that seem to belong nowhere, except maybe with one another.

Zauberin / Switch Macabre / Portrait / Decaying Rose / Nerx / Puzzler

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6 members per team

Restricted to people who are at least semi-active and that I'm at least somewhat familiar with

Traditional Blue Team - Good guys in the most generally accepted conventional sense and tend to stick close to the morals attributed to this style of team.

Andferne / Edward Windsor / Feral Nova / CPG / ShadowSwordmaster / Arquitenens

Non-Traditional Blue Team - Holds to similar noble ideals to the traditional team to a point, yet are also more willing to use more questionable tactics in their efforts, and not quite as rigid in their morals.

PsyKnight / Ellie Knightfall / Antonia / Lady Liberty / Surkit / Mr. Mercury

Wildcard Team - Their actions push the boundaries towards each side of the spectrum and you can ask ten people and hear them called heroes, neutrals, or villains depending on the day. No matter how they view themselves, everyone else seems to have a varying opinion.

Tranquil / The Psyentist / Quintus Knightfall / Andres Knightfall / Valerie Huntington / Ziccarra Liafador

Hired Guns Team - Not ones to take a side in a conflict unless their is a paycheck or personal reason to do so, tends to avoid siding with any single faction long term because they feel they are all full of shit in one way or another. Morals are very flexible and if you don't like them, go F yourself.

ShadowKnight - Cain / Cassius Knightfall / Grifter / Creed / The Mercenary / Nobody

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@pyrogram said:

@armistice Awesome post

Glad at least you liked it, I actually wanted to rewrite half of it after reading it for a second time (LOL).

Moving back and forth from a primarily verbal to a completely written format always takes some adjustment.

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"All warefare is like chess you know this Ian. Pieces are being moved towards an endgame and they are already moving the major players from the board. Where are the major opposing forces to Pierce ? they are gone. Why becuase she wanted them gone. Quintus is most likely one of thoose she has removed and i have reason to believe she has drawn a few dangerous allies to her side. The only reason i havent vanished as well is becuase she considers me to small fry"

Taking off his helmet reaveling his face to his long term ally

"In short Ian i have no choice but to do it on my own. I dont have the time to spend trawling the underground trying to find the few people who would side with me, i have a brother who is most likely bing tortured somewhere. I cant delay on this you know what family means to me. Its all i wanted and now its all i have. If it takes all of me to get what i have to do finished then i shall pay it."

Were it not for Ian coming to this meeting in full armor, nothing would have been able to mask the disappointment upon his face, not a single word had been able to break through the unrelenting resolve Cassius held in his newly chosen direction. If allowed he was more than willing to debate the lack of reason and logic in such actions for as long as necessary, but all it took was a single look in his friends face to see that for now such an effort would be nothing but a waste of unheeded words. Slowly Cassius could feel the armored palm release his shoulder, an almost unsaid disconnection between the two, one that spoke louder than any statement made during this encounter.

Armistice - "Comparing warfare to Chess is a very antiquated analogy Cassius, an extreme oversimplification if you look at all the variables present in a modern conflict. It has been a very long time since clashes between factions could be adequately described by a game with such set pieces and rules, where the sides were always dead even at the onset. If you truly want to compare it to a game for reference you would be better served using Poker, the variations involved in every session allow for the depth of layers necessary to convey a truly strategic theory. Chess is simply too rigid, too black and white, using it as a basis of strategy will only leave you vulnerable to one whose mind thinks only in endless shades of grey."

Ian's words continued even as the image of his form began to recede back into nothingness, knowing that attempting to dissuade his friend any further at this point was an exercise in futility. There would be a time and place where his words of wisdom had some chance of reaching through and shattering the wall of anger and fear that clouded Cassius, yet that time was not now. Ian would have to be patient, and he was nothing if not patient after all these years."

Armistice - "If that is the path you have chosen, I wish you the best yet expect the worst Cassius. Ever since we have met I have tried to provide you and others with whatever resources were at my disposal, but never have I tried to steer you into a destiny of my own design. Ellie took many years, but when she finally left the nest it was on a mission of her own design and of her own mind, I never wanted any less for you. All I ask....all I plead, is that you don't allow yourself to step so far into the darkness that you can no longer see the light, don't allow yourself to sink to the level of those you will now find yourself aligned with in your chosen quest. Please do not make me have to be the one to stop you."

Ian was gone before a response to his request could even be uttered, words meant little at this point while the coming actions would spea volumes.

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@armistice said:

RPG is not Fan-Fiction

It's not about telling YOUR story, it's about adding to OUR story

This is something that I always struggled with. But you find out that no matter how much you plan (or even try to railroad the plot) things change. It's an ever evolving entity in itself.

Damn, how long ago did I write this? (LOL)

Attempting to plan a plot to the point of railroading the outcome has always been one of RPG's cardinal sins. Any time a legitimate monkey-wrench is thrown into someones plans it should be applauded and taken as an intellectual exercise to strategize against instead of ignored because it interferes with a predestined result or direction. When done well, actions by those not show-running the event are allowed to have an actual impact in the level of success or failure of said event, the very best has everyone involved with no idea how it is going to turn out until the very end.

I fully understand the frustration with having a grand vision in mind and seeing events outside of your control get in the way, always very tempting to rationalize things as you should get the wanted result for all the work involved. Yet such a stance is counterproductive as there is little point for others to involve themselves in your personal canon if their presence is not going to be allowed to accomplish anything of worth or note.

Due to a number of factors keeping a storyline intact while leaving enough leeway to allow outside forces to evolve the direction is always going to be a balancing act. In the end there is no referee and all involved are on the honor system of respecting one anothers characters and efforts.