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When do we get The Emotional Scars of Pyro starring Psy and Zauby?

Now that is worth a read :)

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Captain Tightpants

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Considering I retired in between your disappearances it would be quite rude of me to hold a grudge :)

Really no need to apologize, real life comes first and I'm glad to hear that the RL issues have taken a turn for the better after all this time and life is back to milk and cookies.

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Stan will not be his actual name (because Andres would not bother to learn it) but just the one he call him :)

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@armistice: There's a minimum level of style to be my sidekick that you just don't reach Stan ;) Thanks :)

I am going to make an alt named Stan for you to belittle at will just for fun

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1 - I will give you a side kick, in the junk

2 - No problem with this one

3 - I will not have a pony tail because I am not Lorenzo Lamas, not because you told me

4 - In my case it would be "do not show you up"

5 - I won't answer because I know Andres does not give a sh!t what it is

6 - I actually like the heckling, but expect a response as good as you give

7 - OK, this one we can agree on.

(this was awesome by the way)

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Also using the blog you have an easy to maintain reference database to go back on, keep a characters canon going long enough and even the writer will start to forget details.

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I'm kind of hoping to weave a bit of a mystery into it, for potential future story lines.

And I figured something like that might come up every now and then, which is why this is set when the metahumans first started appearing. I'll make a note of that.

I tend to go the same route, the two RPG's I have with Mercy are flashbacks that touch upon themes that can be used in the present day. Each one is a year closer to today.

I also use a blog to flesh out an NPC organization, keeping things somewhat a mystery and not just giving it all out up front is top notch in my book.

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I like how you have left a trail of bread crumbs but left out important details, makes someone come back and read the rest or remain lost.

Funny thing is if my character were a few decades older, he likely would have considered investing himself based on some assumptions of where his specialties lie.