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@batkevin74: Thanks.

You will be seeing more of the originals soon.

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Could I write a small limited sires on Krang?

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12:30am: Kree throneworld, 3 miles underground, high security detention center.

“Well who don’t you have in here?” asked Peter to the Kree Accuser, whilst staring into the dead, drugged up eyes of the galaxy wide famous Annihilus.“Is it true that he comes from the Negative Zone?” Asked Peter, Gamora looked at him with a sense of derigne in her eyes.

“That place does not exist.” She said condescendingly.

“Oh yes it does” piped up Rocket “Where do you think Mister talkative here, came from?” he said as he gave a sidelong glance at Groot.

“I AM GROOT” was the only reply.

Gamora and Quill shared a glance of complete shock and horror, with jaws hanging out as far as physically possible. Groot looked at the two of them with the same look of being at comfort but not knowing what is really going on. Rocket looked at Peter and Gamora and started laughing, a very annoying sound to Quill and the fact that an animal had caught him out put Quill into a mood.

“@$$-hole” he whisperd under his breath.

The Kree Accuser looked around at the party and shook his head. “ They’re down here.” he said sullenly.

“Who shoved a stick up his ass?” Rocket whispered.

There was a sharp knock on the door, Martinex lifted up his head and looked at the large blue guard with the hammer, “You gonna get that, you kracking piece of blue shit” Is what Martinex wanted to say, but in reality he said “Who this time?”. The guard slowly walked to the door, he heaved as the heavy metal door slowly moved. In the door stood another blue skinned with a hammer, a green woman with a blue scar across one of her eyes, a small rodent like creature with what appeared to be a walking tree. But the most intriguing of all was not the tree but the pink skinned humanoid in the blue and orange armour, a pistol holstered at his hip and a symbol on his chest.

“Spartax” Martinex said “ And from the armour I would guess that you are one of the star lords, and if your Spartax then these blue skinned people must be some sort of slave race.”

“No. they are Kree, the largest galactic empire apart from the Skrulls maybe.” the Pink one replied.

“Heh, good trick Spartax, but I think you’ll find that you are or were the largest galactic empire, and what the Krack is a kree?”

“So it’s true, he is from the future.” Said the green skinned one.

“Leave us” Said the Spartax “ All of you”. The others slowly made their way out of the room, the green one leaving last and giving the Spartax a strange look. “My name is Peter Quill, may I ask what your’s is?”

Martinex felt an involuntary twitch in his eye, “You're Quill? You b@$tard!!! You caused this! You and your green whore!! Gamora! And all because you couldn’t do the right thing! You better keep my cuffs on or you might find that you can’t breathe any more.”

7:00 pm

The planet Zandar

Angel heard the sounds of footsteps thundering down the cold stone stairs, down towards the catacombs, down towards him. Angel continued recording his message and programming the helmet.

“Thanos’ armies have taken Zandar, the Zandarians are either dead or broken, there's no one to stop him from taking the planet, if he finds what we have hidden, if he finds this, it will doom the universe. So I entrust it to you, whoever you are, with the most powerful weapon in the universe, the power of the Nova and the Worldmind. Do not attempt to free Zandar, for you will not be ready for him or his black order.” Angel sighed “End recording.”

Angel looked over that the computer screen to his left, the words upload complete were inscribed across the screen, he unhooked the helmet form the pedestal and held it in his hands, “And so it ends” He sighed “ Ten thousand years of peace shattered in an instant, but then again it could just be a new beginning.” Angel felt the helmet tearing away from his hands urging to be free and find the new Nova. Angel slowly took of his fingers from the helmet and let it fly off through a small window in the ceiling.

In that moment Angel felt his legs fall away from him, he turned around and he was blinded by brilliant white light.

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@batkevin74 said:

@arkhamc1tizen said:

@batkevin74: Yeah they are coming, just they will meet, there all part of one team.

Let's hope Yondu kills them all and leaves the originals :)

Umm, I doubt that's going to happen. ( but good idea)

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Dying light all the way.

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@batkevin74: Yeah they are coming, just they will meet, there all part of one team.

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4:05 pm: Midnight, the world of all gambling.

“Well I am looking particularly dashing today” thought Peter Quill to himself, whilst shaving his ragged beard in the mirror of his latest concubine’s mirror.

“Peter, come back to bed” she groaned from the silk sheets of her bed.

“I’m not paying you to act like you give to kracks” he snapped in reply “ I’m paying for what’s in between your thighs”

“Suit yourself” she said, leaning back on the bed her hand slowly reaching towards her nipple, Peter found himself strangely aroused.

Just as he was making his way back to the bed, there was a loud snap and then a crash from the door. Peter turned his head without any look of surprise on his face.

“How many times do I have to tell you to knock on the kracking door?!!” He yelled

“When you learn to answer when I knock.” Gamora said sullenly

“Well I give you my most sincere promise to answer the door next time” He said condescendingly, as the concubine left the room holding the sheets over her body. Gamora gave her a deathly glare as she left, peter found himself watching her pale blue naked ass. “ Now for what do I owe this most unexpected pleasure?” Peter asked.

“Your father phoned, it appears our friends in the kree empire have come over quite the predicament, and they have asked for the services of the, oh how did your father put it.. oh yes, the legendary Starlord of the Spartax and however else he can find.”

“That would be you then?”

“It appears so. Also I phoned Rocket, he agreed to help us .But he still seems pretty pissed about that last mission on Delta Prime.”

“How can he blame he, his tree gave away our position”

“That Tree, as you put it has a name you know”

“Ohh and doesn't he let us forget it.” said peter as he tried to find his shirt.

“Oh, and Quill? Your father also said for you stop sleeping with whatever Kree woman you come across.”

Peter Quill walked through the main hall of the Midnighter, the most famed hotel of the midnight, with a certain swagger. What he was so pleased about, he had no idea, just that something made him exceedingly happy today. He left the Hotel with a tip of his head towards the receptionist, and gave an exceedingly generous tip to the doorman. As he boarded his ship he started to whistle a tune, that he couldn’t quite place where he had heard it from but still it was a happy tune. He sat down in the cockpit and felt extremely good. “ Back to work” he muttered.

4:00 am: a small nightclub on zeta prime

“So this is where Rocket wanted to meet.” Asked Peter, eyeing up the women in the corner of the large room, there were huge speakers blaring out music in some dialect Peter didn’t know, he saw the old men in the hoods sitting there talking, the walls were crumbling all around them and there were no staff as far as Peter could see,his eyes glanced across a group men each sharing a needle with a strange substance in and one of them was pouring a white powder over the table. “Yep, here’s the place” replied Gamora.

“I can see why he likes it” Peter said sarcastically. Gamora stifled a laugh and pointed to a small door at the side of the room, “In there.” she said.

The room was small and dank the only pieces of furniture were the large metal table and the four small stools, only one was occupied. “Quill.” The small rodent said.

“Rocket” Peter nodded to the little figure sitting on the stall furthest from him, “Groot.” he nodded towards the towering stature of the tree like figure standing just to the left of Rocket, he stood in the shadows his deep green eyes fixed upon Quill.He made no movement in reply, instead he simply said “ I AM GROOT.”

“Gamora, still see your running around with this idiot.” Rocket said.

“Nothing better to do.” She responded.

“What? You can’t think of anything better than running errands for J’son king of the Spartax, along with his son, the proud warrior Star Lord. How about spending time with your family?”

“Heh. I doubt my family would be all that welcoming to me.”

“I suppose you're right there. Well now we’ve got the pleasantries over, how about we get down to business.”

Peter stepped forward and took a seat, he reached inside his old stained coat and took out a set of papers with the words “CLASSIFIED” written in bright red across the center of the top sheet, with the words “By order of the Kree ruling council” inscribed underneath the red letters. Peter turned that page and placed it face down on the table. He pulled out a sheet of blueprints, with Rocket meticulously scanning this sheet. Peter pulled out another sheet of paper with a full list of detailed instructions, the next two sheets was a set of research notes, and finally the last a set of photographs of a huge beam of blue light protruding from the roof of a doomed building.

“Kree.” said Rocket.

“Yep.” responded Gamora

“That never ends well.” Rocket said sullenly.

“I know about what happened, how you spent years of your life in one of those penal colonies, I know what they did to you. But this isn’t all about them. This is a galaxy wide issue. What have you heard of the chronotype 101?”