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People can bash him all they like, I've loved Scott since I first started reading comics, and he's never been more interesting than he has the last ten years or so.


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NOOOOO!!!! This man is single-handedly responsible for making Bucky my all time favorite character!!! I was really hoping he'd stay on this one book, dammit!

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Have Kate break up with Eli, and get together with Tommy! They're great together!

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As a costumer, I have one thing to say to all the haters- 
Don't even BEGIN to knock a costume until you've tried it.  I honestly doubt most of the people "critiquing" it could do it as well.   
The Jean wig looks fine, and Bellechere's PG wig looks incredible. 
And on the matter of Bellechere's Powergirl- there's a reason she's such a renowned costumer/cosplayer, who is immensely respected in the community.  Whether or not she's wearing a corset is completely irrelevant.  The whole point of costuming is to portray a character AS THEY LOOK IN THE COMICS- TRANSFORMING A 2D ART-FORM INTO A 3D ONE! Not necessarily looking like yourself in a characters clothes; if that were the case, they wouldn't bother with wigs.  She looks great, and the costume is a work of art. 
That said, Bellechere's PG looks incredible as always, love the AoA group, the corrupt Supergirl (though clearly not a great photo), the Punisher, and the Aqualad!

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@Casshern said:
" WHAT THE f***?!  They just gotta keep squeezing in MORE AND MORE People into the show...  WHERE IS BATMAN!! ALL THIS AND NO WAYNE!! If your gonna milk the show into O MY GOD WHO ELSE can show up on the farm, Bruce Wayne better have emergency Corporate landing in the fields or something. "
They've publicly said that the only reason Bruce hasn't made an appearance on the show is because the rights to him are tied up for some reason due to the movies.  Same issue with Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Green Lantern (although we did get a brief cameo from Alan Scott), and the Flash (which they got around by calling him Impulse.) 
They have made multiple references to Gotham City, and they used Green Arrow as a replacement for Bruce- wealthy playboy billionaire, gadget based superhero, etc. 
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Smallville gets a lot of hate, but I absolutely adore the show. 
I really have trouble understanding why people rag on it so much.  The usual explanation is "they changed things!"  ALL ADAPTATIONS MAKE CHANGES!  So what if it doesn't follow the comics exactly? They've captured the essence of the characters, and thats what's important.  
 I don't see people bitching about changed details in the movies, why is television any different?  Were people freaking out when the Joker was revealed as the Wayne's killer in the 89 Batman?  How about when Bobby was a generation younger than the rest of the first class in the X-Men movies?   Or that Brice was trained by Ra's al Ghul in Batman Begins, and Harvey Dent was scarred by the Joker instead of Sal Maroni in TDK? The details get changed, but the characters remain the same.   
Yes, Smallville's had it's highs and lows, but most of the people ragging on it have either never watched it, or haven't seen any of the recent seasons.  Television is the same as comics, its a serial that is written by different writers, and with it, the quality and storylines change.  Season Nine marked a new creative team, which made a huge change in the direction of the show.  (And it was good before that!)  
On that note though, I say bring Conner in at the end, and go out with a bang.  Conner wouldn't work as well on his own, IMO.  
If we got a spin-off, I'd love to see a JLA or JSA show.  Supposedly the Booster Gold & Blue Beetle episode is a means of testing the water for a possible Blue Beetle series.

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Donna.  No question.  They had one of the best relationships in Titans history.  They were way better for each other than Terry or Cheshire could have ever been!    

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Hell yeah! Eddie was amazing, and killing him off was a mistake! His relationships with Rose, M'Gann, and Jaime were great, and he helped keep the Titans books from getting too teen angsty. 

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Costumers represent! I'll be there as Bucky, Speedy, and Larfleeze! :D

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  Love the Orange Lantern Lex! Actually working on a Larfleeze costume to be debuted at SDCC, with our big Lantern group!    

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