Onto the next cosplay costume!

I am making a costume for the Arizona Justice League.  
Thinking of doing Wonder Woman 
Any other ideas or costume suggestions? 
Here are some of my current cosplay roles

Cable and Hope AAC 2011

Two Face, Batman, Catwoman, Poison Ivy

X Force Day 2010

Captain America and Black Widow

Super Movies

I think all the upcoming "Super Hero" Movies coming out soon are looking very un-super. Whether Marvel or DC, seems like there are gonna be alot of disappointed fans. Any comments?

Black Cat *Meow*

I like the Black Cat that is fun, teasing, mysterious, strong, and independant. I think Kevin Smith wrote her very well in "The Evil that Men Do" I am not a fan of "Heroes for Hire" but I read most of them for Black Cat. I like that she wants to be more heroic but fights the side of her that loves the thrill of theivery. I want her and Spidey to be more than "Buddies" and as I was catching up on my Amazing Spiderman, was very diappointed when she was, yet again,  just toying with Pete's affection and only interested in the mask. I thought we had moved on from that and she realized she really liked the man and not just the Spider? 

Any one else out there like spunky Black Cat but with a little endearing Spider Love?

Halloween Costume

So I am debating what to wear for my "casual" Halloween Costume. To hand out candy to the kids in the neighborhood. I was going to go as Jem, but am now thinking of either Princess Peach from Mario Bros. or Rainbow Brite... Any suggestions? I am shooting for 80's cartoon character...

My favorite Halloween Costume was my Rainbow Brite Costume my mother made for me when I was 5. Th anks Mom!

Don't you hate when people you don't like are happy...

I have an exfriend who did horrible things, and it just drives me crazy that their life is seemingly perfect right now... Karma where are you! 
I am sure it isn't perfect and just looks that way, and I do think I am a good person, and I tell myself to move, get over it, concentrate on my life... but oooohhhh it just is there for me to see and grrr....
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One Uppers

I have never been a fan of one uppers. They always have a better story that it seems you never want to hear. And endless, sheesh! I unfortunately was a one upper the other day. I didn't mean to, but there was this girl, agh, she drove me crazy with her stories which thus resulted in me trying to show her up. I did catch myself after doing it twice and stopped. I know I shouldn't have stooped, but I wanted to put her in her place. I realized I had to be the bigger person, listen, nod, and not come back with anything.
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Great Comics Starring Heroines

I hear alot of talk about great female characters, but what comics are they best in? 
One of my favorites, Spider Woman: Agent of Sword by: Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev      
Reading  and loving, Black Widow by: Marjorie Liu and Daniel Acuna