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The Time Keeper says:

"If you really want an official answer, just ask one of the moderators for cryin' out loud! Sheesh."

...gee, thanks...that helped a lot...

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Thank you for the answers!

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Helloooo, anybody out there?

I know the battles are just for fun, but the problems I wrote about in my first post have kept me away from voting. I mean, what's the point to click until my hand hurts (i.e. vote) if my votes do not count?

It would be nice to get an answer...

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Don't know if this should be on the Bug Reporting, Gen.Discussion or Battle page...but I have a few questions and problems (grievances actually) with the Superpowers Battle page.

1) Could someone explain the "+ / -" and "Games Behind" columns?

2) Does the program keep count of which battles I have voted for? Sometimes it appears that it does, sometimes it appears that it doesn't.

I have discovered that voting on fights a second time does not register (i.e. the 'wins' and 'losses' does not change, and I do know that the changes don’t happen immediately)…that would mean that something keeps tabs on what I have done.

If that is the case then I find it strange that I am constantly given the same fights to vote for…and since the fights always come in the (more or less) same order I must work myself through all the fights I have already done until I find a new opponent. This means that since there are hundreds of characters with the Superstrength power it will take me hours to find a fight that registers. This is truly annoying.

On the other hand, I get the "No one else seems to have this power yet!" but only with certain characters and powers. For example, if I chose the power Invisibility and Invisible Woman as the character the first fight is always IW vs. Marvel Girl, the second fight is IW vs. Dr. Druid, and then I get the "No one else seems to have this power yet!" However, I know I have never had IW face Deadman or Tygra.

On the other, if I chose Marvel Girl I get to pit her against every character with the Invisibility power before it tells me that there's no one left. And despite voting it has no effect on the wins/losses chart as I have already voted before.

Another problem with the "No one else…" is that sometimes it appears immediately after a few battles. Going back to the character and starting all over again usually helps.

Could all these problems be Netscape related?

3) How can the 'losses' number drop? At one point (yesterday) Thanos (Superstrength) had 79 losses and today he had 60.

4) This seems to be a Netscape/Mozilla problem: Hitting the "See Who Wins" button or the "Skip" buttons does not work properly. If I hit one of the buttons, the button jumps down and to the left. At the same time, some of the powers above jump out from their green borders/boxes (so instead of occupying one line, the power covers three lines, the first line has the thumbs and the left, upper and lower green lines, the second line has the power name, and the third line has the right end of the green box.).

Sometimes I manage to hit exactly the right place on the button and it works as it should. The right place to hit the 'See Who Wins' button is somewhere between the letters 'H' and 'I' but this seem to vary. It never works on the first time if I hit the "See" part. Consequently, I have to click the button three to five times.

5) Does the page allow characters to face each other if they don't have the same powers? I think it would be nice if that would be possible (e.g. a character with only superstrength vs. a character with only superspeed). I mean, doing "If they could use all their powers who would win?" battles.

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The "I don't know, let me pass" option does not fucntion on the Battle pages.

When using NETSCAPE it takes me back to the battle I want to pass, and when using EXPLORER it tales me to: "Powers - Battle of Agility. No one else seems to have this power yet!", regardless of the Battle or character.

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Prurience Man says:

"Iron Man is ranked above Darkseid, Phoenix and Galactus?Jubilee is above Phoenix and Galactus?What the hell?!?!In fact, the more I look at it, the more screwed it is! Come on everybody, get out there and vote!"

And now Jubilee is suddenly unranked in Blast Power?

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The Wonder Woman and related pages are really confusing - about ten pages for three characters!

The easiet solution would be three pages, something like this:

Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark)

Troia (Donna Troy)

Wonder WOman (Diana) (I know about the current situation in the comic but rest assured it will not last for long)

THis would require the following actions:

The current "Donna Troy" page renamed to "Troia".

The current "Troia" page merged with the above.

The current "Wonder Girl" page merged with the above.

The current "Cassie Sandsmark" page renamed to "Wonder Girl".

THe current "Wonder Woman" remains.

The following pages: "Diana Trevor", "Princess Diana", "Diana Prince" and "Diana" merged with WOnder Woman.

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I suggest these pages are merged into one.

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I'm new, I know...but I'm really confused. I would want to add some text we really need different pages for Valeria Von Doom, Valeria Richards and Valeria?

I would suggest that two pages of three are deleted.

Real Name: Valeria Meghan Richards

Aliases: Valeria von Doom, Marvel Girl

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1) This power has not been explained, but according to wikipedia and other sources it mean divination by menas of shadows and/or the observation of or even communication with ghosts.

I don't claim that I know all the characters and their different incarnations but I am pretty sure that the Invisible WOman, SUperman, Wasp, Batman, Captain America, Namor, Hulk, Nick Fury... the lists goes on, have this power.

2) This power does not apepar on the Power Rankings list.

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