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So excited for this movie

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Kyle and Yost had a great run on X-Force.  I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank the Comic Vine staff on doing a great job so far from SD Comic Con.

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@Grendel said:

" @Nefilim927: Elixir was (I believe mistakenly) drawn in the cafeteria scene of the last issue of New Mutants. Yost and Kyle said in a CBR interview that he still is in bad shape from Necrosha, so it's up in the air if his knowledge of Hope will have any bearing. I suspect it will towards the end. "

Yea he definitely was mistakenly drawn in that issue.  Chris Yost just posted a tweet saying that Elixir is not on Utopia at this time ( .  So who knows where he is right now.
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@MrCake:  Nope, I'm in the same boat as you.
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@lazystudent:  #5 is a king of Atlantis...I need #1
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@lostlantern13:   Yea that definitely wasn't there earlier or I would have had no problem with Jibberish.  All I'm waiting on, now, are It's Good to Be King and Someone's Gotta Do It
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Wow, I was extremely angered by this comic!  I was a BIG fan of the character that died, and I felt like he went out like some punk nobody.  Frankly, he deserved better than that.  On top of it, the manner in which he was killed was just atrocious.  At least give the character a more honorable death!  The death scene itself would have been more impressive if it wasn't already done in Avengers: Disassembled.  It is almost identical to the scene between She-Hulk and Vision in the aforementioned arc.  Needless to say, I was not pleased.

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@Rothschild said:
" @Zoom said:
"Because its not a crisis if they don't kill off some Titans.  All the excitement of the first issue is gone.  The only thing I liked was the rings not being able to raise Don Hall. "
What! The 2nd issue was great... Hal at the beginning(great pic), Spectre(great spread), The last pic with the JLA..C'mon man! "
I gotta agree.  I thought the 2nd issue was fantastic, much like the first.