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Hey guys. I was hoping someone could give me a quick yet detailed summary of some recent storylines. The main reason is, I'm gonna be insanely busy the entirety of next year, and I can't afford to spend time with comic books like I did this year, and Marvel love to torture us with their insane tie-ins, lol. That would be the main reason I'm dropping Marvel next year.

Please summarize the events in these books, mentioning large details, like how Jubilee became a Vampire, and how Colossus became the Juggernaut, etc.

Spoilers are encouraged :)

Fall of the Hulks (I want to know how this ties into Realm of Kings: Son of Hulk and World War Hulks)

World War Hulks (Naturally)

Chaos War (Specifically how Hercules' death and Prince of Power ties into this)

Curse of the Mutants (Specifically how vampires are involved in an X-Men story, and Jubilee)

Age of X (Is this House of M all over again?)

Regenesis: Wolverine and the X-Men (I just decided to read this on my own)

Spider-Island (Thanks, JonSmith!)

Fear Itself (What happens, why it happens, why Hulk is Nul, and why Colossus became Juggernaut)

I'll end up getting Avengers vs X-Men before the end of the year if I can, so I'd like to know if Uncanny Avengers happens in the aftermath of AvX? If so, I'd like to pick up the first volume.

Much appreciated.

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Well, I'm just reading War of Kings, and I've been following Vulcan's story since Deadly Genesis, and back there he seemed so young and he really looked like a Summers brother, yet in War of Kings he lost a lot of his youth, and seems actually older with baggier skin?

I'm aware he lost vision in one eye and there's a scar, but that's not what I mean.
He simply looks... hideous... yeah, he seems uglier than in Deadly Genesis.

He seemed more manlier in Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire, with more bulk and body mass.
The same for Emperor Vulcan. Though toward the end he seemed to show signs of his aging.

WoK seems to really put the age on him, especially Secret Invasion: War Of Kings.

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So I've been trying to make it easier for me control the flow of Arcs that happen in the mainstream Marvel Universe, mainly so I can sleep easier at night knowing there's some order there.

Okay, so since X-Men and Avengers stories usually go their seperate ways, and happen at the same time, I've been told to split them in brackets.

However, the stories eventually branch together late on, so I couldn't do that. For example, Son of M leads to Silent War, then that eventually leads to Secret Invasion and then War of Kings, and equally, Annihilation: Conquest leads to that too.

I've also chosen Secret War as a starting point because that happens where there isn't much required reading prior to. I've also chosen Siege and Second Coming to end it off, because that's where events apparently lead unto before Arcs like AvX, and Marvel NOW!, which seems to be a new starting point for lighter monthly reading.

Any comments to this are welcome, good or bad.

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Thanks a lot! That's extremely helpful in trying to get a basic understanding of the universe. It's amazing how important that is.

So it just goes to show that anything that predates Lee/Kirby shouldn't be taken seriously. I just wonder if anything pre Fantastic Four #1 should be given much consideration. Not like we can read that anyway, lol.

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Well, I'm kind of trying to make sense of the Marvel Universe's history pre-Fantastic Four #1, and we all know that before these guys, Captain America and Bucky fought with a group called the Invaders.

Well, so far I have come to believe the Invaders wheren't mentioned till after the Avengers found him in ice.

I'd just like to know, is it revealed Cap falls into the ice during the Golden Age, or the Silver Age?
Which title originally depicted this? I'm curious to know if they decided to do this during the end of WWII, because it would be one hell of a wierd story to do, or when Stan Lee created the Avengers, which would make much more sense as to why he was in ice.

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Alright, so these events might not be looked at anymore, but I'm still very much interested in knowing what went down during that time span between Infinite Crisis and Final Crisis. I've read IC a few years back, didn't like it so much, save for the fight between Superman(s) and Superboy/man Prime. Now I'd really like to look into Final Crisis, and I'm aware that Countdown comes after 52 and One Year Later. I suppose I'll worry about Countdown when the time comes.

What's the best method of reading 52 and One Year Later? Are there specific collected editions?

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Batman and Wolverine where chosen, because they where the most popular characters in either company. And it was epic, if somewhat unrealistic.

The Marvels are known for their Mutants. Take that away and they're just a bunch of freaks. (No offense)

Bruce Wayne just gave Logan a sense of humanity.

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I'll tell you why CG gets boring. Because it's the same model, just moving on the screen. There isn't a lot of hand drawn effort going into it. It's also cheaper. There have been a huge spike in CG in the past 10 years. The cheapness is the reason.

There have been some good CG animations. But you'll have to go to Japan for this.

Look at MS IGLOO.

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@The Stegman:

Okay, I'm saying this from a non satirical point of view. That's kind of the idea.

Robin is Batman's protege, Batman needs to feel a sense of responsibility over him.

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Well, I started reading Supergirl when it was released in 2011, becuase I solely enjoyed the plot, a little. I stopped after issue 5 because I wanted to reduce what I read, but I'm looking back at it now and wondering if I should continue.

Is Supergirl worth the read? How has the storyline evolved up until now?