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" This is a fantastic idea- she is a complex character with a rich mythos who does not get nearly enough attention in current comics.   Of course she can be exciting enough to have her own series! Too far removed from the action? Hardly. She is often at the center of the action, and her exploits could provide rich meat for a more realistic title in DC. "
I explained further that I realize she could be in the mix more but it just wouldn't be very entertaining.I don't want "Single Female Lawyer" the comic if you get what I mean.I don't want a procedural journalist comic and if I did want that I would just read more Marvel books (Single Gamma Lawyer).This is just my male-18-30-superheroes-as-wish-fulfillment opinion.I bet you think you would like it but once it happened you would realize it just isn't worth not picking up something else to get a Lois Lane comic although I would probably rather read it than say The Outsiders currently.
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In my opinion Lois is too far removed from the action and superheroics to have a consistently entertaining book.Granted she could get kidnapped or even take down a few lesser villains what with her ballsyness and self defense training but I would imagine the majority of her book would be about the Daily Planet and well I am just not a huge fan of "Journalistic Drama" a genre I just made up.The bottom line is although I like Lois, for who she is, I wouldn't read a book that is just about her.Basically, I wouldn't read it for the same reason I wouldn't read a Vicki Vale comic or a comic about Alfred's daily life or Hal Jordan's brother etc...

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Hulk may be the strongest Physically without any other energy or power source to aid him,other than the gamma radiation that transformed him to begin with.Of course once characters start augmenting their strength with other sources of power then we are talking about a whole different ballgame. The Hulk is strong but in a battle thread for instance he should never beat someone like Thanos or the Silver Surfer who have so many other abilities it really isn't a balanced match up.

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All I have to say is thank god Luke Cage isn't there!Now I don't mind a good bromance here and there but I can have my fill of Luke on the other two team books he is in and it will be nice to have Danny hopefully prominently featured in a book again.This definitely seems like an X-Force for non mutants and I can dig that.

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"  It wasn't cheesy or shocking, but it felt forced to me. I was rolling my eyes that Aqualad would go heroic because of his adoptive father's sacrifice. It definitely didn't feel natural within the story's flow.I really enjoyed the issue. Lots of action, lots of progression, great art, and I was rather entertained. Actually love how they are building up Aquaman and Black makes them seem so legit. "
Would you go heroic to save your father's and your life if you could?From a stone cold killer like Black Manta? I bet you would. Survival is a natural instinct.
" I can't stop staring at teh boobs guys. I feel like a 14 year old kid lmao.  nice review otherwise...... "
Yes I'm implying you are a 14 year old kid lmao.
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I definitely liked this issue more than some recent ones or perhaps any of the other issues.The Firestorm stuff is cool and it's great to learn more about a character I wasn't into before.It seems to me that whichever guy inhabits the talking head portion of the Firestorm matrix has to know the chemical compounds; or was it that now they both have to know? Anyway the whole revelation with Aqualad was interesting if not a bit rough to get through because of all the angst,although it was justified.I really liked the truck stuff  and the fact that his father was willing to sacrifice himself for his adopted son without any hesitation and that just speaks volumes about his characterization in my can't be easy raising a little fish boy. Manta is growing on me and he really does seem like a pretty awesome least for someone like Aquaman.Overall this may be my fav issue so far.
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Well I like what is going on in this issue, the whole family thing seems kinda cool and I liked how it seems Bruce is in control of the Hulk when he actually just turned and talked to Skarr instead of chasing Red She-Hulk.And I would probably give this issue a 3.5 but I might like Hiro Kala more so...

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I didn't really read comics as a kid,aside from maybe a hand full, but they were a big part of what I liked; that being cartoons and action figures.I had two X-men 2099 figures Meanstreak,my fav figure of all for some reason , and Metalhead.I also owned/own a repaint of Meanstreak that is Ultimate Cyclops I think.Oh and I almost forgot my Halloween Jack figure I had as well.I can't believe I don't remember what happened to all my figures but needless to say I was not gentle with any of them.

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Guy Gardner is great.He's more exciting than boring Jon Stewart, he is less pretentious than Hal, and he is funnier than Kyle.Needless to say he is my fav Earth based lantern and of course I am interested in this story regardless.Charting new sectors seems like daunting task though you'd think they would send more than one lantern but what ever I'm hooked.

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I am really happy they released this not long after Morrison's depiction of Jason in his Batman and Robin run so that things could be clarified because I wasn't really a fan of that view of the character.I really wish he could have his own book after this to carry some momentum and make him "DC's Punisher" I don't mean to sell Jason short or give him a shtick but the idea of a Batman that kills is pretty exciting.And while I think Vigilante is alright he could never support his own on-going and sell as well as Red Hood would.