Ahh yes...

This is a tough question perhaps the one question most superhero comic fans struggle with the most.I suppose it depends on how I would chose to use the powers.Honestly if I could have anyone's powers it would be the Silver Surfer's.Complete control of the power cosmic is enough for me.I would probably use his powers to explore the universe and help mankind along not by saving individual lives but by helping the species in general but mostly exploring.I can't even begin to imagine the splendors the surfer has seen.

Space the new Frontier!

I wouldn't want a surfboard or silvery "skin" though, I could of course with the power cosmic change this at any moment.Also immortality wouldn't hurt either if I could throw that in.I would also probably bestow some power to a select few so that I wouldn't have to explore space alone.I guess that covers it.
Posted by infonation

Good ideas, I wish more writers could come up with ideas like this!