R.I.P. Dio

A legend in metal has passed away and I feel the least I can do is mention it.His music with Sabbath and on his own is some of my favorite metal music.Not only has he contributed himself but I am sure he has inspired many bands that I currently listen to as well.While I don't play any instruments yet I plan to learn how to play drums and I can't help but be excited to play and hope that I might at least achieve a modicum of the talent Ronnie James Dio possessed.
As I said on twitter "My brother in Rock may you rest peacefully like a rainbow in the dark.Your soul will live in the lightning"

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Yes and No

Sure I think it is reasonable for characters like Roy Harper,a human, to get injured when fighting against super villains and the criminally minded in general.However in the end there is no real up side to doing such a thing ever unless you either want to use it for shock value or maybe incorporate it into a story where the character overcomes his physical adversity and the traumatizing event that caused it just to end up more powerful thanks to some super friend's healing(whether it be magic or cybernetic).In the end it is just an easy way to shake things up for a boring character when there are no interesting story points to be gleaned from them.After his failed romance with Hawkgirl Roy didn't have anything going on and the "Red Arrow" shtick was never really exciting.So in conclusion yes I like it because it is somewhat realistic for such a thing to happen and some characters need the shake up but I also don't like it when a device such as a gratuitous injury or death is used for shock value or a way out.
Oh and I also don't like to see Heroes get hurt because they are the good guys and I admire them.



Actually the whole Malibu universe would be cool.Why can't Marvel have it's own Wildstorm?
I used to love watching Ultraforce and Wildcats as a kid but now I wouldn't mind reading them as I do with Wildcats presently.I loved Prime and Prototype man I thought they were awesome I even had a horrendous looking Prime action figure but it was all great.


Nibbler,Battlecat,Master Splinter

Nibbler the Nibblonian from Futurama pet of the Planet Express crew particularly Turanga Leela who will consume anything

and poop it out in the form of dark matter or starship fuel.

Battlecat/Cringer the awesome and trusty steed of He-Man.I mean he is a giant tiger with battle armor.Look at that pic He Has The Power! Cringer not so much...

Master Splinter the wise and skillfull mentor to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.He was the pet of a ninjutsu master who was later killed but not before his pet rat learned everything he knew.


The mighty Galactus himself whose gadgets' power could turn a mere mortal into a god!

I mean a planet/ship?does that do anything for you?

Ooohh speaking of which the freaking Death Star is pretty sweet I'd like to see that battle Taa 2 versus the Death Star...

Anyway a couple of honorable mentions:
The New Gods
Brainiac 5
Reed Richards
The High Evolutionary


I suppose...

It would be best to be augmented and trained in the use of your powers that way there are no accidents, nobody gets hurt, and you can confidently use your powers knowing you are in full control of the situation.Mutations are random and can manifest with horrible results, freak accidents are the same they are terribly random and anything can happen, being chosen isn't bad but then you have to worry about doing what that force or person wants you to do for fear of that power being taken away.To touch on some others...deals with the devil are inherently bad considering the fact that the devil is evil and there will undoubtedly be consequences, symbiotes are typically only interested in self preservation/gain so there is no trust and once someone better comes along then say goodbye to all that power,inventing a source of power like a suit or weapon is ok if you know how to use it and if it is a qulity product.I think that covers most unless of course you're an alien in which case your powers are natural which come to think of it should have been my answer because unlike a mutant everyone around you will have the same power so the chances of hurting anyone accidently would greatly decrease.


Cable and...Deadpool?

President-elect Nathaniel Summers

I would like for Cable to be president and here are a few reasons why:

He's powerful, awesome and knows the future.
He already ran a country kinda (Providence).
He has a sweet metal arm.
He is smart and calm but also a warrior.
He has white hair which makes him look dignified and wise.
Good friend of Captain America.

VP Wade Wilson of course how could anything go wrong. (hijinks ensue) cue "yakety sax"...





Baron Helmut Zemo for 1 ah...that Stane kid could be redeemed even though he did some messed up stuff, also I kind of like the idea of Cyborg Superman as a good guy for some reason I know what your thinking "but he destroyed Coast City" well hey who knows maybe it's possible to redeem him maybe it isn't.


No comic character has the best costume but there are a few I like that haven't been mentioned.

Nova His current costume looks awesome to me.I love the blue,gold combination and those energy circle things.

Powa suit!

Monarch also has an awesome costume.It has a regal feel to it but everything about it just screams powerful mother shut your mouth contained inside.
chronal energy does the body good

Another costume I really like is Adam Warlocks current costume.I don't know why I guess it's the mystic nature and the way he looks with all that awesome energy swarming around.
awesome costume

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