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X-Factor's formation signals a brutal period of upheaval in Warren's life. Cameron Hodge uses Warren's trust in running X-Factor to further fuel anti-mutant sentiment by portraying X-Factor as "Mutant Hunters" for hire.[volume & issue needed] A run-in with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants results in the group's leader, Mystique, exposing the fact that Warren is financially backing X-Factor, which creates a public relations nightmare for Warren, due to his outed status as a mutant.[volume & issue needed] Worse yet, Warren's wings are mutilated during the Mutant Massacre by the Marauder Harpoon, although Thor's intervention saves his life.[16] When the wings develop gangrene, Cameron Hodge willfully signs the paperwork, against Angel's wishes, to have Warren's crippled wings amputated.[17] Despondent over the loss of his wings, Warren escapes the hospital and commandeers his private jet, which explodes in the air as the rest of X-Factor watch helplessly from below.[18] It is ultimately revealed that Hodge has sabotaged Warren's ultra-light airplane in order to finish off his nemesis, under the cover of an apparent suicide.[volume & issue needed] However, seconds before the explosion, Warren is spirited away by the ancient mutant Apocalypse. Apocalypse offers the despondent Angel a deal: serve him as his Horseman Death and get his wings back.[19] Apocalypse subjects Angel to extensive genetic alterations, giving him blue skin and organic metal wings, which can cut through almost anything and can fire his metal feathers as projectiles. He also gives him the title of Death, the leader of his Horsemen after he beats the others in a fight, complete with extensive mental conditioning to make him obey Apocalypse's dark plans.[20] Death is unveiled to X-Factor during their second meeting with the Horsemen, with Warren sadistically exploiting his friends' shock at seeing him alive to defeat them in combat.[volume & issue needed] As he leads the Horsemen of Apocalypse to attack Manhattan, it is Iceman who helps Warren break free of Apocalypse's control by making Warren think he has murdered him using a humanoid ice block which Warren cuts through.[21] Free, Warren refuses to rejoin his teammates, however, as the effects of his metamorphosis have left Angel changed to the core.[volume & issue needed] No longer is he the handsome playboy billionaire, but an emotionally damaged individual whose wings reflect his newfound bloodlust. The bloodlust is ultimately fueled when he tries to seek out Candy Southern, only to find out that she has gone missing.[volume & issue needed] Warren learns that Candy has discovered all of Hodge's secrets (most notably his embezzlement of Warren's fortune to finance the creation of his anti-mutant militia "The Right") only to be abducted and lobotomized to keep her silent.[volume & issue needed] In the confrontation that follows, Hodge murders the brain-dead Candy in front of Warren. Warren responds by decapitating Cameron Hodge (who ultimately survives due to a deal with demons, granting him immortality).[22] Warren (going by both "Death" and "Dark Angel" at this point in time) ultimately settles on "Archangel" as his new codename as he finally rejoins X-Factor during the events of Inferno.[23] After the Inferno and an adventure in space with his teammates, Warren meets and becomes romantically involved with Charlotte Jones, a New York City Police officer and single mother.[volume & issue needed] It is with Charlotte's help that X-Factor frees Warren from the Ravens, a cult of near-immortal psychic vampires.[24] It is during this battle that Warren being alive is made public knowledge, allowing him to regain control over the surviving business holdings held by his family, regaining his wealth as a result.[volume & issue needed] Soon afterwards, X-Factor rejoins the X-Men following the defeat of the Shadow King on Muir Island