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Arcana was with her on-again-off-again ally, the demonic sorceress Hecate, and her friend Gloom, discussing their recent alliance based inside the latter's shop when the three witches heard a bell chime, indicating that a customer had just entered. The three women, who, collectively, were known as the Ravens in the mystical community, turned and eyed the green-eyed, brown-haired man as he entered the shop. He exchanged a glance with Gloom, but the Moon Sorceress merely bowed her head before making her way out of the room, gesturing for Hecate to follow her. Now alone with the man, Arcana took a moment to examine the man, whose appearance was extremely reminiscent of one of her first clients. The power that emanated from the man was incredible, especially near one of his hands, and he wasted no time in asking her to read his future, sitting down in front of her as he did so.

Adélaïde nodded to answer the man's question and began her usual ritual for readings: shuffling the cards while repeating a mantra, having the client cut the deck with his left hand and picking five cards to place them in a rectangular form, with one of them in the center of the quadrilateral. She immediately started the reading by flipping the lefthand card, which represented a customer's past. "Your past is here symbolized by the Faith card. You've always been a believer, and your willpower is great. Faith also stands for discipline, power and wisdom, all of which you possess and make good use of. You must be a faithful defender of liberty and justice, for Faith to rule your past..." She smiled at the man, glad that, for once, her client didn't seem to have had too dark a past. She had high hopes for a lighter reading this time, without warnings of treachery or anything of the sort. Ready to go on, she flipped the central card to reveal the Tower. "This card represents your present. I... I'm afraid the Tower can be a dangerous card. It usually stands for chaos, disruption and extreme transformation... radical, even. You are currently going through dark times, I'm sorry to say, and it seems like current events will build up into quite the explosion. The Tower, on the card, is struck by lightning, and it could very well represent an imminent downfall... Let's take a look at your future to get a better idea." Arcana was now frowning, knowing painfully well that the next card was of the utmost importance, giving a direction and meaning to the explosive nature of the Tower. Flipping the righthand card, Adélaïde gasped silently. "I- I, uh... This can have several meanings. Death, much like the Tower, is a symbol of changes. In this case, it, uh... it probably indicates that the changes brought about by the Tower will be permanent. It seems that you are about to experience a life-changing experience, and the last two cards can tell us whether it's for the best or not."

By then, the witch's discomfort was obvious. She had tried to downplay her interpretation of the cards, but she was starting to get very worried for her customer, who seemed like a noble man. Taking a deep breath, she flipped the top card, which stood for positive influences on the client's future. "Let's see... The Hanged Man is a symbol of sacrifice, of surrender and of renunciation. Coupled with Faith, it tells me you've been fighting the good fight for a long time, and... perhaps it's time to take a step back. Who knows, maybe it's better to stop while you're still in a condition that lets you choose to do so, rather than be forced to by fate." Arcana purposely failed to mention that this renunciation would probably not be volountary, and instead relucantly flipped the bottom card, knowing full well that it stood for a negative influence on the future. "A symbol of fear and anxiety, the Moon card seems to indicate that you will or maybe already have experienced self-doubt. It is a sign of tension in your future, and, coupled with Death, could mean that your worries might be justified, and even come true." Adélaïde's mind was racing, trying to find the right words to tell her customer. He was obviously in danger, the magnitude of which she could only imagine. He did, however, possess great power and strength of character- she felt it inside of him-, so perhaps he still had a chance to overcome the imminent obstacles if she found the right words.

"I must advise you to be as wary as possible, because I'm afraid you are standing on the edge of a huge change, which is yours to make sure it is for the best and not the worst. May the stars be with you, Jason Hamilton, for great things await you - be they good or bad." The cartomancer smiled sheepishly at her customer as she watched him leave, and she shivered at the thought of what might happen to him sooner than later. The man had not even left the shop for one whole minute that the bell rang once more, as another man made his way in. Jake Malcom was so very different from her last client; he was much darker and he seemed... lost. He asked for Gloom, and Arcana immediately bowed her head quickly before making her way out of the room to go and get her fellow witch.
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Okay, Honor Guard, I finally posted your reading. ^^ Sorry for the delay, but I absolutely didn't have time to work on it yesterday due to things coming up for work... Anyways, hope you like it. =]

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Arcana had just finished unpacking and considered herself officially moved in inside Gloom's magical home when she heard the front door's bell ring once. The beautiful cartomancer spun around to take a look at a small crystal pendant she had hung by her door and saw that the crystal had lit up, indicating that the client was hers. Her cards already secured in a leather pouch she wore as a belt, the sorceress made her way downstairs slowly, already trying to focus and access her magical powers. By the time she slid open the door that led into the business room, her client had already entered and he turned to face her, revealing his glowing eyes. She gestured for him to sit down with her at the small, wooden table and broke the silence by speaking up, her voice sultry and soft.

"I welcome you here, honorable guest. Let us immediately see what's in the cards for you, shall we?"

Adélaïde immediately took out her enchanted Tarot cards, and she began to shuffle them while whispering a mantra to help with her focus. She let the man cut the cards once, with his left hand, and then placed five cards in her usual spread shape: a square with one card in the center. Losing no time, she flipped the lefthand card. "Hmmm, interesting. The Death card represents your past... Death obviously stands for more than actual death, it symbolizes changes. At some time in your past, everything changed, you changed entirely. And since that change, you have had several encounters with Death. Let us see if your present looks any brighter..." Arcana flipped the central card, revealing the Justice card. "Justice dominates your current situation. You fight hard for it, and it is an ideal you find yourself unable to forget, even in dark times. It will soon dawn upon you, and perhaps it already has, however, that Justice is cold and insensitive. You will soon have to choose between your emotions and pure, cold justice, leading straight into your future." The cartomancer did not even pause before flipping the righthand card of the spread, which turned out to be the Judgement card. "Justice can become blurry, at times, and it will not be long before you are faced with Judgement. Even a man with your ideal has commited sins, and I'm afraid you are involved with people who are burdened with the destruction of several lives. It will be your choice whether to pass judgement upon those close to you who have done wrong or to stick by them. Either choice will have great repercussions for your future, and for yourself as a person. In the end, Judgement leads to new beginnings, and redemption remains your best option."

Arcana took a moment to observe her client's reaction to her predictions before going on. She had sometimes been faced with people who thought of her as a crook or a fake, but she found herself unable to analyze the man's emotions. Giving up on her little psychanalysis, she went on and flipped the upper card. "This card here represents a benevolent influence in your future. In this case, the Magician represents a wise person whom you trust. The Magician has great leadership skills and unwaivering willpower, so the person I am referring too doubtlessly does, too. This man can be the way out of the group of people you are involved with now, he can make you rise above their level... but only if you let yourself trust him. Finally," she flipped the last, bottom card, "the reversed High Priestess is the negative influence on your future. Since she is upside down, the card represents people who are trying to manipulate you, to control you, and already have done so in the past. The people I am referencing are the ones that the Magician could help you leave behind, for their venom is silent but deadly. They have already changed you so drastically, you cannot allow them to do it any further. You must be careful, for involving yourself more with these people could lead to your doom. Hopefully you shall know what to do when Judgement comes."

With those last words of warning, Adélaïde smiled to indicate to Honor Guard that the reading was over. Picking up her cards, she hoped to herself that he would be able to free himself for the dark chains that held him, unaware of the secret organization that these chains stood for. She couldn't help the man any further, he would have to help himself. She got up and waved quietly at the man as he made his way out, leaving her alone in the room to ponder her revelations for a moment. It was only after five silent minutes had gone by that Arcana went back to her room, shutting the sliding door behind her and hoping her predictions would have helped yet one another customer.
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Most likely to have a biography worth reading: pix! ^^

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@Paragon said:
" Very cool, Arcana! "
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" that's awesomeI'll be betwayed? o.O "
Thanks. ^^ I gotta say I was a little nervous about the post, but it ended up being pretty fun and freestyle.

And apparently so. D: Be careful who you get close with, I'm sorry to say. :P
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Uh, this took forever. U___U Sorry I made the first part of the post about Arcana a little, I just needed to establish her as part of the shop. And yeah, I apologize for the delay. X__x

Anyways, posted!

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Adélaïde Chandresh smiled as she looked around her new room inside Gloom's magical residence. The walls were painted a bright blue, to symbolize joy and hope, and although her suitcases were still packed and had barely been dropped on her bed, she felt at home. It felt so right for her to join her sorcerous friend in her shop, and something told her it was fate who had joined them as associates. Arcana was snapped out of her daydreaming by the sound of the front door's bell, indicating that a client had come in. Taking out her deck of enchanted cards, the sorceress immediately knew the customer was for her.

Nervously, she made her way downstairs into what she had come to call the "business room", where Gloom, Hecate and herself met all clients. Two of the room's walls were covered in shelves filled with mystical artifacts, dark items of power that the demonic Hecate sold. One of the two other walls was made out entirely of a large window, while the last wall was actually a sliding panel through which the witches came to greet their clients. As she slid the door shut behind herself, however, Arcana realized that her client hadn't quite made it in the room yet, and so she sat down at the only table in the room, laying her cards on the table. Her left hand brushing against the deck of enchanted Tarot cards, she felt the mystical warmth and power that they radiated, and that feeling made her feel more confident as her first client, a middle-aged man with emerald eyes and brown hair, came in. The man didn't hesitate and boldly asked her about his future, and, smiling at him, Arcana wasted no time in starting to shuffle her cards. For a few seconds, the room was silent as she shuffled the Tarot cards that she had inherited from her ancestors. She kindly asked him to cut the cards with his left hand before taking them back and placing the top five cards face-down in a rectangular form, with one of them lying in the middle of the shape.

"This card," she explained, pointing to the lefthand one, "represents your past." She flipped the card, revealing Death. "You were born in blood and death, and a shadow lingered over you from the very moment you were born... No, from even before that, it had been searching for you, it... Your birth was shrouded in darkness, and it surrounded you constantly as you grew up." Arcana felt slightly uncomfortable with the events that surrounded the man's youth, and she gazed at him silently for a moment, her eyes expressing her concern. "This card represents the present you, the person that you are right now," she went on, flipping the center card to reveal the Strength card. "Strength stands for much more than physical strength. It represents the strength contained within your soul, your willpower. It's doubtless that you are a leader in some way, and someone with such force of will is sure to be a catalyst in great events. You were involved in rough things before, and you've always come out stronger. The phrase 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger' comes to mind." She smiled at her client as she unconsciously tried to size him up. He was obviously above the norm, and she wondered just what the cards were referring to. Forgetting her train of thought, she flipped the righthand card, which turned out to be the Hermit. "This card stands for the future you, what lies ahead for you. In this case, I don't think the Hermit means that you'll end up all alone, although it may happen. In a way, you've always been alone, different... better? Well, 'dust to dust', the future that awaits you is also a lonesome one. You will have to carry heavy burdens on your own, take decisions and keep secrets without the help of anyone... but the Hermit does not regret his loneliness. He appreciates its worth, and you just may find yourself in a position where you have to impart some of your wisdom and knowledge to others. Some time alone should also allow you the introspection and understanding of yourself that you haven't found yet."

Arcana let out a discrete sigh, happy that her reading was not going too bad. The cards seemed to have a pretty accurate idea of what was in store for her client, and she was pretty sure she interpreted it right. Flipping the penultimate card, the top one, revealed the Emperor. "This card stands for a positive influence on your life and your future. In this case, the Emperor represents a father figure, but, in your case, it is a man other than your birth father. You are already very close to the man I speak of, and you share a bond of trust that is all too rare in your life. That man means well for you, and following his advice and counsels is a good idea, for he is a benevolent factor in your future, perhaps even more so than in your past. Your bond with him is one you should value and nurture. And finally, the last card: the obstacles that lay in your path." Arcana let her hand hover over the last card before finally flipping it over to reveal the Hanged Man. She took a moment to analyze the card's dark meaning, and resigned herself to let her customer hear of the hardships awaiting him. "The main obstacle in your future, symbolized here by the Hanged Man, is treason. I'm sorry to say, you have already had at least one bad experience with someone betraying you, but the harshest is yet to come. The betrayal will hurt, so it will most likely be someone close to you, and it will come from someone, not that you hadn't expected, but, on the opposite, that you had decided to trust in spite of some suspicions. Beware, for great woe will come of this treason."

Her last word echoed in the silent room, giving it a dramatic effect that she hadn't expected. The reading over, Arcana picked up her cards and placed them back into a small, leather pouch that she had sewn to one of her belts. She bowed her head slightly to indicate respectfully to her client that the session was over, and sat back in her chair, crossing her leg as she did so. The mystical energies still swirling around her, Adélaïde tried to relax, her readings having the possibility to be quite demanding. She smiled at her customer as he was getting ready to leave, praying silently that her last prediction had been wrong...
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10 for Victor! ^^

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