My Lobo Collection

I've decided to use this blog to show off and document my Lobo collection. I have been collecting comics since i was too young to read them and when i was about 12 i started collecting Lobo comics. that collection turned into an "anything and everything Lobo" Collection. So lets start off with my non-comic Lobo Paraphernalia.

I bought this figure off ebay (as i did for most of my collection). It was a Comic Con exclusive and is signed by the creators of Lobo, Keith Giffen and Roger Slifer. Since i bought it off Ebay i can't guarantee that the signatures are real, but really all that matters to me is the item itself. I've never been someone who worries about getting things signed.

Also thanks to Ebay, my collection contains a bunch of in-store displays and ad posters. Not much to say about these so i will just show them here.

And to go with the Lobo/Mask Poster

This next poster is a fold out that looks as if it belonged inside a magazine, although im not sure it ever was.

This Poster is also a fold out, but this time from a copy of Wizard.

Lastly, this is a mobile that is meant to hang from the ceiling of a store as an ad for the Trinity story arc from 1993. Someday i hope to be able to display it. The person i bought it off of included the hardware to hang it as well.

That is all for now. I still have a bunch more Non-comic stuff to post before moving onto the comics in my collection. I will try to post more very soon.

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Whoah, cool collection.

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Thanks. I really wish CV told me i had comments lol maybe they did and i missed it.

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@arcadiaexeter: You get notified of comments if someone replies like this, or if your post is a blog rather than a thread.

Anyway, nice collection. :)

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thanks. and yeah i had to change my settings. although i do have it set to email me now but i haven't been getting any.

also, i will be adding a lot more of the comic part of my collection to the blog tonight.

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I'm totally jealous about all of this.

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