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I could totally see Jessica and Peter having a romantic relationship. They'd totally compliment each other with there somewhat spider-related powers and at the same time having completely different backgrounds. What would be even better is a Marvel Team-Up title Spider-Woman and Spider-Man. They'd totally kick ass! I would like to see how Peter would react to Jessica's pheromones. He would probably fall madly in love with her.


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There are two versions of costumes of the original Spider-Woman one with the skull cap and the other with the ever-flowing hair by Infantino.


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A Spider-Woman movie with Jessica Drew definitely. Her origin and storyline would make the best script. You have a terrorist organizations, spies, double agents, supernatural and dark scientific experiments. It's a recipe for a Block Buster :) My pick for an actor would have to be British actresses Hayley Atwell (Captain America: The First Avenger) or Gemma Aterton (Prince of Persia). I've always pictured Jessica Drew with a British accent.


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For example, Spider-Man encounters the Symbiote in Secret Wars but in the reimagining, Spider-Woman encouters the Symbiote.

I'm also using Amazing Spider-Man's title run as reference for Spider-Woman's continued run.

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Hey guys, here's is variant/reimagining of Spider-Woman I had fun putting together. There are others at

In this story, Spider-Woman has memory flashbacks that she cannot explain. Is it the memory implants from Hydra? As she searches for the truth, she uncovers that the information about her past that she obtained from Magnus and Modred the Mystic may have been manipulated by Chton. Spider-Woman journeys back to Wundagore Mountain and reunites with the New Men and the High Evolutionary. She confronts the High Evolutionary about her real past. Also, Lycrus is troubled about Jessica's return and turns the New Men against her. Cover is after David Finch.



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As for the reimagining parameters, I'm putting Spider-Woman in major storylines where she is the main character, as if she was never cancelled in the 80's. A few storylines I've been following are of Spider-Man and replacing him with Spider-Woman.
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As you know the Black Cat was originally a character intended for the Spider-Woman Series. With my Black Cat and Spider-Woman obsession, I illustrated some variant covers for the Spider-Woman direction. Check them out.

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