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Please let her have all of her powers, Please let her have all of her powers, for the love GOD and Earth - LeT HER HAVE ALL OF HER SUPERMAN BASHING POWERS!!

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She has been mentioned before - Not my #1 pick but probably in the top ten?

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I dunno which comic book it's in, but my favorite Wonder Woman short story is the one where Lois Lane shadows her for a day and does an interview. I really enjoyed that one.

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As I fan of Wonder Woman I was recommended to Ms. Marvel a while ago. It was a good recommend and I find I like the charecter alot. I now have the entire collection of her Comics. I shamefully admit that while I own these I do not have any of team comics which feature her as a member - such as The Avengers. I would like to get some of these in graphic novels but I would like to see which ones are the best ones featuring her. Any Avengers fans or Marvel fans that can offer some good suggestions? I mean Really GOOD avengers stories where Carol Danvers Kicks ASS! Thanks!

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Aw JeeZus! no no no no. NO! Too Far!  
I would be a good super hero if I could just get out bed and quit being so crazy - OH! and I am only Kindof a blonde superman... 
Not sad that he is Dead-di-di -DEAD!
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Wonder Woman - Done right with all her god like powers - Ya know - Back to her Power Girl, Superman Ass Kick'n Self. I saw Thor in theaters and I was given new hope !!  
And who should play her- I no longer know but I do know your can find just about anyone in a wonder woman photoshop pic. 
I think Lucy Lawless or Linda Carter should play Hippolyta.  
I think the Film should have all sorts of Gods and Godesses - and I would perfer they were in Modern Dress like the Greg Rucka Series. 
I would have Ares be a Villian - and I would have him played by somone good looking like Paul Walker or Matt Damon.  
Since DC has not the Gonads to make such a movie 
I would like to see a Ms. Marvel movie.  
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I am rooting for wonder woman.
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I am curious as to how old she is now? In the JMS storyline it would put Wonder Woman in her late Twenties Early Thirties - Which is fine but I thought the Wonder Woman before that was a little older. Now with this whole time thing did she pull a Hal Jordan and somehow become younger? 

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I think the Themescara Post is most accurate but it does not go into further detail - Wonder Woman has 2 sidekicks - just since her origin and her storyline is from an all female island it makes sense to have her sidekicks be female. Wonder Woman has Wonder Girl and..... Donna Troy!

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K - Speaking of Harley Quinn. At my local shop one time this nice Lesbian Couple came in. Now these were not the kinda lesbians where one or both dress alot like boys, but more like Tatu where the are both really kinda hot. I only mention that because someone would wanna know. ANYWAY - one of these girls was wearing a spagheti strap tank top and you could see that see had her enitre back done in a full color tatoo. The Image? - Full color Harley Quinn and Poisen Ivy making out. The Nerd in me was like "No WAY! Poisen Ivy would NEVER kill Harley like that!" - Shamefully  - the Boy in me kept looking and looking and looking..........