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Dude! This lil' bio here is awesome. I've always knownabout Krona but NEVER read about him. I knew about the whole "lemme see the beginning of the Universe" bit and that he created evil / caused the universe to be born old / created the multiverse or whatever after his machine exploded. 
Now, thanks to this article, I don't have to go get back issues or wander across the web and google the sh!t out of Krona just to enjoy the present GL story! Thanks
Oh and for all those complaining about it being Krona: I'm just glad it wasnt Appa Ali Apsa!  

@Gylan Thomas:

Same damn thing happened to me... See? that's why I almost NEVER come to ComicVine anymore.  
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I could not agree more with every word you've said, man.    This was my first JLA too and man was I lucky enough to start loving comics in this era. Nothing that has come afterwards or before can ever, in my opinion, feel as important, as big, as EPIC as this run was. 
This is what the Justice League should always be, The BEST of the BEST, not just a handful of nobodies. There are other teams for that.  It's the reason Morrison became my absolute favorite writer. 
@    FadeToBlackBolt: Totally agree. And that's because Grant Morisson GETS all of DC's big guns. I'm sure he's the only writer in DC that could work on all of them and always  et it right.

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HUGE DISSAPOINTMENT!  I was really hoping Nolan and the gang had the guts to transform The Riddler into a scary ass, realistic bad guy. And since Jim Carrey's Riddler sucked monkey B@lls, he was in serious need of a reboot himself. 
I like the title, though. I hope that in this film we see a much stronger and decided Batman, and not the wimp he was in TDK.
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Why is it that ComicVine no longer posts actually interesting news. I go to InsidePulse, Newsarama, CBR, they all have news... here? CRAP. And they want us to pay for crap? pffft.

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The white Lantern's a pussy! Always whining!  I think the Light is neither good or bad it just is. Just like Nekron. Death cant be bad or good. 
Their both just opposites, so i guess the white lantern's agenda cant be anything other than to preserve life. 
@daak1212 said:

" Nekron was bad not death."
Dude, Nekron IS death. Johns said it himself (somewhere). He didn't want to kill everyone cuz he was bad, he wanted to do so cuz he was first in the Universe, then the Light trespassed in his territory. So hes not a bad guy, he just wanted things a little quieter! ;)
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Hohoooomy God... this thing should be called GARBAGE Review.  

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I don't us any Joda-isms as much as one Qui-Gon Jinn-ism: 
"Keep your concentration here and now, where it belongs"