Favorite Sea faring super hero.

I was just curious to read everyone's favorite water based hero from any comic company. I love any version of Aquaman and Tempest is my 2nd favorite. I am hoping that DC brings him back. Kaldur from Young Justice has a lot of potential and is a great character. I hope to hear everyone's opinion.

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Underrated Heroes

I am a big Aquaman fan and an avid reader of DC comics. All the underwater heroes and villains are whom I am partial to and I also like The Justice League, Justice Society, The Titans and Young Justice. I always felt that Aquaman and Atlantis were never fully developed by most writers and the Sea King along with Tempest were not used to their full potential.

Aquaman is a natural born leader but has suffered tragedy in his life and that has helped him to grow stronger as an individual. He is extremely resourceful and his knowledge of the seas and every body of water on the planet is a weapon that no one else has. He has knowledge of and control of sea creatures that are myths to most of the comic world. He is fair and just and should never be an afterthought or the target of jokes.