Too Much Happening In The Bat Family.

I have been enjoying Snyder's Batman and Morrison's Incorporate books a lot. Both writers done a great job writing great story's. So why are we have two event's happening in Batman. I'm cool with one event having consequences that effects one character but two in one month I have a problem with it. We just had Death of the Family that was a great read with the Joker messing up the Bat Family. Then we have Batman Inc dealing with death of Damian Wayne. I don't get why DC is doing too major event that effect Batman and the Family. With Joker he did not only messed with him; he messed with his Family as well. In the end of that event we see that no one want's too deal with Bruce and it seems they don't trust him. Now with Inc., we see that Talia want's her son dead and will do anything too make sure it's happen. She is using her organization to see that Gotham falls and recruiting people from Gotham and influencing them. So when does all this stuff happen? I can enjoy a little mystery in comics but this ridiculous. I don't like being rushed and confused at the same time. It seem's that we are not seeing any consequence between Batman and Bat Family that happen in Death of the Family. That event was suppose too change the trust between him and his family. Then we get Batman Inc. #8 with this dramatic death of Damian. It was a great issue and Morrison does a nice job with it. Now we have a situation with Batman that he lost his son and he is going too need his family for some support. Wasn't the whole point of Death of the Family was that they should stay away from Bruce for a little while but now we have a situation that he going too need them. It make's it feel that Death of the Family was for nothing. Maybe the fallout will effect character's like Dick and Jason which I would be o.k. with because they both got really mess with. I feel at the end of the day that the death of Damian was rushed a little too quick. We all knew that is was going to happen but a month after a big event like the one we just had feel's wrong. I would have like too seen the fallout a little more with Bruce and Damian in Batman and Robin but that won't happen. Please DC have your editors and publishers work together and get your stuff right. You can't be just putting together big events and story's then drop a bombshell that make's the having a big event pointless. I hope that thing's like this don't happen again. I know it's just a comic but having big story like that water down just suck's.


What too do with Batman and Robin?

So in the wake of the event's that happen in Batman Inc. #8: what should happen too Batman and Robin that is written by Tomasi? We all know that Batman is going too need a lot of help dealing with the lost of his son Damian. Alfred can do so much too help and comfort him during his time of need. I wonder if other members of the Bat Family will come too him after the events of Death of the Family to help him out. I can see Tomasi writing them in as a team up book and and keep the title of the book. And Batman just doesn't need too team with members of the Bat Family'; he team up with members of Batman Inc. and The Justice League as well. Maybe we can see a team up with the Huntress from World's Finest and develop the relationship between them and see how he reacts too seeing that he has a daughter for a different Earth universe. Can't wait too see what he does with the book with no Robin in it. Also check out G-Man's latest podcast too see what should happen as well.

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Two Books that have great potential.

There are two book's that I am look forward too in the next three month's. Those book's are The Green Hornet by Mark Waid and The Black Bat by Brain Buccellato. The reason I'm look for too these book's is because there are two great writers on these books. With the Green Hornet, Mark Waid is going too take both Britt Reid and Kato too a new level. He is going change the way we see both Britt Reid and The Green Hornet in way's no one has ever seen. What he is doing is making Britt Reid a more of high ego that make's him a arrogant Hornet. He is going too make some decisions as the Hornet my turn the city against him. With his success on Daredevil as a Eisner Award-winner and his work's so far on Indestructible Hulk is going great the way he is writing Bruce Banner. Now on too The Black Bat. There is not a lot of things I know about this character. What I know about him is that he is attorney that is working for the mob representing them on cases that they should be guilty on. When he is told to kill someone, he refuses too do it and they take away his eyes. When someone offers his eyesight back, he takes up the identity of the Black Bat too take revenge on the mob took away his sight. If you have enjoy his work on The Flash, you have too pick up book. They are both being publish by Dynamite. The Green Hornet is comes out this March and The Black Bat comes out in May. Check out the article on The Black Bat on the Comic Vine Website showing the covers that are coming out for the book. Listen too The Invincibly Super Massive Comic Book Podcast of Stuff 16 with Brain Bucdellato talking more about his up coming book. Also check out the Dynamite website for info about both these book and have your local comic book shop order these books when they come out.

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The Best X Books too read?

I started too read books in the X-Men Universe again. I have been reading All-New X-Men, Cable and X-Force, and picked up X-Factor at #246. Is there any other X books I should pick up.