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Sometimes, i need to categorize singers like i'd say my favorite japanese singer is Utada Ikaru or my favorite australian singer is Tina Arena, etc So i also have my favorite black singer. I also have my favorite female singer for dance music which goes to Britney (Rihanna is next). Rihanna is not my overall favorite singer. It's Celine Dion.

As far as i know, Mariah sold millions of singles and have sold more singles than Celine but Celine has sold more albums than her.

and Celine also has other successful businesses, and is being paid more. : )

That's all cool.but why race,you like more than one white singer don't you?,but you don't say Celine is my favorite white  
You could have said Rihanna is my favorite Bajan singer. I think people get confused on race and nationality. 
Tina Arena is Australian,but she's of white/European decent like Celine.
I understand where you are coming form,but im not just picking on this particular post.Just in general. 
Kinda like how you just said you want Storm to have a white child,as if it's not okay for he to have black children, because ya know she is of that origin. 
Or how you constantly keep fantasizing about paring Storm with all these white males ex: Wolvie,Thor, QS 
Or how a couple weeks back you said Storm isn't really black.Little things like that catch my attention,and it adds up and make me think that you have a certain view of things. Though i know you mean no harm....  
Also Celine and Mariah have sold just about the same amount of albums,but MC still has more hits,writes her own music,and produces her music =P 
BTW I guess you could say Celine gets paid more,but Mariah has her own side projects too. It's an arguable subject,but i dont wanna get into that.
She has her own fragrance line,Shoe line, Jewelry line etc. 
 and again MC is still more relevant than celine today  




.as far as we know it's "all natural" lol jk

Watch yo self riri. Ol girl really worked hard for that body.   


anxious to hear some new music.

More glass shattering high notes,please!  
and epic belts
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@HBKTimHBK: @The Stegman:

My bad dudes.It was TAS.

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@The Stegman said:


@The Stegman said:

@HBKTimHBK: i'd actually put Catwoman's fighting ability ahead of Black Cat's even still both players on the other team are better fighters

Black Cat and Catwoman have a decent amount of martial arts training, both of them. But Black Cat also has a bit more physically enhanced attributes installed into her suit, and her bad luck powers.

i'm no expert on Black Cat, but isn't the only thing she has in her suit sharpened claws and maybe a whip? same as Catwoman? plus i thought she lost her bad luck powers, which she couldn't really control anyway?

No Black Cat has some meta human attributes in her suit.she also took the super soldier serum like Capt.

Still I agree with you strength and enchantments do not equal better.Catwoman is still a better overall combatant.

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@KDarkholme said:

@Aqua11500: Ha.! Nice Sue. I cant believe Jean couldnt break out.

To be fair though, there was something goin on with her telepathy.It wasn't working right.

but Sue did block her telekinesis in that scan :)

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Speaking of MC..


Luv this woman.Im proud of her for loosing the baby weight naturally.most celebs will just get it sucked away

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@jhazzroucher said:

@Aqua11500 said:

@jhazzroucher: Still does not mean that Rihanna copied Georgia,okay.

Anyways Rihanna looks better with red hair, that's my opinion.

oh and BTW

Celine is alright,but MC is her

Rihanna is actually my favorite among black recording artists.

and why do you come off as slightly racist in some of your comments.That's just like me saying you are my favorite Fillipina person ever.

I'm just saying Rihanna is my favorite black singer and it's the truth. I'm not being racist. I am sorry if it implied that way which was never my intention.

Mariah has higher vocal range but Celine is still bigger than her. : )

Okay but why cant she just be one of your favorite singers,regardless of race?

Things like that make it sound iffy,i know your not,im just saying come off that way a lot of the times.You know how claim Storm as Asian or how you want her to be with nothing but white men in your fan parings etc..

or like you want her babies to be white with blue eyes etc..

lol fun fact: Did you know a lot of East Asians find European beauty exotic and a lot of them desire those type of features themselves?

Also no Mariah has 18 #1 hits,and has sold over 200 million records and is known as THE BEST female recording artist of all time.

Mariah is more relevant than Celine's washed up ass anyway.Celine is a 90's artist whose music is stuck in that era,Mariah has been successful for 2 decades and is keeping up with current music unlike any other.on top of that she's still kinda young,just had twins and she's still not done topping the charts yet.

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@Roddy010: Can Selene fly?

cant Raven emotion rape her ass?

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Storm still wins

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@KDarkholme said:

Does anyone have a scan of Jean losing to Sue because I would love to see that.?