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You guys are idiots. 
you keep playing with fire,and you are GONG to get burned.. 
i can name 3 trolls that love to bait.. -_-

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LOL@ Mariah and AJ flirting..Nick you better get your gurl.. 
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@Phylos:  Please leave my boyfriends outta this ..smh 
 While you playin Matthew tried to give his son to Jay and Bey way back when,you know the hoe he cheated on Tina with..smh 
That family is more screwed than the bolts on he desks at my school...They need help lmao
LOL and where did you find that Mariah gif, i've been looking for it everywhere,lol i use to have it but i got new laptop. :) 
but enough about Bey,lets focus on the ones whose owning 2012 ;)
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  Oh, is Beyonce pregnant??? ;) 

I heard she sewed a whole bunch of her old  lace fronts together and made a fake padding under there.No wonder it looks so lumpy.... >_> 
and trust me Nick stays workin out.I use o the be the same way about him like you..well most people in general XD 
lol he talks too damn much and he's goofy..but once i saw that body..i was like 
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@riri4life:  What? Nick who??? 
 Nicholas Cannon
 <<<<<<<<<<< This Sexy azz Nick.If you don't know, then get with the program boo.  

All I see is Kaldur  on the left and some Dennis Rodman/Sisqo lookin punk on the right. lol

LMAO, you a mess!!

Pause. Let's get one thing clear, huntee. I ain't yo "baby" okaaay, GURL?! ;P

Aside from those rumors being total BS, Princess Riri already said in an interview the only thing she was giving birth to was this new album! Best BELIEVE that Rihanna reign ain't gon let up ...especially while so many "Queens" are dealing w/ their own chilrenz and/or on bed rest. #WatchTheThrone lol jk the song btw

I knew it was a stupid rumor, just wanted to see your reaction..but I see I've accomplished that :)  and I lol'd The "Queens"???...You mean Beyonce? >_> 
Guuurrrl I To-ta-lly agree with that.
Oh and her new album sounds pretty decent...  
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Oop...I'm sry girl. I didn't realize Nick Carey had stans.

Naww not a stan,but he woulda been my boo thang had MC not snatched him up first. :) 
but you know im tellin the truth why yu playin .. 

Ugh, not all light skinned, blonde haired brothers look alike!!! GEEEZ! ;P




And where did u hear about her pregnancy? ThatGrapeJuice? LMAO .....keep talking that talk

Aint talkin the talk, but spittin tha truth baby gurl... 
I feel so unfortunate for RiRi so i asked her good friend Mariah to do a tribute for her empty sad love life.  
oh and here the links to her so called "pregnancy"
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Thor doesn't  have fast in fight speed.He can fly/move fast,but when it comes to reflexes and throwing punches,he's just a big slow brusier.Powerful..very true,can he blitz? Yes..but only with the help of his hammer.
He doesn't have many speed feats that stand on his own to help him in this case. Wolverine is just a more swift and agile fighter and ultimately quicker on the draw.Thor knows himself better than anyone else.Also scans from 30 years ago can be plausible,but they can also be excused becuse Thor power levels change from up to down,toback to average to extremely powerful etc. 
Current thor hasn't did anything really impressive as far as speed goes.He tagged QS,but he didn't directly touch im.Just area damage which presumably made him fall.

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@HBKTimHBK said:

@serum said:

@HBKTimHBK said:



Because Madonna is so much bigger, and athletic. Jennifer Lopez may have years on her, but age can't compete with athleticism. Madonna is as old as she is now and can still keep up with the best of them.

 JLO is from the hood,she'd rip Madonna new one. 
Besides JLO actually been trained in boxing.and she's equally athletic,and i dare say a better dancer than Madonna's old ass.
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I Say Storm. 
BUT she needs to be quick on her feet.No playing around...Fry these broads immediately.

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  Celine products are selling better than Mariah's especially the perfume part. I believe Celine has sold more albums that Mariah.

Mariah has sold over 200 million record s worldwide ,18 #1's, named the best-selling female artist of the millennium.  
If you can give me Celine stats then I can tell you if she has sold more than MIMI.Though alt of this is just an estimate guess,unless you have the numbers down to an exact T.
BTW Dion's perfume didn't smell all that great to me... ehhh It was alright though.I wouldn't wear it though.