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@fodigg: Bullcrap, if Apoc was such a big threat, he'd have won by now. He's been in over 600 comics by now and I'mm supposed to believe he's too big to be a regular?

I might be flogging a dead horse here, but have you ever heard of Age of Apocalypse? It's this great little series from the 90's that focused on a world where Apocalypse won.

There's a new title that came out called Age of Apocalypse even though Apocalypse is dead in it I think, and Weapon Omega is running the show now, but that's beside the point.

But I think we can all agree that Evan's probably going to become Apocalypse in the future. I mainly say this because I can see the fact that his parents actual nonexistence blowing up in Fantomex's face. I hope he turns out good though. I like him so far.