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Lex Luthor and Charles Xavier. He'd be able to defeat Superman with his I.Q. and telepathy. Not to mention his army of mutant students; brought together to drive aliens from our planet the...The LeX-Corps.

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I could just VOMIT this is a horrible way to start a series ;and this is coming from a guy who loves mind switching stories.I also don't buy "love-sick" Mary Jane not knowing something is wrong.

I'm sure Peter will come back to his body (he Damn well better); but will that mean he has to spend the rest of his life sharing mental space with Otto ? I don't know if I could take multiple personality stories that could lead to.

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With a cast of five ,these are the best choices. I will miss J'onn however.

Can't wait to see Flash on the big screen.

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Great party ideas!

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Batman is Wrong (that hurt) to keep the Family in the dark. Also given how much his other enemies like Ra's al Ghul or Bane may know it's recklessly short-sighted of someone that's supposed to be the world's best tactician.

There I said it...now I'm going to go to bed and weep.

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Citizen of Kandor augmented and brainwashed by Brainiac to destroy Superman and claim the Fortress.

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Cyclops is a jerk and he's made lots of mistakes; but fighting for the survival of his "species" wasn't one of them. The only thing worse than the populace's hate for mutants existence was the way humanity ignored their decline. One way or another they'll have to deal with mutants now instead of just complaining about them.

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Better question...Is the New 52 Superman more vulnerable to magic than the old one?

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Wish he could but truthfully Batman's real advantage is outwitting the other guy. That only works with the time to form and impliment a strategy.Time you won't have when facing people as fast as Superman or Flash and which is irrelevant against combantants like Captain America or Wonder Woman. I won't even mention Emma Frost.

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I like the character choices. However if you not doing this to address a lack of female books ;why bring it up?!? The team should have 1 male member...to serve as an apology to the Invisible Woman (pardon the pun) for being the only

Non-Y-Chromosome on her team for decades.