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Damn u Lobdell, damn u DC for destroying Lois and Clark

So now we're gonna see Lois Lane not only being a corporate puppet without integrity, she's gonna be celebrating the awful smww romance


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The lenghts they're going to take Lois away from Clark are just awful. They took away the integrity for her job now.

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I think you are drinking a bit too heavy on your favouritie shipping kool aid. -> First, was this necessary?

And yeah, the story is what's important, that's exactly why the Superman/Wonder woman "romance" doesn't make sense, they've said they planned it for a year, yet they make them hookup in the 2 last pages of one issue, without any build up throught out the entire year, everything was too rushed, too contrived, and for what? it's like they weren't even trying to add romance, like they were afraid to really do it for an entire year and finally decided to start it, DIana doesn't want to hurt Steve so she turns to Superman, Superman feels loney and can't have the one he wants 'cause she's unavailable, so they kiss. what the hell. Sadly the damage is done. I don't think something good will come out of this pairing. but let's wait and see. So far things don't look promising even for Kal & Diana. At least I hope Andy keeps Lois away from any romantic spark with Superman and focuses on her own development.

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@TheNamelessOne: Actually, I think it's Superman/Diana the ones who don't come out looking good. not Lois, Lois doesn't have feelings for Clark, she has no clue what's going on, nor she cares, DC's management are saying that Clark has feelings for Lois but he sees her as 'unattainable and unavailable' he's the one who looked miserable when he saw her with her boyfriend. Lois seems blissfully unaware. So, he already has the feelings for Lois, then why is he kissing Wonder Woman? 'cause he can't have the one he really wants?if Diana senses his heart is not really 100% into her how can she accept a man like that? god, What the hell were DC thinking? oh right, the sales given the way the've been promoting their new 'status quo' like it's some thing worthy of the celebrity scandals and tabloids, and congrats! it worked! I hate what they're doing honestly. Why couldn't they keep the 3 single, the new 52 was already selling very well, they didn't need this. Even if the end SP-WW soon I feel like they've done a huge damage to the characters and alienated many fans already.

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I hope they end this Superman/Wonder Woman soon. I don't think going back to clois so soon would be good too, I just hope to see Lois Lane's character developed in this reboot, there has been NONE of that yet. At least Diggle seems interested in doing her justice. Crossing my fingers for a lois development as well as a Lois/Clark solid development too