Batman: Arkham Asylum Movie Idea

Being a big Batman fan, I love the different takes on him and the villains. But to me, none have lived up to Grant Morrison's and Dave McKean's Batman: Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on A Serious Earth. The art has an mysterious, other-worldly feel to it, not to mention the story is great. I've also always had a thing for trippy, watercolor style animations like music videos from Pink Floyd or the movie A Scanner Darkly.
I propose that somebody should make an Arkham Asylum animated movie, word for word, panel for panel. It wouldn't be that hard nowadays and would look great with a watercolor animation. I just love how everybody is portrayed, especially Batman. In most panels he is shown as a dark shadow, hardly seeming human. 
The best part is if you get an anniversary edition, It's all the issue's in soft/hardcover, in the back they include the script they used to make the comic, So no money needs be wasted on coming up with a story that could possibly screw up the movie.