Favorite Guilty Pleasure Movie?

"A guilty pleasure is something one enjoys and considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it. The "guilt" involved is sometimes simply fear of others discovering one's lowbrow or otherwise embarrassing tastes." - Wikipedia

For me, I would say my guilty pleasure movie is 2002's Equilibrium. Starring Christian Bale (BATMAN!) and Taye Diggs of Chicago fame, Equilibrium is set in a Fascist future where the feeling of emotions is outlawed by the government. Bale plays a top cop specially trained in the John Woo school of 'gun fu' who, after being forced to kill his emotion-feeling partner, slowly begins to question the authority of his government and ends up using his gun fighting skills to help an underground resistance movement overthrow the regime.

Equilibrium is essentially a potpourri of various dystopian themes, and is ultimately both unoriginal and relatively bland in comparison to greater works. Novels like Brave New World and Nineteen Eighty-Four and films like Dark City and Gattaca cover similar ideas with much more depth and substance. In the end, Equilibrium is just a generic action-shooter that tries to be smarter than it actually is.

So why do I like it? Because the action scenes are freaking awesome. The director, Kurt Wimmer, is known for making movies that are more like video games than actual films. He later went on to direct Ultraviolet, starring wannabe nerd-idol Milla Jovovich, and that film was a piece of garbage. Wimmer managed to put just the right amount of video game shoot 'em up style into Equilibrium to make it an entertaining film. While with Ultraviolet, well, let's not mention that film more than needed. 

So, what film do you consider to be your "guilty pleasure" to the extent that you are embarrassed for enjoying it? What film do you find entertaining, but you may not like your friends to know you like out of fear that they will ostracize you? Perhaps it's a film that you feel you should otherwise find wretched for it's poor quality, and yet you thoroughly enjoy it warts and all.


Saints Row: The Third

Ah, how I fondly remember the hours I wasted playing Saints Row 2. Performing capoeria moves on homeless people, cutting up yakuza with a katana while wearing a three piece suit, and base jumping on top of civilians. Good times, good times... now there's a third game!!!