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Tom you put a lot good question and possibilities out there and I wouldn't know where to begin,  
but the manhunters would be a great consideration to kick off a sequel.

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Doesn't bother me at all, Stan been doing this in comics, why not the movies! He is the godfather of comics.

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Wow that clip blew me away, I got my popcorn for the 26th!

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Sara, looking at this trailer for the first time had me on pins and needles, because I am a fan of Hal and the CORPS, plus I would love to see the GL movie do well. But I will say this, they did stayed pretty close to the original costume even though it looks more close to Kyle Rayner's. 
The trailer for me revealed too much making me feel as if they were trying really hard to sale us this movie, I think we all know Green Lantern is followed heavily by it's loyal comic book fans, it the other group of movie goers Warner is trying to convince.   
What they should have done was teased us just a little, with bits and pieces of the trailer, then let the masses speak for themselves after seeing this movie! I wish this movie much success because it is the first of intergalactic comic book heroes from DC.

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On paper it's a wonderful movie! But give back Marvel's Wolverine FOX you've had your chance... let a real movie production company step up to the plate and show you guys how a Wolverine movie is really done!

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Looks great, sounds great... I'm all in fellers!

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Fantastic Shots! I shouldn't be making comparisons, but  was the turn out anywhere near New York's comic con?

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Thanks G-man, I've been collecting Action comics over the last couple of years but I've taken a break with in the last two years, but this review just gave me another reason to go hunting for this particular issue this coming weekend! 
Thanks again, 

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Odd choice... But here it is, Hawkeye! 

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I like Nick but he should have never played Blaze to begin with, the actor that played the young Blaze was good for me, even though he needed 10 to 12 pounds of muscle to sell off the physical look of Johnny Blaze.
I have a lot of confidence in the new director, but let us hope this movie will be a bit darker than the first Ghost Rider movie.