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First off great topic! David Goyer's version of blade I would had love to see that story made into a movie! I can't understand why Marvel don't have faith in their darker heroes to hold their own weight at the box office without feeling they have to please the 12 and under crowd.  
They've made the very same mistake with Daredevil, Elecktra, Ghost Rider, and Punisher, those movies I've mention should be G or R rated movies, P-13 will not do these characters justice in my opinion!

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As soon as people heard Seth was taking this role of GH the anticipation for this movie got dropped like a hot patato. I remember quite a few comments here on ComicVine and other 
comic book movie related sites that expressed a big disappointment.
Seth is a great actor well known for his comedy roles, and yes it will be hard to take him serious
in a role like Green Hornet, but remember this,  Robin Williams?(Insomnia, One Hour Photo) He turned out to be a great actor in some serious roles and no one ever thought he could pull it off. 
I'll give Seth a chance but he has only one chance in a role like this because it could mean disaster for anything else outside of the comedy realm for him. Good luck Seth!

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Man I'm going to take the 5th on this one because it's so hard to gauge what this movie is going to be like on one image! But I love all of the responses here on this post about the costume. 
I for one will take a good story over anything else, so I think I could deal with the new Peter Parker/Spiderman look... I guess.

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@CATPANEXE: You are so right   CATPANEXE, great point.
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Fantastic 3 min. bio G-Man!

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@ArtisticNeedham: With 4 installment payments of $49.99 the book is yours! He-he! I'm sorry A.N. I couldn't resist saying that. : ) 
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Thanks G-Man this is something I would love to add to my collection, this box set was long overdue in my opinion.  

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Well all I can say this... It's long overdue and it would be nice to see Babs get back in the mix of things with Bat family. It will be hard to see her as a new character  other than Batgirl, but the interesting part is to see her dawn a new costume and a different perspective to fighting crime.

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Well... I have quite a few things that come to mind, like my first purchase at a SDCC back in 2006, It was a bust of Iron Man in a Manga style like armor! But what I really treasure is a gift given to me by my daughter, it was a laser crystal of Superman with a base of multi-colored lights that sparkled through Superman's image. 
That gift had me in tears on Christmas.

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I am so glad that DC is settling it's legal issues with appearances by it's own characters on currently run animated series.