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Love the Captain America costume, but I would be concern also with Chris being locked in for so long to portray the role of Cap.  
The success Marvel Studios had with Xmen I and II was really good, the third movie I'm not so sure. I wasn't too pleased with how that one turned out. 
But we'll have to see with the Avengers. There's been so many super hero movies out lately that movie studios not allowing fans enough time to appreciate them before being hit with another hero movie release at a drop of a dime. 
But I guess that's money making movie industry, milk it till the well runs dry.

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Thanks MutenRoshi, I live very close to the border and I just might do that, is there a certain DVD vendor or media store I should look for?

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Wow this is going to be a big moment in DC comics history, and I hope success will follow through on this big revamp. The Good or bad from the outcome will diffidently be well remembered! Plus I would like to think there's a great opportunity to get some live action movies into play from the change.

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I'm scared already!

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Simply no... It doesn't work like that in the real world and it should happen in comics, it's the law of nature.

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No matter what I will always have a favorite Superhero that I like to follow, but the writing for me is always important. It's what brings the character to life, it introduces complex situations that makes his or her world dynamic and exciting with every turn of the page. 
For most of us we have different concerns like who's doing the artwork then the writing, and believe me I've read some great stories with some artwork you just could help but notice that... Man this is really awful artwork! 
When Mark Waid along with Greg Larocque and Mieringo left Flash left Flash I dropped it like a hot potato until Geoff Johns took over, but between then I always did take a look at different writers take on the crimson speedster.  Presently I think most companies do a much better job of pairing up writers and artists then the did 25 or 30 years ago.


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What I really hope is that CN  get some DC animated shows that will true reflect what most readers are interested in based on certain characters, case in point Superman/Green Lantern. 
Justice League did had it's moment and believe me I would love to see them comeback, but there are so many other heroes that would make for great shows like the Outsiders, New Gods, or maybe a DC SHOWCASE series, it could feature the most well known stories in DC history.

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Holy buffalo chip! This is a much more exciting and anticipated looking trailer than Thor's! I am truly impressed.

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I would think it would be a great idea to get Tom Clancy involved in something like this, the game would be awesome!

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Absolutely brilliant G-Man! A deep psychological synopsis of Batman villains that in some way reflect the different aspects of Batman/Bruce Wayne's inner psyche or opposite of his personality. 
I truly believe this is why Batman will remain at the top of everyone's list as the most interesting DC character of all time.