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I totally understand why an unknown should be used in the roll of Wonder Woman, I just think we all know that Jessica is hot and could do no wrong. DC and Warner better get rolling on this one because Marvel Studio's has a proven record regardless of some it failures like Daredevil, Elektra, and Punisher. 

Wonder Woman in my opinion is a well known icon for DC and I just don't have a clue to as to why it's so hard for them to get this movie off the ground. Can it be the screen writing for this movie that's making it so difficult, because the last I herd Josh Whedon was writing for it. Do any have clue what's happening?
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Campbell's art work is simply beautiful... Hey! What's up with the Spidey T-shirt... Hmmm! 

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I thought you couldn't get close enough to even offer Logan milk without losing a hand! : )

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I would have to say... Civil War! Truly an unbelievable time in the Mavel Universe.