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No prep round.


MMH stalemate Apocalypse.

Superman is defeated by Death Seed Sentry

Wonder Woman defeats Mr Sinister.

John Stewart defeats Exodus narrowly.

Flash and Batman are defeated by Uriel due to morals and being aged to dust.

Then as the fight continues:

MMH and Apoc shape shift battle some more.

Wonder woman is then defeated by Death Seed Sentry.

John Stewart is defeats Uriel, depending on whether he resists time manipulation?

Let's say Jon Stewart wins with some special ring anti-time power I am not aware of.


Death Seed Sentry takes out Jon Stewart and helps Apoc take out MMH.

But I don't think DSS solos.

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DSS and Exodus solo. Time warp then mind rape. Done.

Well Martian Manhunter is there to prevent mind rapes.

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I think this is a really good battle, Apoc's team wins at like 5.5/10. Might I ask where that pic of Apoc came from, it looks bad ass!

I just browsed the images on comic vine :/. Might be fan art.

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Barry solos

If he doesn't blitz Uriel first, he's going to be dealing with a zoom-like character with a big magic axe.

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Apocalypse and his horsemen are teleported into Metropolis after a Celestial tech experiment.

Round 1: Someone calls the police and this is the league available.

Round 2: Apoc and the others manage to stay out of sight. Over the course of the year the groups have time to study each other without a direct confrontation and time to prep. (no sundip, sinister has captured many mutants/metahumans to study)

This roster of the JL, new 52 versions.

Apoc's team. (Apocalypse, Mr. Sinister, Death Seed Sentry, Exodus,Uriel)

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I think it'll just come down to speed unless the court is just within hulk doomsday jumping range and others can't fly. What powers are allowef.

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What is the ball made of?

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Round 1 Stark

Round 2 Too close to call, leaning towards Stark

Round 3 Trask

(stealth bump)

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@antiwhipped said:

Movie versions.

They are each put in the same timeframe in a merged marvel movie universe and given the same research facility and funds. Who's smarter and comes out on top?

Round 1:

Six months prep

Round 2:

One year prep

Round 3:

Ten years prep

What is are they going to do with prep anyway? We could speculate, but you can only assume make more armor/soldiers, but we dont know how fast they can do that.

We have no idea what limits they have with prep

The shorter time period was meant to favor iron man who did have superior feats in pulling a suit out of his ass.

In the longer run I would give the edge to Trask because he is not as much of an egomaniac. He built a foundation for a system that others could easily improve on even if he was dead. So I think he's a better manager and would be able to work better with a team for the ten year prep to basically make the future sentinels or better.