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Team skull face consists of:

Taskmaster, CrossBones, Red Skull, Black Mask. They each have two assault rifles with a five clips each, a pistol, and a sword and knife. Taskmaster has his shield as well. Deathstroke (pre-New52) has a pistol, three clips, and his sword but no armor. This is Red Skull with a cloned Rogers body.

Round 1: Random Encounter, but the skulls have been working together on other stuff for a few months. Start across the warehouse from each other. Both sides see each other.

Round 2:

The Black Mask pretended to hire Deathstroke to kill Red Skull. He tells him he is in a warehouse( full of crates and machinery). The team has had an hour to pick their spots and strategy in the warehouse. Deathstroke was staking it out when they entered, but Crossbones, was driving the vehicle without his mask when the doors closed. Deathstroke thinks it is just RedSkull and one ordinary flunky there. He thinks Red Skull is an ordinary human with a mask.

Can the team take him out?

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Movie Versions in an abandoned warehouse with a lot of old office equipment. Win by KO. No Gadgets, Suits, or Shields.

Round 1: Rorschach

Round 2: Comedian

Round 3: Batman

Round 4: Bane

Round 5: Nite Owl

Round 6: Captain America

Round 7: Ozy

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Darwin becomes fast enough to evade the supermen and also emits a shitload of kryptonite radiation. Wundaar extends his field to make it easier for Darwin to evade and the clones are eventually rendered helpless due to the kryptonite exposure. Butterball and Mr. Immortal (and any other blitz survivors but these two are guaranteed to live), grieving for Marvel's losses walk around and stab the clones to death with any surviving sharp objects.


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Too many variables. If the clones attack people who can't be blitzed could make a difference. Whoever is standing closest to Wundaar may avoid the blitz. Does that include a telepath or reality warper?

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So marvel earth is teleported in and they don't get a chance to even see the supermen before the blitzing begins?

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He can't be blitzed as his field is always up and can extend it in an instant. How much time between sides seeing each other and fight starting.

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Wundaar the Aquarion slows clones to negate speed enough for telepaths, reality warpers to defeat the clones.

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How many telepaths does marvel earth have?

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Use different Avengers.

Thor, Sentry, Hyperion, Hulk, Rambeau, etc and you'd have a good fight.

Thor vs BRB,

Hyperion vs Gladiator,

Hulk vs Ronan,

Sentry vs Silver Surfer,

Monica Rambeau vs Quasar,

They may still lose due to Surfer but I think it'd be a good fight.

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Browsed Deviant Art and they do have some nice venom art there.

I sort of like this one too..