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If they showed me definitive proof then I would.
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Anybody ever notice how almost all heroes have to work in secret and it's usually only them to stand against all the evils and all the tyrants of the world. It would really make more sense to me if they just started recruiting regular people and giving them the tools(training and whatnot) to defend themselves. I mean, I never understood why a demon hunter or vampire slayer just doesen't make the presence of supernatural creatures evident to the general population and that way people can just start arming themselves. AND ALSO...why is there always a "CHOSEN ONE". You know what I mean? They didn't even have a choice in the matter;that seems a little invasive imo. I think it also suggests that anyone who's sort of chooses to take up that same occupation of being a hero, vigilante,etc. are not as special as if they're just the cattle for the "Ones" to elevate themselves. Maybe I have a sort of Aquarian feeling. I never understood the point in having main characters. To me,every character just like every person is special and has something unique to offer. I would really appreciate input on this.
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Thanx bro. Different opinion for different ppl. If I was to do that, I bet ppl would still go see the movie.
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 I have an interesting story with a question. So me and a couple of associates were talking about what superheroes we wish we could play in a movie and my response was Spawn or Black Panther. With that, one of my friends(who was black) said I might upset a lot of black people by playing a native African seeing as how I'm lighter skinned with curly hair. With all of that said, I'm still black and I don't see how I could upset any member of my community by playing someone from my ancestral homeland.Furthermore, Africa has many colors present and Wakanda is a fictional nation so we don't know how diverse it is or isn't. Whaddya guys think?



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I LOVE ECHO! and she's gonna be BIIIIIIGGGG....Just watch!
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Most definitely should stay as Oracle. I have to say I was mad at first but handicapped people deserve representation as substantial characters too! Same goes for any group

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That's a really good question. I'm with Caligula though. I guess we'll never know until there's an official publication of it.
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Lets just cast a light skinned Black dude. That way everybody's happy LOL!
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I want Huntress upgraded soooo bad it's not even funny
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They better. If they don't, I'm apt to go to jail.