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@mercy_: @catriona_knightfall (Would have been longer, but anything else felt like boring exposition)

(Sir: Telekinetic tampering interfering with the suit, suggested course of action being…) Yet before the AI had a chance to implement a counter-measure to Mercy’s unanticipated telekinetic abilities and current strategy, the President had mentally declined the offer. (Sir: Flight disabled. Repulsion units disabled. Teleportation impaired. Electromagnetic faculties impaired: Health and restoration systems still online – Warning, further damage will disrupt the life support systems. Without medical attention, wounds inflicted by Quintus Knightfall will be fatal) yet again, the President did not reactive the restoration systems, he could have, but didn't.

Unsurprised by the telekinetic titan’s skillful evasion of his choke-hold, Anthony watched as she unsheathed her knife and struck it forward with impressive speeds, his left arm shot outward in response, attempting to forcefully intercept and grip the woman’s wrist and avert the stab, and in doing so, hoping to break the wrist like a twig as over five tons of force unstoppably clamped around of the woman. Instantly, his right palm was sent forward with an unexpected abruptness from a man like Stark, attempting to smash into the bottom of the knife and redirect it straight into the Sanguine’s own shoulder. Stark was not a true martial artist in the truest sense, but his personal Peak serum and the suits enhancements awarded him to be a very capable hand-to-hand fighter if required.

Regardless of the result, Anthony would active one of his suits only remaining outwards attacks, and electrify his own metallic palm with the intention to electrocute Mercy with his grip, and whether she was stabbed or not by her own blade, he would fling his head forward and attempt to headbutt the Arashikage before dashing backwards (if allowed) and falling onto a single knee, his conformation with Quintus having dealt tremendous impairments to the President, impairments, which the Sanguine would surely capitalize on.

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@mercy_: @lena_dante (Sorry for the delay, I legit forgot about this)

As little Catriona cooed, the President raised his eyes from the innocent baby towards her murderous mother. He had no intention of killing Catriona. He had never conspired to actively kill the Knightfalls; to the contrary, Quintus and Stark were former allies. But that was a different Stark from a different world, this world, the Anthony standing before Mercy had seen an entirely different history of events unfold.

He sighed, rocking the baby with a gentle wistfulness instilling itself within his customarily apathetic eyes. “The Arashikage were betrayed, Mercy, deceived by one of your own…” Standard betrayal held no realistic merit; people were betrayed every day in all walks of life, but Agiad'coda Island? This was different. This betrayal embodied the truest form of treachery. Even the most esoteric Island in the world was not above treason. “I have many confidants in many places…” He disarmingly smiled, his cold, friendly smile, assumed to be a veil to his wicked ways. But it wasn’t.

It was a genuine smile, apologetic, even; Catriona was in no actual danger. But Mercy would never know, “and what type of man would I be, if my confidants were sold out? My friends are loyal, as am I.” He said with a little sneer, as though the apparent disloyalty of a single Arashikage had tarnished his feelings of the entire esoteric lineage. “Don’t be ridiculous.” He scorned, his eyes burning into Mercy’s, unyielding in response to her understandable aggression.

“If I’d wanted you and your baby dead…You’d be dead, and a long time ago at that” Shrugging, Stark stopped cradling the baby, callously gripping Catriona by the back of the neck as he held the baby (by the neck) out to the side. “You Knightfalls, you’re all blind. You may not be an actual Knightfall,” He said, peering at Catriona as her legs dangled in the air, “but your daughter is.” Stark had grown up in a world far different to this one.

A world which had been destroyed by the Arcani and a war had engulfed the planet. The destruction of Gothic, at the hands of the Arcani, in this world, had shown Stark the future was clear. The Arcani would once again be the facilitators of death. Again and again, unless stopped. “The Knightfalls have lived their life of grandeur and theatrical heroics for what?” He shook his head, his anger at the incompetence of the champions of this world seeping through. “To be squandered by self-serving egos, actually thinking the name “Knightfall” above anybody else,” A voice recording of Quintus suddenly permeated through the air, amplified by Stark’s suit. “Quintus said it best...”

"The catastrophes of the Pentagon, the Statue of Liberty, Kamelot, Gothic City, the White House....again, and so, so many more, are the result of your own complacency, oh yes, it’s true. Not one, ONE! Person has been brought to justice for any of these crimes. My own murderous indiscretions numbering in the hundreds, all dismissed with the use of a quick smile and charming tag-line."

The words finished with a deadpan stare from Stark, locking gazes with Mercy as he continued. “This world deserved better.” Anthony unknowingly tightened his grip upon Catriona’s neck, surely prompting the baby to send a telepathic message of discomfort (but not pain) to Mercy. “…” He said no words, hoping his devastating Presidency would prompt the world into changing. Two States of America attacked. One abandoned, the White House destroyed, and so, so much more. What else would it take for the “heroes” of the world to wake up? For somebody to care before it was too late.

“Come on.” Simply said, his eyes glowed with a crimson gleam as the pressure on the baby’s neck was tightened. “Show your precious baby how to handle the bogeyman,” And with a single, deafeningly loud boom, erupting from his suits speaks, louder than anything the Island had heard before, and all emitted from Stark’s suit in an attempt to break Mercy’s eardrums, Anthony Stark dashed forwards as he concurrently threw the baby into the air, crossed the physical space in between the two titans, and attempted to viciously punch the Sanguine in the face with concrete crushing force before swiftly vanishing via teleportation, coming to her rear, and trying to wrap his metallic forearm around of the woman’s neck, and squeeze, not to choke, but to crush her spine.

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@vamoose: When you've done the weapons, I'll read it :P

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@vamoose: I'll read it now, actually. Got a spare moment.

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@lena_dante: @mercy_:

“No.” The Iron Titan bluntly responded, his icy blue eyes, slowly drifting from Catriona as they set eyes upon her enraged mother. No emotion could be interpreted from behind of his eyes. Not because he was ruthless, or some psychopath…He simply didn’t care.

He was a father, and he knew what fire must have been burning through the Sanguine’s soul. Catriona’s tiny arms stretched out as her mother looked on, Stark gently retracted the baby’s hands back, cradling the baby like a father who had done so a 1000 times. “It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it?” Stark said, rocking the baby. “The lengths a parent would go to safeguard their child? I’m a father, you know” He admitted, unsure if Mercy knew. “I’ve got three children.

Dexter, Natasha…” He left the word John, knowing it would endangers his life. “…And a child who died,” It was not a lie, not in the truest sense, Dexter Stark of his reality had died. Killed by Antonia, and Stark had forgiven Antonia, It was a necessity. “Life is a fragile thing, held together by the bonds we weave. The bridges we create…” He sighed, looking down at little Catriona. “…Yet people often forget, Mercy, life and death go hand in hand.” The warm winds bellowed through the area as they howled like excited spectators.

The sun, gleamed down upon the two, as though they were the main characters of the universe, in this grand, grand show. “Sometimes, death is inevitable.” The words simple, emotionless, almost stated as a matter of fact rather than uttered rhetoric. A single step back, pushing him further to the edge of the cliff. “She’s a beautiful baby…” Turning his head, Stark looked down the mountain, the drop gave him butterflies, and he then glanced back to Mercy. “What’s her name?”

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@vamoose: When I get back from work :)

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@vamoose: I've been at school, less than 7 months ago, I get ya!