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>Watches Joseph

>Amused smirk

>Turns to assistant

"He's the perfect Stark."

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@raysh_al_shaytan: All I know is you've killed every main character of mine at least once xP And cool.

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@raysh_al_shaytan said:

Are Fraga and I the only ones who make deals behind the scenes lol. Like, "I'll sell you character a's death in exchange for toppling your location" type deals?

I think we've made one or two ourselves xD

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The League of Shadows was an ancient order, one which had influenced all corners of the world. One which had spread it's name far and wide throughout the centuries. But with such a timeless legacy; came a cost. Baggage. The League of Assassins in all of it's glory was not infallible.

One man, the Merchant of Death, Anthony Stark, had survived an assassination attempt from the League over a year ago, led by the infamous Brahma Bull, was thwarted by Stark in an unforgettable battle outside of the White House, a moment immortalized. The moment the President and leader of the free world, had literally defended the nation.

And now the League was back. Back, to answer for it's sins.

Stark never forget, and rarely forgave.

Using his resources to find the esoteric monastery, the Mechanical Maestro had brought himself to the sacred entrance. His robotic eyes glistened for just a moment as he stared at the colossal gates, before a memorable, robotic yet familiar voice echoed through the clearing.

"Bring me Raysh'Al Shaytan.
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@the_dark_ranger: @schlampe: Fine. I'll leave the thread. And maybe I was being a little confrontational without honestly realizing, but I didn't thrown any insults around unlike you two. I should have left, sure. But starting some insulting crap isn't making anything better.

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@the_dark_ranger: Why do you turn everything so heatedly personal? Can't you debate without your little jibes? I didn't personally offend you at all. I wasn't trolling, I agreed to leave the thread. So why start the personal attacks? Ridiculous.

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@schlampe: I see Thoughty Thoughts will still rile people up. It's funny how a mere thread aggravates so many emotions. LOL Okay, as I said above your post, that was my last post debating the subject.

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@_animus_: I see where you're coming from, but I just don't fully agree with it. And I was pro locking TT's, so I don't see how that makes sense lol

@the_dark_ranger: I know you feel like you wasted two years advocating for it's lock, but the activity speaks for itself. The lock didn't do half as much as you assumed. Sure, all of your logic was sound. I agreed with the lock, remember? But it doesn't mean I can't see it had little to no long term effect. But alright, that's all I'll say. I doubt you'll admit it didn't work after tirelessly debating for it for like two years. That's just wasted effort on your part.

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@_animus_: I don't want it back. TT's being back is pointless. I'm just saying that I think locking it... After LL said, two years of debating, ended up in the lock being a dud.

And I have Facebook, and many CV users on it :P

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@the_dark_ranger: I'm not advocating for it back, don't worry, I think these threads serve the same purpose. I'm just arguing that the lock wasn't as good as people assumed. Bringing it back wouldn't do anything.