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Real Name: Anthony Stark

Alias: The President - Peak - The Presidential Knight - The White Bishop - The Mechanical Maestro

Alignment: Himself

Height: 6'1"

Age: Unknown

Affiliation: The Peak - The Blacklist - The White House -The Hellfire Club

Species: Enhanced human

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Varies

Weight: Varies

Birthplace: America

Relationship Status: Single.

Gender: Male

Occupation: President of the United States. Businessman. White Bishop of the Hellfire Club.

Identity: Public

Family: Dexter Stark (Son) Assault (Brother) BloodDiamond (Daughter) John Stark (Son)

History: For Anthony Stark's History - Click Here

Personal Traits and Abilities

Total Recall: Anthony Stark has the inherent ability of total recall. He only has to see or perform an action once for his neurological pathways to remember that specific action to the exact same degree as originally observed or performed. He is also able to backtrack into his own memory and use it as a form of a diary, or a journal, every action he has ever performed is stored within his subconsciousness ready to be released at will. He has learn to leave "mental" trackers in certain places to allow himself to easily revisit a time or place within his lifetime and relearn or re-aquatint himself with something. The ability takes place within a distorted time, an hour in his memory realm is compatible to one minute in the real world. He is also able to share other peoples memories if granted permission, or, they are unable to refuse via being knocked out or under his influence somehow.

Super-Genius: Anthony Stark is one of the worlds intellectually gifted minds and is considered a polymath by is peers, proficient and rather knowledgeable in roughly all areas of science yet heavily specialized in combat warfare, possible, the most greatest combat scientist in the history of the world.

Armor and technology

Horizon - to be updated

Horizon is Anthony Stark's personal artificial Intelligence which is specifically designed to process all incoming information and think of strategies and tactics for Stark during battle. The AI is capable of adapting to new threats, and understands rhythms and patterns which an enemy may showcase to exploit their habits during combat. Unbeknownst to most Horizon was conceptualized by Anthony Stark to be the words next step in computer-based warfare, able to assess and create countermeasures and contingencies against the entire world based upon global patterns, and predict what countries actions will be on a militaristic and even, an economical level.

In trailed assessments and virtual reality simulations Horizon was able to accurately predict the movements of the virtual AI to a degree of 97% meaning it was correct nearly every single time, correct, about every single countries activities during wartime and peacetime. The plans for the “Horizon-System” were scrapped however, Stark deemed the technology significantly too advanced for humanity and thought it would give the user an almost unlimited amount of power within the world, and ultimately lead to the world’s destruction. Instead he turned Horizon into his personal AI, and uses it to combat threats and opponents who pose a threat to him, and threats, who may pose a threat to him in the future.


Years ago Stark become aware having simple nano-bots inside of his internal body or being able to repair his suit was not enough, this still allowed his physical human form to be easily destroyed or cut and the time taken for internal regeneration was longer than necessary. A millisecond within a battle could mean life or death, as a consequence Stark through intricate technological advancements crafted such thing as the "Peak-Bot" named after his industry but not being publicly attainable at all, only matching his specific bio-genetic code. Without his "DNA" the bots would not work.

These Peak-Bots are the size of sub-atomic particles individually - Being able to produce such things an individual Peak-Bot is useless, barely existing in the physical realms due to its quantum scale being so negligible, after enough of these Peak-Bots are merged to one another they can create a single sized atom, yet having an atomic "memory" within the atomic upon a command to break up forming back into sub-atomic particles again. Once combined they can form virtually any atomic structure in existence, thus allowing Stark a form of shape shifting. The bots are subconsciously controlled by his AI Horizon.

The Peak Serum

Utilizing his keen understanding of biology and chemistry, Anthony invented the formula known as the Peak Serum to help boost even the most insignificant or weak individual into somewhat of a super soldier with a mere injection. After the serum is administered via an injection directly into the bloodstream it almost instantly enhances the recipient in multiple ways, their neurological response times are sped up to a degree which allows them to think around ten times faster than most humans. The serum enhances the muscular motor unit recruitment patterns within the body to a degree which in turn gifts the recipient super human strength and speed. Motor unit recruitment is the activation of a muscle by repetitive recruitment of motor units to activate muscle fibers when required to move an object or exert physical force. When a motor neuron is activated, all of the muscle fibers triggered by the motor neuron are stimulated and contract, lifting a dumbbell for example would require a specific amount of muscle fibers to be recruited to lift the item. The activation of one motor neuron will result in a weak muscle contraction whereas the activation of multiple motor neurons will result in more muscle fibers being activated and creating a stronger muscle contraction.

Most people only recruit around 30% of their muscle fibers when contraction takes place, even the strongest weightlifter does not recruit anywhere near all of them. Stark is able to recruit 100% of his muscle fibers 100% of the time, meaning his muscular endurance and strength is exponentially heightened in effectiveness. This lends to him being able to perform feats which would make the strongest and most skilled Olympic power-lifter look like a baby in comparison. Stark's muscles work in a way which allows him to sprint at speeds coming close to 100MPH boosted by acrobatic abilities which allow him to sustain Hand-to-Hand fights with most of the meta-human community. The Serum, at his peak, allows Stark to lift around five, to ten tons -Their bone density is increased, allowing them to take more impact which would kill normal humans. A regenerative boost for injuries is also gifted, meaning Stark (who has been exposed to the Serum) can heal from wounds far faster than normal, all normal senses are also heightened. The serum also allows the body to sustain relentless combat for an elongated period of time without tiring like a normal human would.

Source Particles

Source particles are a unique, innovative piece of subatomic weaponry which are able to interact with the physical at a level which could easily, by some, be confused for magic. These particles are able to instantly alter the size of an objects physical mass thus, they can exponentially be used to increase or decrease an objects physical mass to scale without any adverse consequences. They have also been known to interact with their surroundings and flawlessly mimic the effects of intangibility, or even disrupt an opponents intangibility. The also have the capacity to disrupt most fields of energy and have even been known to infect an organic hope with an inorganic virus to cripple their biological systems. The only knowledge which has been deciphered thus far is they effect nearly anything at an atomic level (or the "source" level) to which everything is created, and with instruction, these particles have limitless potential.

(Vibranium) Anti-Metal Claws

Stark's Anti-Metal Claws are able to (in theory) cut through any metallic substance with ease whilst either rendering the material into a liquid state, or, sometimes, completely destroying the substance if it is a normal metal. The only metals which are known to not be utterly destroyed by the Claws have been first-grade Adamantium, Vibranium, and Trion - These metals have been reduced to a liquid state after resistance, Adamantium and Trion being the chieftain metals which have resisted for a short period due to their atomic structures being very similar to the Vibranium Anti-Metal Claws. These claws are made out of the same material as Antonia's sword and Fukuro Zoku's own set of claws.

The Annihilator Suit

Anthony Stark's Annihilator Suit is comprised of ultra-small Stark Bots which are stored within the hollows of his bones and upon command, instantly seep through the pours of his skin and create the entire suit, the approximate time for the suits activation from the time of initial thought is around thirty seconds for a full system switch-on, after five seconds, the suit is able to defend Stark via it's metal exoskeleton.

The suit is composed of these thought sensitive Stark-Bots which only respond to Anthony's specific brain patterns. The armor does not rely on gears or any type of servos for mobility and movement, instead, the armor perfectly acts as a second layer of artificial, metallic muscle which accentuates Stark's already enhanced strength levels. This in effect allows Stark the same mobility with and without the suit, within effect him at all. On certain areas where mobility is not restricted (his chest, arms,and certain places on his leg) an extra layer of metal is produced (as pictured to the left) enhancing the defense provided to Stark.

Miniature Particle Accelerator (Art reactor)

The suit is capable of recharging itself from a number of sources, the suit is able to siphon power from extreme heat and regularly recharges itself via solar energy not unlike how the body absorbs Vitamin D, the suit merely recharges itself with solar energy whenever sunlight is direct onto his metallic surface. The suit is also capable of using beta particle absorption as a fuel source as well as able to convert nearby energy sources, such as kinetic energy into electricity, or even drain electrical energy directly into the batteries for recharge. However, the main source of energy which Stark uses is in the form of a miniature particle accelerator, this reactor acts like a small version of a large particle accelerator, propelling particles at the speed of light into a perpetual circle loop, once this is achieved, Stark siphons the energy created and has a type of infinite energy as long as the loop never ends.

Suits capabilities

Augmented strength: His Suit is able to exponentially enhance Starks overall carrying capacity to that which is deemed overly super human. Normally, without the suit, Stark would be stuck at around 1 ton. Using the suits external skeleton to support his own body and acting as a immense set of secondary metallic muscles, Anthony is able to efficiently sustain lifting the weight of over 50 tons for an extended period prior to endangering itself, regardless, the suit would be able to redirected core energy into the required components if needed, although, this means other functions (such as shooting) would be unusable until the weight in question is dropped.

Repulsors : Laser-guided particle beam emission units mounted in the palm of each hand.

Unibeam: Multi-band light and force beam emitter. Can be adjusted for a variety of effects such as searchlight, heat ray, tractor beam, laser, image inducer and broad-spectrum (UV to Infra-red) light beam.

Force Shield: A focused photon emitter on the back of his left wrist that shapes into a shield.

Electromagnetic Pulse: knocks out electrical systems within range, including those of the armor itself, which reboots after 2 minutes.

Mini gun (shoulder-mounted pop-out): Shoulder-mounted and using an electronic firing system. This is a state-of-the-art Gatling-type machine gun firing case-less ammunition. It can be loaded with a wide array of various bullet types including stun and armor-piercing. Default load out is 1800 rounds of depleted uranium bullets which are fired electrically, minimizing moving parts.

Micro-Rocket Pack (shoulder-mounted): Similar to an assault helicopter rocket pack, holds a variety of up to 15 rockets, including High Explosive, Concussion, Smoke, Flare, and Miniature Nuclear. Can track upto 15 targets at once, Fires a depleted Uranium Round or other things.

Gas filters - Can filter out any gas that is intended to harm.

Foot stabilizers - If a high wind or current attempts to-pick himself up, He can magnetize his feet to the ground, or spikes come out and implant them-self into the floor.

Short-Range Projections - Able to make a 3D realistic hologram to distract enemies or for other fun uses.

Pulse Bolt Generators -Plasma discharges that build in intensity as they travel through the atmosphere, picking up static and ambient energy, for a more powerful effect than the repulsors.

Flares - Against missiles , Stored in his arms, and legs.

Self Destruct - As a last resort, if activated the core in the suit will create a nuclear blast

Flight, Able to now reach 10 times the speed of sound

Magnetic Force-Field - The suit creates a force-field which can be modified at will by its user by incrementing the power of the Reactor. It can be so powerful to destroy bullets or repel people.

Psi-Shields - The suit has a built in Anti-Illusion/Mind Infiltration facilities, This works by creating a complex series of "fake" brains that can trick foes who are trying to infiltrate his mind. This further helps with Horizon, Being an AI can temporarily control his mind, or tell him if somebody is attempting to make an illusion, or even control the suit while it sedates tony to prevent a disaster.

Override: When required, This new Suit can amplify, including strength amplification, durability amplification, and repulsor intensity can be greatly increased, by bypassing safety circuits and limiters. However, there is a chance that this can result in a complete system failure of the armor. The range of the Override can be controlled as only reaching his very limit and staying at it for a long time will cause a system failure.

Defensive modes: Camouflage mode allowed Peak to blend into his surroundings while a stealth mode rendered him invisible to others’ sensors.

Teleportation: Able to teleport anywhere within the world through satellite links rearranging his atomic structure.