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This one is to be avoided! 0

This was a lackluster way for the series to go out.I won't say it was a completely boring read, there were a few creative moments, but it barely maintained my interest and was a complete non-event as far as any sort of send off for the series.The art is flat and uninspired and looks rushed for the most part.Which makes sense considering that there are 2 sub-par artists on the book, but it makes me wonder:Why did Marvel even put this last story arc out?It serves no purpose what so ever, other tha...

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Now thats the Zombies I'm talking about! 0

The man who got the whole Zombie craze going, Robert Kirkman nails its again with Marvel Zombies 2 #1!Now I read a review somewhere that claimed this ish was short sighted in that (Slight spoiler coming up here!) the Wasp figures out the reality of being a Zombie better than the Galacti-Zombies in space.I think what that reviewer missed was that the difference between the 2 characters is Janet hasn't eaten flesh for 40 years while Tony and crew just finished eating the majority of the frikken un...

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So-So amongst so-so... 0

Well I didn't HATE this ish, but it sure wasn't exciting.Even the cover which while looking great with the tag line "TO SAVE METROPOLIS!" is remarkably underwhelming.Like Supes doesn't save Metropolis in almost every ish hes in?The idea of Lori Lemaris possessed by evil?Not handled in an exciting manner thats for sure, everyone in Metropolis being made into water breathers was decidedly drab.the art had some real enthusiasm and Koi Turnbull may very well have a bright future ahead of himself in ...

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How is this not the #1 comic each month? 0

This issue and each and everyone thats come before it have been just flat-out awesome.In Brave and Bold #7 Perez looks better than ever, and Waids script is as perfect a script as the mans delivered!Now I'm a frikken Perez Fanboy, but I was floored by the perfection of each and every panel in this ish.Wonder Woman, Power Girl, and Superman (amongst others in the ish whose presence I won't spoil here) have never looked better.I'm almost at a loss as to where I should start describing the ish, an...

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