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And although Reed is smarter hes not a better tactitian, not a better fighter.

As well hes not as driven, or as paranoid and prepared for every contignecy as Bats.

How many stories out there are there about Reeds plans for taking down the Marvel U getting in the hand of the Bad-Guys?

Henry Pym is more Batman like than Reed in the Marvel U, and thats only on the level of how they both can screw up...

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Unfortunately for you, you're wrong.

If Spider-Man can KO Titania Dragon can KO Colossus.

And how it is you can Assert that Dragon can't produce that much damage with no actual knowledge of the Dragon is beyond me.

Dragon CAN produce massive damage, upwards of the scale you state.

But to KO someone you don't need to penetrate their skin pal.

You just have to shake up the brain to accomplish a KO.

Good god man if pentration of skin was needed for a KO think of how much MORE bloody boxing would be.

You do understand how the REAL world works right?

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I'm gonna put a nail in this Coffin.

The assertion that Dragon who can lift at least 30 tons (stated in his handbook, as well as in the series) cannot hurt Collosus, can be associated with the battle between Spider-man who can lift 10 tons, VS Titania.

Titania has routinely shown to be more durable than Collosus, and is stronger than him as well with C being at 70 ton lift capacity and Titania being at 85 ton capacity.

In Secret Wars the Wreckers crowbar, almost killed C with one hit, and She-hulk took multiple blows from it without dying as such its fair to state that She-hulk is at LEAST as durable as Collosus, and Titania is at least as durable as She-Hulk via Secret Wars.

So if Spider-Man whos 1/3rd as strong as the Dragon can take out Titania, whos at least as durable as Collosus then its a no-brainer that the stronger and more skilled fighter, Dragon could whup Collosus.

In fact that example (and re-reading Secret Wars) has led me to see that it wouldn't be any longer a Fight than Spideies with Titania.

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This battles staged to strangely to really make an assesement.

To many unanswered parameters like does Reed Know that Bruce is Batman?

How is the battle taking place in the Batcave, and why?

A straight up battle on neutral ground would go to Bats we all know that but this ones just plain ol funky.

I'd give it to Bats even with Reeds week of planning, Batman is the master of planning ahead for all contingencies, unless Reed has a working knowledge of all the Caves defenses, and Batmans weaponry its Bats game by a hair.

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The surfers ability to rearrange molecules has never been used in a manner like that at all.

Surfers molecular restructuring powers are fairly limited in nature, and for that matter he'd have to know about Green K to re-create it.

Even the knowledge oif what it is doesn't mean that he could restructure the available matter into Green K, and again, when have you seen the Surfer use such ruthless methods?

Surfer doesn't fight like that hes more of a poet than a warrior.

Not to say that Surfer can't fight, just that hes not a terribly skilled warrior.

How many times have YOU seen the Surfer throw a kick, or jab out with a nerve strike?


Never, thats when.


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I sure as shooting don't agree that Surfer can take Supes.

Thor takes down Surfer, so the its a no-brainer IMO thats Supes takes Surfer.

Like I've stated Supes is the better fighter (than Surfer)and thats makes up the difference.
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Dormammu says:

"Thanos beat Silver Surfer, and Silver Surfer beat Superman so Thanos beats Superman."

Sorry where did this supposed battle take place?

I've never seen the Sufer Take Superman, heck they only teamed up once, and it was a team up more than a fight from what I recall.

I'd dig out the ish, but its pretty buried atm.

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I don't have scans of the last Thanos Drax fight, but dude seriously you're making stuff up now.

The current Drax doesn't go through power fluctuations, as stated in both his mini the 1st Annihilation, and his marvel universe entry.

I don't have to refute the Fights Thanos had because they prove nothing.

As stated Darkseid pulled off feats just as powerful, he wiped out the Greek Pantheon, although its almost entirely happened off panel.

But it needs to be extremely re-iterated as its clear that you haven't kept up with the world of Thanos ala the awesome Annihilation series that an extremely De-powered Drax Shoved his Hand through Thanos's chest!

I'll see if i can find some scans detailing Drax's de-powering, and hand shoved through chest action.

You are loosing credibility with me though man even though I appreciate the work you've done, to not know about thanos's last appearance means you don't really keep up with Thanos.

His death is listed in wikipedia and the Marvel database:

And Drax's entries:

Its all there in plain english.

Drax isn't as powerful, and he punched a hole through Thanos's chest.

Do I need to say it?

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Its also increadibly importanat to note that Thanos is curently dead having had Drax shove his fist through Thanos's chest.

Yeah thats right the de-powered DRax shoved his hand through Thanos's chest.

No explaination about his so called reflexes being dulled, or his so-called complete invulerability being drained.

Just a mid-level cosmic dude killing him.

Doomsday sure didn't shove anything clear through Supes chest when he was killed, nor has anybody else EVER so thats a GIANT strike against Thanos!

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Um my scan of Superman reaching the speed of light does in on way shape of for show him SLowly reaching the speed of light, it merely shows his speed increasing.

In fact claiming that it "takes him time" is clearing grasping at straws as its just as likely that he accelerated to that speed within the span of a singular second as a nano-second.

As well it needs to be re-iterated that Thanos didn't hurt Galactus one bit, he merely shook him up a tad, which is really no big feat.

I can knock the hat off the toughest guy i know and even knock him on his butt if hes not prepared, that doesn't mean that my big killer pal (Mark Gibbon, played the guy with the 2 axes in the Chronicles of Riddick weighs about 240lbs and is about 6'5" with me at 6' 200lbs) won't wipe the floor with me, or that I could actually hurt the guy.

It just means that I can annoy him as Thanos clearly states in the scans you posted.