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This series has been great, hopefully enough people buy the trades that it can make a come back!

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@strider92: Team 7 was the 1st mentioning of Majestic, as well as Ladytron, and Spartan.

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So you people really think giving a series 19 issues to find its audience is a short sighted move by DC?
How do you expect a series to go on before the plug gets pulled?
I agree the series recovered well from the Liefeld debacle, but bad sales and a lack of an audience have been this books problem right out the gates.
I for one have enjoyed everything but the Liefeld run of Deathstroke, and am greatful for DC publishing this book as long as they have,,,

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Young Justice Hands down.

In many ways the new 52 should have made choices closer to what was done with YJ, like with the Flash legacy for instance.

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This whole season has been about the Reach's invasion of earth...

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I'l really miss Morrison as well, but not the art choices made in the latter 1/2 of his run.

Particularly the thick raised "S" which looked horrible.

And it breaks my heart to type those words out because I adore Rags and Chris Sprouse, as well as Brad Walker.

But that design choice was dreadful!

I should also add that recent coloring mistakes with the belt as yellow instead of red look WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better!

But nit picks aside this looks outstanding, and as a life long Superman fan (was reading Superman comics before I could talk or even really read!) I'm just happy to have a Superman with no undies on the outside who has also returned to his Action Comics (1938) roots!

And I love the Jeans and T-shirt phase!

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Okay I'll give you points for comedy!

But man Overpower was a stinky stinky turd...

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@JV: the Tieri run is tied to the Liefeld run man, so it wasn't really a mistake. Tieri was the writer that came on as part of the Liefeld crew.

If Liefeld is good at one thing its selecting solid creative teams.

As long as he stays away from anything other than plotting its usually pretty solid.

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@Miss_Garrick: Hawkman being a bare chested non-ranged combatant makes more sense with that buckler on his forearm, and with the Nth Metal rendering everything weightless although it might be a tad more bulky it wouldn't effect his mjovements at all.

I like the new look frankly, and I'm a life long Hawkman fan!