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Del Toro, Swamp Thing and Constantine..f*ck it I am in. More excited about this the JL!

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@team_wade101 said:

wolverine would rape bats with his claws.

Holy Crap this is a wicked picture!

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@ripcurl said:

Batman could ONLY win with prep.

Word! Batman would otherwise be slice into little salchichas!

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I am just frustrated at the fact that both companies have similar villains in both films! Obviously, after the Avengers film I have high hopes but I am not too sure about the JL film. WB's superhero films have been either really good or really bad, and I don't know what will happen with this project. I am a Marvel guy but I enjoy DCs animated projects and movie ventures (the good ones anyway). This could probably go either way for audiences. It just looks too much like they are trying to grab money after the success of the Avengers. I guess we will wait and see...

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@RedheadedAtrocitus said:

It's what I assumed all along. The problem with trying to do Starro is you can't exactly have an intergalactic starfish with mind control powers as the main bad guy in a movie and expect people to take it seriously, at least not without drastically changing his look. On the other hand, by drastically changing Starro's look you run the risk of making a 'Galactus Fail' like Rise of the Silver Surfer showed us. Nah, I'm afraid Darkseid is the only logical way to go with this.

you could also have gone Heilien's Puppet Master route...either way I think WB is trying to bank at this point by even allowing the spoiler to be released so soon. Not surprised at the reveal, just a little put off by it.

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@Hancock89 said:

The most wanked character in comic book history.

Make a thread of Batman versus any given character and the first question you get from his craziest fans is: ''How much prep time does he get?!''. Listening to some of 'em one could even beleive that Batman could probably defeat the entire comicverse if granted enough prep-time. Quite ridiculous, he's the Chuck Norris of comic books. And it doesn't seem like the blind fanboyism among writers and his most loyal fans will change any time soon.

This is accurate assessment. Batman=Chuck Norris. But just like Chuck Norris, Batman could never defeat Bruce Lee. PERIOD!

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The Flash fan boys can't stand that the lady Rambeau can actually take out Flash. All he has is his speed! This ain't a popularity contest, Rambeezie takes this one in a landslide.

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I would love to see a Blue Marvel on-going! I think it would be cool if it was launched with another mini, the title would be 'Untold Stories of the Blue Marvel.' It would chronicle the untold adventures of Blue Marvel during his time that he was no longer a "government sanction hero" but he still was involved in helping to save the world on various occasions. I would use Marvel crossover events where many of major super heroes were MIA or off world such as Infinity Gauntlet, Secret Wars, Korvac Saga, Contest Of Champions, etc. I would use this as a jump off point to tell his new adventures in present times and his history/encounters with other Marvel Characters, dealing with his depression over the death of his wife, and learning to accept his role as a hero in present times. I think his stories should initially be on earth with him encountering the Rhino, Juggernaut and other heavy hitters for early action battles and credibility that fans might want to see before building towards deeper stories such as a trip to the negative zone delving into the extent and origins of his power (and fights with Blastaar and Annihilus), encounters with Inhumans or the Eternals (while encountering Celestials), building toward either a cosmic or mystic event with any of the following Nightmare, Dormamu, Genis Vell, In-betweener, Terrax, or Kronos.

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these are some cool looking figs though they are not very articulated and for $25 they need to be.

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One of the best Hulk respect threads I've seen. RESPECT IT!

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