Which Character should join Young Justice (TV Series) team

As you'll might have heard the big news, that Beast Boy, aka Garfield Logan, will be joining the cast. He’ll be voiced by actor Logan Grove. And also another female character added to the show by the end of the season to join Artemis and Miss Martian.  Wonder Girl? A New character? The source wouldn’t confirm.   
Could it be Wonder Girl, Zaatanna or Raven
There were legal issues surrounding Wonder Girl, but not any more. according the Producer Greg Weisman’s blog: “There is NO LONGER a legal issue about Wonder Girl. But there was when we originally developed the series.”  Maybe Wonder Girl won't be on the first season, but will join in the second season if they have already produced the episodes of the first season. And Zatanna might join in the first season. Beast boy might just make an appearance mostly for one episode, as his voice actor, Logan Grove is a 10 years old.  So Garfield Logan aka Beast Boy being 9-10 year old, might not have powers yet or be part of Doom Patrol. There is a very slim chance of his joining the YJ. 

Which Female character should it be and also which another favorite should join YJ, will Beast Boy join the YJ,  comment about it.......and guys follow my profile
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Beast Boy? Really? Meh... If anyone was going to come back from the ol' TT  show I'd have chosen Raven, since the Young Justice team already has a jokester, someone like Raven would make a good addition with her grim personality.  
Anyway, yeah I'd go with Raven but since that's unlikely, the most reasonable option is Wonder Girl for the new female character, this show has been pretty adamant about having someone in representation of the members of the JLA, since that only Wonder Woman's is missing. 
Then again there's also Mary Marvel, but since Captain Marvel is not a member of the league shown in YJ...
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i hope it is Wondergirl. That would be awesome

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I tought they couldn't get Wondergirl because of liecensing.
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As a big fan of Beast Boy, I'm not too excited about him being brought onto this show.  It's a great series, but considering the kid they have voicing him looks 10 or 11, I imagine he will be showing up for a "babysitting" episode and maybe make a few guest appeances after that.  I'd rather they not use him at all if they are just going to do that with him.
As for the new female teammates.  Wonder Girl would make sense, but I do think there is some leagal red tape preventing that.  I also don't think Raven needs to be involved at all.  They are too busy with "The Light" to need to involve Trigon in the mix.  Artemis fills both the roles that Speedy or Raveger could do, so I doubt we'll have them either.
I imagine that the most likely choice is also one of the less obvious options.  I imagine the new female teammate will be Zatanna.  I feel this is what they have planned as it seems like the only reason why they made the first Zatarra part of the League and not her, even tho she is far better known.  A few little tweaks to the continuity (which they have already done for the likes of Dick, Wally and the new Aqualad) and Zatanna is now young enough to be on the team working as Zatarra's sidekick. 

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I this it's Wonder Girl. I remember hearing them they resolved the red tape and would add Wonder Girl later in the season.

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@Doctor!!!!! said:
" I tought they couldn't get Wondergirl because of liecensing. "
I wonder why.  DC is owned by Warner so I would think there isn't legal issues.
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@Doctor!!!!! said:
" I tought they couldn't get Wondergirl because of liecensing. "
At first she was unavailable to use for some reason but she is now able to be on the show.
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Static Nuff Said!!!
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Why is this in Batman forum?
Anyway I'd like to see Raven or Zatanna.

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There legal issues surrounding Wonder Girl, but not any more. From Producer Greg Weisman’s blog: “There is NO LONGER a legal issue about Wonder Girl. But there was when we originally developed the series.”  Maybe Wonder Girl won't be on the first season, but will join in the second season if the had produced the episodes of the first season. It could be Zatanna. Beast boy might just make an appearance for one episode, as the voice actor is a 10 year old.

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I hope Beast Boy remains a guest star, maybe along with the Doom Patrol.

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I'd like to see wonder girl(donna troy). Robin needs a female counterpart. She doesn't have to be a love interest but the brother/sister chemistry is all there,a strictly platonic relationship. If you're asking me which character I'd be interested in seeing join the show then I have to go with Nightwing. How cool would it be to see a time-skip? He'd still be too young, I know..maybe season 3 though :)

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Yeah, I'm not really a Best Boy fan so I would have preferred a different character joining, but I'll wait to see how it turns out until I knock the move too much.
The two I'd like to see would be Wonder Girl (Donna) and Raven. That way the numbers would be even with four boys and four girls, and it would give you a pretty interesting and diverse set of personalities and abilities.

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 I kind of think that they're going to have Superboy and Miss Martian finally start dating then have Cassie on the show and do the whole love triangle thing...I personally want Slobo

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Star Fire, Raven, Cyborg.

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The Super-Cycle. That's what they need.
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It's going to be Zatanna
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@cattlebattle: But...she too old.
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Her dad is in the JLA though so maybe.
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@Primmaster64 said:
" @cattlebattle: But...she too old. "

Nope she will be a teenager in this series. The creators confirmed their will be future eps dealing with magic, and Zataras a member of the League, it's safe to assume it will be her. 
The ages are all over the place in this show, Dick, Superboy and Miss Martian all around at the same time and Roy becoming Red Arrow before Dick even goes through puberty....anything is possible
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@Lion_Heart22: Captain Marvel is a member of the JL on this show
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How about Secret?

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Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy.

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I was thinking about this the other day and I like the team the way it is.  What I don't like is that Robin is Dick Grayson. Why doesn't Tim ever get any props in the cartoon world. Dick is wearing Tim's uniform his banter is Tim's; its Tim with Dick's name I hate it.
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Did I just see Static!!! 
He needs a comeback on TV ,soon!!!
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I think Wonder Girl would be great in the series. I mean she hasn't really made any appearances on TV.

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@KZR said:
"I think Wonder Girl would be great in the series. I mean she hasn't really made any appearances on TV. "

I guess you never saw the Wonder Woman series in the 70's huh
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Even though I despise the continuity errors in the show (Dick and Wally, as well as Roy, being in the same age group as the others) and especially Robin's characterization, I think the show has SOME potential. Though I'm still a little bothered by Artemis over Arowette, she's starting to grow on me. With the dynamic of the show, I feel Wonder Girl (Donna Troy) would be a great addition to the series. She's tough, brave, resourceful, mature, and (as an amazon) feminist. I can see her clashing with some of the boys of the team, particularly Superboy or Robin. I think she needs to have a closer relationship to Dick than the others, showcasing the two's strong friendship in the comics. Maybe she can (as a nod to Cassie Sandsmark) serve as another romantic interest to Superboy to shake things up between him and Megan, whether or not they should actually get together I don't know. All I know is if they use WG, they better use the full spectrum of her powers and weapons (at least the basic ones: strength, speed, endurance, flight, fighting skills, lasso, bracelets, etc.) and make her the DONNA TROY version. If they used Cassie, it would be a disaster. They really need to trick out her fighting scenes and give us the powered-up teen amazon that Teen Titans and the Justice League shows denied us! 
Maybe a romantic relationship between her and Red Arrow would be in the cards, it could serve as an excuse for him to make more appearances. 
Other potential canidates: 
-Flamebird (she would be an intersting dynamic to Robin too) 
-Hawk and Dove (Hank and Don Hall)
-Batgirl (Barbara Gordon; likely impossible, but one can hope...) 
-Captain Marvel Jr. 
-Static (actually a pretty sweet idea) 
-Grace Choi or Thunder (Anissa Pierce) (or both...)
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@cattlebattle: So Zatanna is going to be teen in the show? Man, the ages really are all over the place. 
I don't know what to think of it though. Zatanna has become a favorite character of mine but I don't know how a teen version of her on the show would work. It would just be odd. Although I've mostly gotten used to the show's versions of Robin and Superboy, so I'll probably get used to her as well I guess, and thinking more about it I can see it working. Maybe they will say she is a friend of Dick like how she is a friend of Bruce in normal continuity. Though if that is the case it might hurt the chances of Donna being on the show. Since Zee would fill the friend spot that Donna normally would, but I still hope Donna becomes a team member even if it takes until next season. If there is going to be another season that is.
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Wonder Girl (Cassie).
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Definitely Cassie, although I am curious where things are going to go with Miss Martian and Superboy. But Wonder Girl definitely needs to be in this series.

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I would like to see Raven and Beast boy...

But with Raven, as some one already pointed out, there would be the whole Trigon thing and well that was already done in Teen Titans.
And a Teenage Zatanna would be kinda weird seeing as she's usually (I'm guessing) in her late 20's early 30's. Using Zach would make more sense. (If they wanted some one of the Zatara family)

And WG/Donna might actually work. If the legal stuff has been sorted out.

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They must get rid of Artemis and return Roy to the team.
And Miss Martian must die (I hate her more and more with every "Hello Megan"!).

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I hope it's Cyborg =).

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I'm betting on Wonder girl, since this  team is made up of Sidekicks of JL members. Raven would be fun and a good exception to the rule.

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If its Wonder Girl, it has to be Donna.

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Beast boy has been confirmed, they already got a vocie actor for him

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i'd like it to be kid devil
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ZATANNA or WONDERGIRL (Cassie or Donna i don't care)

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they need someone with magic
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It should be Raven or Huntress!
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I think the Wonder Twins should make an appearance since we haven't seen them in a very long time. They did show up in the Young Justice comic so its a possibility that they could show up. Wonder Girl would be my best guess between her, Zatanna, and Raven but Zatanna's father may die so she could take his place. I'm a huge fan of Beast Boy and I'd love to see him go all beasty on everybody and join Young Justice.

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Let em stick with the peeps they have