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There's also the bullet that can kill darkseid

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@aahz: How can a guy handle a group of kids who constantly go out and risk their lives. Considering what he had to work with, he did a fine job. But at the end of the day, their suffering is their own doing. He fired them for their own good, because they almost got themselves killed at some point. If training them and making them Robin is a bad idea, and forcing them to stop being Robin is also a bad idea, then what is the guy supposed to do? He never wanted any of them to be Robin in the first place, but they all forced his hand, and when he tried to stop them, they ended up hurting themselves more. He gave them a good education, a fancy home, a faithful butler to tend to their needs and some crazy skills, but all of that still wasn't enough. Honestly, these kids are on a path of destruction either way, but at least he gave them a purpose and a set of skills. The Robins are all screwed up each in their own way (Dick lost his parents, Jason was a street punk, Steph's dad was a villain, Damian was born into the league, Tim was obsessed with Batman & Robin), there was no way to truly put these kids out of harm's way. How can he "handle it in a better way"? Lock them in the Bat-Cave? He sorta tried that with Damien and it still didn't work.

And I wouldn't say Batman and Nightwing's relationship was destroyed for years, yeah it was strained at some points, but eventually it got fixed, and arguably better than it ever was when Dick was Robin. At least Bruce started to trust him more and treat him like an adult.

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@aahz: To be fair, when he fired Dick, he became Nightwing, he became head and shoulders above Robin.

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@aahz: So basically we're agreeing that Batman is a good father, it's the robins (with the exception of Tim) that are screwed up right? :P

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The death of tony zucco was accidental. Zucco was paranoid that Batman was coming for him to kill him, because at the time, Batman was on a mission to avenge the Graysons deaths. Zucco was also suffering from bad health problems. One night, dick snuck out looking for Zucco and Batman was on his trail, Zucco was frightened by Dick suddenly appearing then he saw Batman and had a hard attack.

Reckless and disobedient is a trait that all the robins have shared at one point. The difference, once dick was given proper training, and after Zucco's death, he was no longer angry, he became cheerful and actually enjoyed being Robin. The same for Tim. Jason on the other hand, used being a Robin as a way to vent out his anger, and he would often take unnecessary risks, and Batman at one point thought Jason had a death wish. Bruce has acknowledge several times that Jason was never as graceful and temperate as Dick. Damien and Stephanie died because they were also disobedient. Damien was killed after sneaking against his father's wishes to fight Levaiathan, and ended up getting killed by Heretic, while Stephanie, despite Bruce having fired her, still tried to take down Black Mask and was tortured to death.

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Why isn't gates of gotham included. Underrated story.

But the Court of Owls is Snyder's strongest story and it has not been topped.

1- Court of Owls

2- Black Mirror

3- Zero Year

4- Gates of Gotham

5- Death of the Family

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Here's how this fictional fight may go down:

Both men are facing each other, and Deadpool as usual starts making some of his random jokes, particularly regarding the fact that Deadpool himself is Deathstroke parody. Slade is having non of it, he quickly goes for the kill, stabbing, shooting and dismembering in ways that would kill a regular person.

"Too easy" mutters Slade, as he walks away, thinking he has killed his target, but then he hears Wade's distinctive voice making another annoying joke. He turns around to see Wade standing like nothing has happened, and deduces that Wade possesses an advanced healing ability. Deathstroke charges again, but this time, Deadpool responds with his own skills as well, catching Deathstroke off guard. The two engage in close quarter combat that seemed pretty even at first, but eventually Deathstroke's strength and armor give him the advantage, until Deadpool's unpredictability kicks in, and he decides to throw a live grenade at close range, in between the two fighters.

"You're insane!" exclaims Deathstroke, "Don't I know it!" responds Deadpool.

Although Deadpool quickly recovered from the explosion, Slade isn't as lucky, with him barely managing to get out of the way, but not without damaging his armor, as well as his pride. Deadpool takes advantage of the weakened Deathstroke, and lays down hard with his own weapons, further weakening Slade, while also continuing to babble on. Enraged that this degerate is winning, Deathstroke, with a sudden rush of anger, explodes with a blade attack that slits Deadpool's thorat, in order to shut him up. However, this is only temporary, as Deapool's throat quickly heals to make further comments, Deathstroke acts quickly. Using his katana, Deathstroke dismemerbs every limb within his sight, in an attempt prevent Deadpool from healing.

"WILL. YOU. SHUT. THE. F@%$. UP", exclaims Deathstroke with each strike, ripping off Wade's arms, legs and cutting his torso in half, and finally a swift final strike decapitates Deadpool. As Deathstroke stands tall despite his injuries, breathing heavily, thinking he has won, he hears another crack at him.

"When I get up you are sooo hearing from my attorney about this! Can you hand me my trachea please...". The decapitated head of Deadpool continues talking. Deathstroke walks towards the head, pulls out his gun, and shoots the head at point blank.

"It's over...finally.."

"Keep dreaming oldie...."

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@redwingx No. That's not what Baman is all about. If he did kill them, he wouldn't be any better than them. Batman doesn't kill. And even if he did, it'll just make things worse, Batman will go crazy, and he will be a far bigger threat than his entire Rogues Gallery combined.

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@redwingx: I don't really get the point of this question. You asked why Batman doesn't get prep time against his enemies, and I proved that he does, and in most cases it works.

Now why do they keep on escaping. There's two reasons for that. First, like most people here said, because of a plot device. Let's face it, these are popular villains, they can't just kill them off, so the only to bring them back for new stories is either by having them escape from prison or "the body was never found". If you keep them in prison thanks to some wacky Bat contraption,there will no longer be any new stories for these villains. Another thing, it's really only the Joker who's treated Arkham as a revolving door, where he comes and goes as he pleases unexplained, when the others escape it's usually part of some big story where someone helps them escape. Also, by your logic, why can't Earth Mightiest Heroes keep their enemies in the Raft? Why can't Superman keep his enemies in the Phantom Zone? Why can't the JL keep their enemies in Iron Heights? Why can't the Fantastic Four keep the Annihilation Wave in the Negative Zone? etc..

Secondly, Plot device aside, within the context of story-telling, in some stories like Dark Knight, Dark City and The Black Mirror, it has been implied, or sometimes even directly portrayed, that Gotham City, particularly, Arkham Asylum, is cursed, and that the very structure is just as corrupted as the criminals that inhibited, and so that's another explanation why there's always crime in Gotham, the very core of the city is evil and enables the bad guys to escape and cause havoc. Even a case can be made, that the Court of Owls has been manipulating things from the inside and they are the reason for these escapes. Batman has done everything a man of his resources can do. Maybe it goes beyond being "the world's greatest detective" to keep the bad guys in Arkham. Now with "Arkham Manor" we'll see what he can do next.

As crazy as it sounds, keeping the Joker in Arkham is a lot harder than outwitting Ra's Al Ghul, defeating White Martians, taking down the entire Justice League and beating up Superman.

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No reliable news site has reported on this yet so I suggest we take this with a grain of salt for now.