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Okay let's rule out those who won't be Robin:

- Tim Drake. He's Red Robin, he's his own man now, is the leader of the Titans. Going back to being Batman's boy wonder is a step back for the character. And judging by his recent portrayals, he doesn't seem to be interested in being a sidekick again.

- Harper Row. She's going to be Bluebird, and she's too rebel to be a full fledged sidekick anyway. Also, didn't Snyder confirm that she won't be Robin?

- Stephanie Brown. At least in the Robin Rises story-line she won't be. Her only appearance in the New 52 is in Snyder's series, and whoever will be the new Robin is going to be revealed in Tomasi's series, and the writers are trying to make each Bat Book separate from the other. In BE, she hasn't even fully become Spoiler yet, so I doubt she's going to be Robin. Could be somewhere down the line,make her tenure as Robin last more than the Pre-Flashpoint era, which was barely a cup of tea, but definitely not in this story-line.

- Carrie Kelly. Her only ties to Bruce is the fact that she was Damian's teacher. Otherwise she has no ties to Batman and doesn't have any motive for being Robin. She seems to be a normal teenager living a normal life. I am interested in seeing more of her though.

So there are two choices. It'll either be Damian, which is too obvious so there'll probably be a twist maybe he loses his memories or something, or it'll be a new character introduced on Apokolips, which I really hope isn't the case.

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@muyjingo: oops got it fixed thx

From what I understand from your post, you don't believe Batman taking the fall for Harvey was the right choice. You see, if the people of Gotham discovered that their Knight in shinning armor ended up becoming a crazy two-faced killer who attempted to kill a child, they'll lose all hope, there will be chaos, things will be worse and the Joker would have won. Batman wants the people to feel safe, so he made it seem like Harvey Dent died a hero and took the blame himself before disappearing into the night. We can argue about this version of the character all day, but the reason this moment made the list is because Batman was willing to make the people hate him in order to make them feel safe. The fact that he preferred the safety of the people over his own (he let himself be hunted by the police) is what makes him a hero. Also, in nowhere did it ever seem like the people were oppressed or uncomfortable under the Dent Act, they seemed pretty happy and living in peace.

Nevertheless, what moment would you have put as #1?

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@deathpoolthet1000: Two things: Being a nerd is part of his core personality that you can never take away, Even when he was with MJ before OMD he was still a nerd. And for a nerd, he still managed to get quite a few girlfriends. Secondly, it's been over 30 years since he lived with Aunt May, he has his own apartment for many years now. Yeah if the plot required he did crash at Aunt May's every now and then, but overall that hasn't been the status quo in decades. He's his own man for a while now. He now owns his own company, if that isn't going forward I don't know what is. If you want to see him being a father, go read MC2, which isn't that far fetched from canon. And just because it's evolution for the sake of evolution doesn't mean it's good. Spidey has matured a lot over the years, in spite of the reboot (which really, isn't even a real reboot since 99% of his history is still intact).

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When it comes to Batman, the first things that come to mind are his bad-ass persona, the awesome gadgets, the complex villains, the memorable moments, but at the end of the day, Batman's defining aspect is the fact that he is a hero first and foremost. These are Batman's top 10 heroic moments that best feature him as an inspiration and a savior to Gotham city.

10- Choosing to save a little girl over catching the Joker (Detective Comics #1)

The first issue of Detective Comics in the New 52 Reboot featured the return of Batman's arch-nemesis, the Joker. The villain has been off the grid for a while, and Batman has been looking for him for months, knowing that once Joker makes his appearance, people die. After a long search, Batman finally tracks down his nemesis in an abandoned building, as the Joker was in the middle of a gruesome murder. As he is cornered, the Joker sets off some explosive to distract the Dark Knight and dives off the window. Batman, with the Joker locked in his sights, is ready to dive after his enemy and catch him once and for all, but seconds before doing so, he hears a cry for help from a little girl who was trapped in the building. A decision had to be made, save the girl or catch the Joker. As far as Batman was concerned, this wasn't even a choice. Without hesitation, Batman shields the girl from the flames and gets her to safety, at the expense of losing the Joker's trail. However, it is a decision that Batman would make again, a testament to his heroism.

9- Saving a cat while fighting SWAT team (Batman: Year One)

In his first year as a crime-fighter, Batman is cornered by Brandon and his trigger happy SWAT team in an abandoned building. The corrupt SWAT team are known to shoot first, ask questions later,and are willing to shoot anything in their sight to take down their target, having already killed a homeless person during the crossfire and injured several bystanders. Despite being wounded, out-numbered and out-gunned, Batman is intent on putting a stop to the bloodshed, using the shadows to his advantage, but when one of the thugs is startled by the untimely appearance of a cat, the Dark Knight exposes his position, leaps to the rescue of the feline from the rash cop's gunfire and continues to expertly defeat his enemies.

8- Stops the Joker from poisoning Gotham's water supply ( The Man who Laughs)

In his first appearance in Gotham City, Joker targeted Gotham's wealthiest, including Bruce Wayne himself, but that was only a prelude to his master plan: to poison Gotham's water supply with his signature Joker Venom, leaving the entire denizens of Gotham to die with a smile on their faces. Though he failed to save most of Joker's wealthy targets, even almost succumbing to the Joker Venom himself, Batman will not allow this mad man to kill his city. Arriving too late to stop the Joker from administering his toxin in Gotham's water pipeline, Batman decides to destroy the pipeline, leaving Gotham without water for several weeks, but in the process, saving the city from the evil madman's scheme. This shows the lengths Batman is willing to go to, to save his city.

7- Inspires the people of Gotham (The Dark Knight Returns)

After an electro-magnetic pulse from a nuclear missile left the city without any power, Gotham plunged into chaos, as the Mutants gang escaped from prison, the people fight among themselves and blood spills on the streets, it is up to Batman to restore order. Rallying the group of Batman-inspired vigilantes known as the Sons of Batman, along with Robin, the Dark Knight leads the charge and contains the violence on the streets. He then proceeds to give the people of Gotham an inspiring speech where he encourages them to clean up the streets and do the same thing he's doing: Lead by example. This results in Gotham becoming the safest city in the country.

6- Comforting Barbara after she was crippled (The Killing Joke)

In the Joker's most heinous scheme, he kidnaps Jim Gordon and shoots his daughter Barbara, leaving her crippled in a hospital bed. You would think that the first thing Batman would do is run through the entire criminsal underworld looking for the clown. Of course he does that, but first, he passed by the former Batgirl in the hospital, sits by her side, placing his hand over hers to comfort her, to let her know that he will save her father and take the villain down. In the early issues of the New 52 volume of Batgirl, Barbara revealed that, following the days of the incident, Batman would visit her everyday, sitting hours by her bedside. This shows Batman's compassionate side and how much he cares about his allies.

5- Sits with Ace in her last moments (Justice League the Animated series)

In a story-arc from the Justice League Cartoon, a young telepath named Ace possessed reality warping abilities. She was also dying, and her death will kill millions. The only way to stop this is to kill her using a device from Amanda Waller. Batman volunteers to go, but instead of killing her, he convinces her to change things and then sits with her, holds her hand in her last moments.

4- Saving Gordon's Child (Batman: Year One):

In the ending of Batman Year One, Falcone sends one of his thugs to kidnap Gordon's wife and new born child. Though he manages to save Barbara, his son is taken away. As Gordon is struggling with the thug who is holding his son hostage, and the three of them fall off the bridge. Then, Batman, without his costume, selflessly dives off the bridge and saves the boy. Jim, who survives the fall, stands face to face with the vigilante, but without being able to see his face, advises him to go before the cops show up. Bruce risked his life and secret identity to save the child's life.

3- Knightfall

You would think that if a Super-Hero isn't feeling too well, he'll sit the night out, maybe let his allies watch over the city while he recovers. Now, imagine that every single criminal he ever put away has escaped, and he isn't feeling too well, he'll just sit this one out right? Not in Batman's case. After, the villain Bane breaks out all of Batman's rogues from Arkham, Batman, despite being sick, still goes out and track every single one of them down. After suffering from an intense punishment, he finally brings down every single enemy who has escaped, but this leaves him physically and emotionally drained. When he thinks it is finally time for him to rest, he is confronted by the mastermind Bane in his own home in one final confrontation. Despite being physically outmatched, Batman never gave up, and tried to fight the beast, until inevitably getting broken by his foe. Even a hero has his limits.

2- Saves Gotham from a Nuclear Bomb (The Dark Knight Rises)

When Talia Al Ghul sets off a WMD that would take out the entire city, Batman, despite having an option to leave the city with Selena Kyle, decides to take the bomb and let detonate over the sea, away from the city. Despite being stabbed, Batman drives The Bat while holding the Nuclear Bomb, risking his life to save Gotham. The bomb detonates over the sea, away from Gotham, but Batman is presumed dead. However, it is revealed that he did in fact survive and leads a normal life with Selena.

1- Takes the Fall for Harvey Dent (The Dark Knight)

Harvey Dent was once considered Gotham's true hero, until the Joker broke him and turned him into the murderous Two-Face. With Harvey now a murderer, the people of Gotham will lose hope. Batman didn't allow that to happen, and instead, allowed himself to be blamed for Harvey's crimes. Gordon says it himself: "He's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. He's a silent Guardian, a watchful protector, A Dark Knight!" Batman's selfless sacrifice allowed the formation of the Dent Act, which enabled a period of peace in Gotham that lasted for almost a decade.

Agree? Disagree? What do you consider to be Batman's most heroic moments?

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Joe Chilld was a desperate small time crook looking for money, he saw the Waynes, held them at gun point and tried to steal Martha's pearls. Thomas approached him and tried to calm him down. Chill panicked and shot him, Martha screams and ran towards her husband, Chill panicked some more, and shot Martha as well. In some versions, he tried to rip the pearls from her neck, and as she struggled he killed her. Realizing he just killed two people, he quickly ran away before the cops showed up. Leaving young Bruce to cry over the bodies of his parents. He wasn't a cold blooded killer, he was just a small time crook who panicked.

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Wow I can't believe that there are a number of people of actually believe that Peter has not evolved... What are you guys smoking? Did someone actually say "because Slott is writing him?" Seriously? You obviously are trolling here. In Slott's run alone Peter has come a long way. Let's take a look at how far Pete has come since his early days. He went from lonely nerd to rebel with powers to a big ol Boy Scout, and that's just Stan Lee's original run. Then you have the many girlfriends, and then going from outcast of the super hero community to a respected member of the freakin Avenger, he went from a wannabe vigilante who wasn't allowed to enter the Baxter Building to an honorary member of the F4/FF, he went from freelance photographer to science teacher to think tank scientist at Horizon to owning his OWN COMPANY!! Yeah, Pete hasn't evolved at all, and I haven't even mentioned the alternate versions of the character that have seen him go through different phases in his life like MC2 and Ultimate. And don't even get me started at the changes made thx to Superior Spider-man. Yeah guys, Spidey hasn't evolved....morons...

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@onemoreposter: A few weeks back he did a Q&A on Reddit and was asked what characters he likes and what series does he currently follow. He named several characters, Batman included and mentioned that he loves what Tomasi is doing with him in B&R, and that it's currently one of his favorite series.

@entropy_aegis: Okay then, by that logic, he favors Batman over Green Lantern,as he made him look good at Lantern's expense several times. He also had Flash, his favorite character, worship Batman, and speek highly of him over several times. Yeah clearly he plays favorites. That's just an internet rumor people came up with to make themselves feel better about this.

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@rustyroy: I agree with most of the things you said. Yes his Batman is unlikeable, and does suffer from poor writing, but I have a hard time believing that a writer of Johns caliber would sink low enough to intentionally poorly write a character because he hates him. This poor interpretation of the character doesn't stem from Johns hatred of Batman, it just stems from a unique interpretation of the character that happens to be unpopular. That's all I was simply pointing out, and I feel that most fans here just blindly ride the hate bandwagon and start grasping at straws to prove that Geoff has a juvenile grudge against a fictional character.

@blackhawk000111: fair enough

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hahahahahahahhahaahahahahah you guys,,,now I understand why people hate you hardcore Bat-Fanboys.....ugh

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@rustyroy: @blackhawk000111: Just for the record, I think you missed the point of what im trying to say. I'm not here to tell you that Johns is a good writer, or that I like the way he writes Batman. I was simply pointing out that his poor writing of Batman doesn't stem from a personal grudge against the character and that he's purposely trying to make the character look bad to favor the characters he likes. What I'm here to say is that his writing of Batman from either his poor/unique understanding of the character or in order to serve a particular purpose like I mentioned above. I even presented examples of him making Batman look good at the expense of characters he likes. By that. Weather you think Johns is a good or bad writer is entirely up to you, and yes, his JL book has suffered from poor characterization of certain characters, but at the same time, he has a few strong stories under his belt like Flashpoint, Throne of Atlantis, Secret Origins, Up Up and Away etc..