My Theorie on the Thor Movie (Spoiler)

So the official Thor trailer has come out a few days ago and a lot of people are excited about the movie. Here's what I think will happen in the movie. For those of you who rather know nothing about the movie dont read the following, with that said here we go! 
The movie will starts in Asgard where Odin, the supreme All-Father and King of the realm has finally achieved peace and made a truce with the Asgardians' enemies the Frost Giants. He is also going to pass his title as king to his son the Mighty Thor. However, Thor is an arrogant, hot-headed, war-hungry adeventurer who disapproves of the Truce made with the Frost Giants and decides to go along with his fellow asgardians Sif and the Warriors Three to the Giants' territory where what seems to be an awsome fight insues, ruining the truce and therefor re-igniting war in Asgard. This angers Odin who is disappointed in his son, and sees him that he is not ready to become king yet because he doesn't have the vertues needed to become king: responsibility, honor, duty and humility. Thor exclaims that Odin is "an old man and a fool!" because of trying to make peace with the Frost Giants. Odin wants to teach him a lesson and therefore Thor is no longer worthy of carrying his hammer Mjolnir, and Odin takes away his powers and banishes him from Asgard to Earth through the Bifrost Bridge.  
On Earth, Thor is found by scientist Jane Foster who takes him in and provides him shelter. Unlike the comics, Thor seems to know who he is and seeks to get his hammer back which was also banished to Earth. Jane seeks to make a major discovery and wants to know more about Thor and Asgard. He promises her to get the answers she seeks once he retrieves his hammer which is located in a S.H.I.E.L.D facility in New Mexico (as we saw at the end of Iron Man 2) where S.H.I.E.L.D scientists are studying it. Thor infiltrates the facility and although de-powered, he demonstrates his fighting abilities by defeating the agents that try to stop and he arrives where the Hammer is located. He tries to lift  it but fails miserably and he is devastated by the fact that he is unworthy of carrying his tradmark hammer. In his stunned and distraught state he shows no resistance to the agents who capture him and bring him before Agent Colsen who starts interrogating Thor and wants to know more about him.  
Meanwhile in Asgard, Odin seems to have fallen ill or was probably injured by the Frost Giants' King Ymir and therefore he is unable to continue his duties as king. Since Thor is not in Asgard, Loki is now king and apparently he had something to do with Thor's exile and Odin's. Unpleased with Loki becoming King, Lady Sif, after convincing Heimdall to open the Bifrost Bridge, travels to Earth to bring back Thor. I don't know if you guys saw this but there was a video released on YouTube of Sif's arrival on Earth and her first contact with humans isn't too pleasant.  
(Spoiler!!!!!) Sif arrives near a redneck's camp, naked, and when the redneck tries to get "cozy" with her, Sif demonstrates her Asgardian strength and fighting knowledge by brutally killing her would-be rapist by breaking his neck. 

Fearing of Thor's returne, Loki sends the destroyer armor to Earth to retrieve Mjolnir and/or kill Thor. 
Sometime later on Earth, Thor is back living with Jane Foster and he goes through the usual self-doubting and "I'm not good/strong/brave enough" thing, and after some encouragement from Jane he tries to make the best of living on Earth, thus learning humility. Also, He and Jane become close. 
Sif eventually makes her way to Thor and tells him of what happened on Asgard. Just then, the Destroyer Armor appears and starts causing havok on Earth and endangering the people. Eventually Thor finds "the hero within" and now worthy of lifting Mjolnir, he manages to stop Destroyer and travels back with Sif to Asgard. However, there seems to be some sort of confrontation between him and Heimdall. I think Heimdall challenges Thor in combat to prove himself that he is now worthy of passing through the Bifrost Bridge. Thor does so and rallies the Asgardians against Loki and he engages him in one final battle and defeats him, ending his reigne of terror and banishes him or something like that.

In the end, Thor is offered the chance to become King of Asgard but he declines, prefering to live On Earth with Jane because the people need a protector. So he is reunited with Jane Foster. 
At some point, after the credits Thor is approached by Nick Fury/Agent Colsen/ Tony Stark about joining the Avengers and there will probably be some sort of nod to Captain America, maybe he will be found frozen or his shield will be found. 
Well that's what I think will happen in the movie. Of course, this is just a theorie and it's my own personal opinion. There's just one thing that bugs me... Who the heck is this guy? This shot appeared in the Comic Con trailer, I'm not too who this guy is, and as cool as he looks, I dont think he's Ymir, caus he does not look like a Frost Giant to me...Does anyone have any idea on who might this be?


In conclusion. I have think the fight scenes will be cool as well as the effects. I'm not a big fan of 3D but it will be cool to feel Mjolnir heading towards me. I'm also satisfied with the armors and helmets the characters are using. So let's hope it's as strong as the trailer make it seem. What do you gouys think? Do you agree with me on how the movie will go? What are your theories? Who is the green guy with red eyes? Could he be some sort of Troll under the command of Loki? Will the movie surpass your expectations?   

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Posted by warcorpse
@Anjales: I think the pic is laufey the frost giant, loki's true father
Posted by Loki9876

that video of sif arriving on earth is fake it's from some tv serie if you look close you can see the BBC sign or some other sign I don't remember

Posted by Anjales

Wow bummer it had me going there i was actually convinced


Really? I didnt know he was in the would be cool but this guy looks even cooler than the Laufey in the comics



Posted by AssertingValor

still haven't seen it, hope it will be great!............