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Variant Cover by Tony Harris

End Of An Era Variant Cover by Jim Cheung



40 PGS./Rated T+ ...$4.99


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From Bleeding Cool

What You Actually Need To Read Before Secret Wars. Need Being A Relative Term.

“Need” may be a strong word. Odds are that, considering Marvel have already presold over half a million copies of Secret Wars #1, that they will do their best to make it as self contained as they can.

I’m told that the final issue of Ultimate Spider-Man will have a “red skies” ending rather than contributing towards the plot. The final issue of the Fantastic Four may be heading that way too, collected in Fantastic Four Volume 4: The End is Fourever.

But when it comes down to it, reading Secret Wars #1-#8 should be enough. You won’t have to read anything before. And Marvel’s checklist of books you could read serves only to give background to some of the spinoffs.

But if you did want to read something before, here are some ideas.

Jonathan Hickman‘s run on The Avengers and New Avengers has been setting up Secret Wars. And it should all be nicely available. It also happens to be really good, Bleeding Cool named it one of the top eleven comics of the year.

Avengers Volume 1: Avengers World (Avengers #1-6)

Avengers Volume 2: The Last White Event (Avengers #7-11)

Avengers Volume 3: Prelude to Infinity (Avengers #12-17)

New Avengers Volume 1: Everything Dies (New Avengers #1-6)

Infinity ( Infinity #1-6, New Avengers #7-12, Avengers #14-23, Infinity: Against the Tide Infinite Comic 1-2)

Avengers Volume 5: Adapt or Die (Avengers #24-28)

New Avengers Volume 3: Other Worlds (New Avengers 13.INH, 14-17)

Avengers Volume 6: Infinite Avengers (Avengers #29-34)

New Avengers Volume 4: A Perfect World (New Avengers #18-23)

Avengers: Time Runs Out Volume 1 (Avengers #35-37, New Avengers #24-25)

Avengers: Time Runs Out Volume 2 (Avengers #38-39, New Avengers #26-28)

And the remaining few issues after those you can pick up in store….Then, if you want to go further back, you might choose

Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Omnibus Volume 1 and Volume 2 or even Secret Warriors Omnibus and S.H.I.E.L.D.: Architects of Forever because you just never know.

Then there’s Hickman’s recreation of the Ultimate Mister Fantastic in Ultimate Comics Ultimates by Jonathan Hickman – Volume 1 and Volume 2. And there’s the previous Secret Wars volumes Secret Wars, Secret Wars II – actually you may need Secret Wars II Omnibus if only for the Fantastic Four issues that Hickman has been heavily referring to. But you could just scrub all of this and go with Secret Wars Prelude instead.

That should do you. Though I wonder how Hickman will incorporate a certain Beyonder/Secret Wars based issue of New Avengers: Illuminati?

Have fun in there…

Any other recommendations?


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From Newsarama

ECCC 2015: MARVEL: Next Big Thing

Here at the the relevant parts, for the rest head here -

A fan asked if anyone had a favorite alternate Spider-Man.

"Spider-Ham," said Rodriguez. "I did drop Nick Lowe a line about doing Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars," Gillen joked.

Up next, a fan asked whether Silk or Spider-Gwen would get more cosmic in the future. "We're thinking about it," said Rodriguez, elaborating that any such plans would be long-term, after Secret Wars.


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From CBR

ECCC: Marvel Next Big Thing with Gillen, Dodson and More

Here at the the relevant parts, for the rest head here -

The next person up at the microphone asked Rodriguez, Lee and Gillen about fan reactions to their work. Rodriguez said the "Spider-Gwen" experience has been "very surreal." "I discovered Tumblr based on it," he said. Lee talked about the reaction to Silk, saying people were at first "very afraid" in hearing about the series, but have since been supportive. "I think people have been very positive. It did end up being very liberating." Gillen said worrying about what other people think is "self-destructive," which makes the work worse.

Lee told a "Silk" reader that the title character's relationship with Peter Parker "is definitely going to change."


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From Newsarama

ECCC 2015 - MARVEL: From Black Vortex to Secret Wars - PETER PARKER & the FF Aren't Going Anywhere

Here are two questions that were asked that the event for the rest head here -

A fan asked about Spider-Gwen, and whether Secret Wars would test out similar ideas and characters that could stick with fans.

"We're always looking for those opportunities," said Cebulski. "Once something sticks, it sticks."


Next, a fan asked whether Miles Morales would be the main Spider-Man moving forward.

"Peter Parker is still gonna be around. He's not going anywhere," said Cebulski.



From Bleeding Cool

ECCC '15: Marvel Official - It's Not A Reboot

When the Avengers storyline Time Runs Out was pitched to retailers at a private meeting last year, we pointed out that Marvel were teasing a reboot. Though we doubted they’d actually do it.

DC Comics are the publisher of reboots after all. Indeed, their upcoming Convergence series is based on revisiting much that was rebooted away. And a lot of current comics publishing wisdom is based on DC’s semi-reboot of their entire continuity in 2011.

But Marvel have drawn lines in the sands. They jiggle with continuity, they use a sliding timeline, character’s histories get slightly rewritten. But a full scale reboot? They have said never. But they continue to tease…

We have heard Marvel’s plans that tease they are to spinoff the X-Men books into their own continuity, which was suggested last year by Bleeding Cool. We have also heard similar rumours that the Fantastic Four may, post-movie relaunch, be reinvented as a sixties-set series. More on that tomorrow.

But as for a reboot? In the Marvel panel at ECCC in Seattle today, they made that clear.

Marvel’s CB Cebulski stated that what Marvel readers are getting is “not going to be a reboot, not going to be a revamp, not like everything’s changing” while Captain Marvel writer Kelly Sue DeConnick reiterated about Marvel continuity saying “this is the longest running continuing narrative in human history” and it is not to be done away with. Writer Rick Remender emphasised that what would happen would dismiss the work they’d all done on the books, while editor Mike Marks said that pushing the reset button wouldn’t be that much fun…

So… there. Whatever’s coming, whatever changes are made, whatever you get at the end of it… not a reboot. They said.


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From a Reddit post

Potential Subplot for 2017's Spider-Man Film | Kingpin as Background/Shadow Villain (self.Spiderman)

submitted 51 minutes ago* by redditleaker23456

Just spoke with my source and got some info on early concepts/ideas that Marvel & Sony might be looking to use for their solo Spidey flick in 2017. What I'm being told is that the studios really want to utilize the villain Kingpin as sort of like a "seen when he wants to be seen" feared presence that New York is taught not to mess with, kind of how Batman was looked at by the crime underworld in the DK trilogy. Norman OsBorn, who I'm hearing will resemble a villainous opposite of Tony Stark (without the humor), reaches out and makes a deal with Wilson Fisk to trade off classified intel and tech/weapons for drug money in order to save what's left of OsCorp (an empire that's at the brink of going out of business). Peter Parker, established as already a friend of Norman's son, Harry OsBorn, discovers Wilson's connection to OsCorp and disrupts his plans as Spidey. This leads Fisk to hire (insert side villain here; wasn't told who they'll use, probably Shocker) to take out Spider-Man and sets up a rather entertaining subplot.

That's all for now, I'll update you guys again if I hear anything else.

Oh, and just as a side-note: this is an early pitch, so we'll see if it's used, but it sounds rather interesting to me, so I hope they go ahead with it, if true. Also, wasn't told this would be the main plot of the movie, more of a subplot rather, as mentioned above, so don't worry that it'll over-shadow the film's wanted tone: fun and light-hearted.


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From Newsarama

Shocking New ULTIMATE END #4 Cover Revealed

Miles Morales is heading into Secret Wars as one of the most talked-about characters at Marvel, and Brian Michael Bendis has revealed a new piece of art that shows how he might get there.

On his Tumblr, Bendis revealed Mark Bagley's pencilled cover to Ultimate End #4, showing the Ultimate Universe's Spider-Man rough around the edges while standing atop a pile of seemingly dead heroes. But, interestingly, those heroes look like they're not from the Ultimate Universe but rather Marvel's main "616" universe.

Take a look Below:


From CBR

On his personal blog, Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis released a tease of Mark Bagley's cover for "Ultimate End" #4, which finds Miles Morales' Spider-Man standing atop a mountain of dead Marvel Universe heroes.

Based on their costumes, the dead heroes appear as though they are from Earth-616, or the main Marvel Universe, though Miles hails from the Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610). Angel, the Thing, Black Bolt, Cyclops, Iron Man, Captain America, Sam Alexander's Nova, Peter Parker's Spider-Man, Black Widow, Sabretooth, Doc Green and Iron Fist are among the casualties.


From Bleeding Cool

Ultimate End... Won't End Well

From Brian Bendis‘ Tumblr…


ULTIMATE END issue 4 cover pencils by Mark bagley

uh oh!

That’s Miles Morales, the Ultimate Spider-Man, on top of a bunch of Marvel 616 heroes…. including Spider-Man!



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Secret Wars First Look that have Spider-Man

There are more first looks for Secret Wars, A-Force, Thors: Newsarama

Peter & Mary Jane

Miles Morales (I think)