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Watch the FULL Marvel's Spider-Verse Panel from SDCC 2014

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it's definitely gets better with each issue, unlike the monthly this gives you the chance to see the development of the characters and story, with out missing a beat. shame I can't say the same for ASM.

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who do you guys want to write for 3 and who would you cast for MJ?

Either Karen Gillan...


Or another actress who i CANT REMEMBER hwe name.........

@animehunter i once told you that "this gal and this gal" should you remember my suggestions?!....i can't remember the second one,who i think she fits it more.

Bonnie Wright? Found this from this this thread post #16.



You are AWESOME!

THIS is the best MJ ever.

@animehunter @marvelman92 see?....

I SEE, I SEE Most definitely a perfect choice for the role

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From Spider-man Crawlspace

SDCC 2014 Spider-Verse Panel Annoucements

Earlier today at this year’s Comic Con International at San Diego, Marvel kicked off their “Across the Spider-Verse” panel, which featured Senior Editor Nick Lowe; writers Dan Slott, Mark Waid, and Nick Spencer; colorist Edgar Delgado; and a surprise (and late) appearance by artist Humberto Ramos. Some of the following highlights from the panel include the following details below the cut:Earlier today at this year’s Comic Con International at San Diego, Marvel kicked off their “Across the Spider-Verse” panel, which featured Senior Editor Nick Lowe; writers Dan Slott, Mark Waid, and Nick Spencer; colorist Edgar Delgado; and a surprise (and late) appearance by artist Humberto Ramos. Some of the following highlights from the panel include the following details below the cut:

  • Superior Spider-Man #32 is the official start of “Spider-Verse” and part 1 of “Edge of Spider-Verse.” The panel confirmed that the “time-plosion” which took place in Superior Spider-Man #19 is what sent Otto Octavious/SpOck into the year 2099. To quote Dan Slott, “That same explosion that brought Miguel O’Hara back is what caused Superior Spider-Man to disappear. And as we know, nature abhors a vacuum; Superior Spider-Man has been in 2099.”
  • Slott also talked about this week’s Original Sin tie-in issue, Amazing Spider-Man #4 and the debut of the new character, Silk, and how Spidey freeing her “might lead into ‘Spider-Verse’” and that Morlun is uniquely drawn towards her.
  • Ramos talked about the differences between drawing Peter Parker/Amazing Spider-Man and Otto Octavious/Superior Spider-Man, describing Superior’s appearance as “Creepier, and dark, and angrier.” Now that Peter is back, Ramos is ” trying to come back to the way [Peter] was before everything – from the cover to #1 with the big smile on his face.”
  • Nick Spencer talked about the upcoming Superior Foes of Spider-Man #14, and how “we’re going to spend a bit of time getting to know Overdrive.”
  • Further details regarding the “Edge of Spider-Verse” mini-series starting in October, starting with a Spider-Man Noir story by David Hine, Fabrice Sapolsky and Richard Isanove. Issue #2 will be by Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez featuring Gwen Stacy as Spider-Woman. Issue #3 is written and illustrated by Dustin Weaver featuring a new, non-Peter Parker Spider-Man a futuristic sci-fi setting. Issue #4 is by Clay Mcleod Chapman and Elia Bonetti which, Lowe described as “terrifying” and “closer to Metamorphosis by Kafka than anything by Stan Lee.” And finally, issue #5 will be by Gerard Way and Jake Wyatt featuring the Japanese Mesa-inspired Sp//dr, with Lowe saying fans of Way’s Umbrella Academy “gotta pick it up!”
  • Amazing Spider-Man #7 will feature a team-up with the new Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, which is also a “Spider-Verse” tie-in. The new character introduced in the issue will be Spider UK, who is an alternate-universe Spider-Man of the Otherworld and member of the Captain Britain Corps.
  • MC2′s Mayday Parker, aka Spider-Girl, returns with Amazing Spider-Man #8. “This issue is essential,” said Slott. “And it doesn’t look like [Mayday's] in for a good time. There’s rough stuff ahead for every Spider-character that you care about. I’m very sorry.”
  • A new three-issue mini-series, Spider-Verse Team-Up, was announced, with each issue featuring two stories each. Each issue will have a story by Christos Gage and Dave Williams, with additional stories by classic Spider-Man writers, Roger Stern and Tom DeFalco.
  • Another three-mini series was announced: Scarlet Spiders by Mike Costa and Paco Diaz, featuring the return of Ben Reilly, teaming up alongside Kaine and Ultimate Comics’ Jessica Drew.
  • More details on September’s Spider-Verse themed mobile game, Spider-Man Unlimited, which will feature 23 different playable Spider-Man characters on launch date, with additional characters available over the course of Spider-Verse.
  • Another “Spider-Verse” announcement will take place at Sunday’s “Women of Marvel” panel.
  • When asked if the Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman would be getting her own series, Lowe teased that “first she’ll have to survive Spider-Verse.”
  • Asked about the “accessibility” of “Spider-Verse,” Dan Slott said, “All you need to know is there’s lots of Spider-Men. You’ll meet them, and many of them will die just a few pages later, so don’t worry. As you’re reading these characters and meeting them, and think “Oh man, I want to know more about Ben Reilly,” then you can spin-off and pick up Scarlet Spiders. It’s all fun… until you start crying.”
  • Slott also reiterated that the genesis behind the concept for Superior Spider-Man began with Amazing Spider-Man #600, but that, in order to have the brain-swap take place in Amazing Spider-Man #700 as planned, “Spider-Island” had to be created and take place before “Ends of the Earth.”
  • Slott also confirmed there are eight Spider-Men Marvel are not allowed to use for Spider-Verse, including Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon, the MTV Spider-Man CGI series, and the CBS live-action Spider-Man TV series featuring Nicholas Hammond. However, the live-action Japanese “Supaidaman” will appear.
  • When asked if Miles Morales would be involved in Spider-Verse, both Slott and Lowe said yes, and that Spider-Verse will “affects his story in Ultimate Spider-Man”
  • Julia Carpenter, the new Madame Web, will return in an upcoming issue of Amazing Spider-Man.
  • When asked if Ultimate Peter Parker would appear during “Spider-Verse,” Slott said “That’s a very good question.”
  • Slott and Lowe also answered a question about Anna Maria Marconi and whether she’s had time to properly grieve Doc Ock’s death. “She’s also learned that he was a super-villain who has literally tried to blow the world up,” Lowe said. “It would be a real shame is something really horrible happened to her,” Slott added.
  • Finally, Lowe stated readers would not see the 616 Miles Morales during “Spider-Verse.”

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@thecheesestabber said:

@punyparker and I decided he needed one. He does soooo much for Spidey fans here.

Only thing is he never jokes, laughs or smiles. So this thread better make him smile!

Thanks for the praise and yes it this makes me smile, a little, ok A LOT :) :)

@fallschirmjager said:

Is animehunter like milfhunter?

NO!! Anime stands for Japanese animation, I was an avid watcher of Japanese animation and would use it as my handle, I liked it so much it stuck.

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SDCC: Across the Spider-Verse

Welcome back to CBR's live coverage of Comic-Con International in San Diego. Right now, Marvel is starting Saturday off right with its Spider-Verse panel, featuring writers Dan Slott, Mark Waid, and Nick Spencer, artist Humberto Ramos, and colorist Edgar Delgado, along with Senior Editor Nick Lowe discussing the upcoming November event series bringing together "every Spider-Man ever." We'll have live coverage throughout the hour, so refresh, refresh, refresh!

Ramos was not present at the beginning of the panel, though Lowe announced him as a panelist. "Humberto isn't really late; he likes to make a big entrance," Waid joked. "So when he comes in, don't do anything! That'll teach him to be on time."

The first slides featured "Superior Spider-Man" #32, which Lowe said is "where 'Spider-Verse' really begins." The issue will answer Superior Spider-Man disappeared to for a few pages in #19 after Horizon Labs exploded. "There was a time-plosion," Slott said.

At this point, Ramos arrived, and the audience, as Waid had asked, did not applaud. But then Waid gave fans an ok and they cheered.

"That same explosion that brought Miguel O'Hara back is what caused Superior Spider-Man to disappear," Slott said. "And as we know, nature abhors a vacuum; Superior Spider-Man has been in 2099."

Slott spoke about the adorable Skottie Young variant which features "a baby Spider-Ham" among other Spideys, but then said, "and I KILL THEM ALL."

Lowe next spoke about the just-launched "Spider-Man 2099" #1, which takes place in the present and sees Miguel working for Alchemex and "trying to change his great-grandfather so he turns out to not be a terrible person." Issue #5 will be a "Spider-Verse" tie in featuring art by Rick Leonardi.

Next up came "Daredevil" #6, which came out this week and ties in to "Original Sin." "The reason that Matt's mother left, the reason that Jack Murdock had to raise his son alone; we've got bits and pieces through the years," Waid said. Now, though, Matt Murdock needs answers, "but when he finds his mother, she's in prison and is being extradited to Wakanda." Waid described the issue as "important" and said it involved a strong degree of research. Lowe added that "it's not an easy issue to read" but deals "with some real issues."

Showing a slide with Daredevil skydiving, Waid said that "I want, every issue, for Daredevil to do something that would make Green Lantern pass out with fear. I think skydiving into the Wakandan jungle would be on its way to that."

Issues #8-9 has the tag line "Who are the Purple Children?" which relates to the Purple Man's persuasive powers and the "dynasty" he's been quietly setting up through the years. "Boy, I sure wish he was smart enough to realize that when you put all those children together in one room, he's not the most powerful guy in that room," Waid said of the "creepy" issue.

Back to Spider-Man, Slott said that the "Original Sin" storyline sees that "not only have some characters been keeping secrets, but they have had secrets kept from them." The story reveals that another person was bitten by the radioactive spider that gave Peter Parker his powers, but was kept locked in a bunker by Ezekiel for years. She's now let out, but "that might lead into 'Spider-Verse,'" Slott said.

Ramos said that, when drawing "Superior Spider-Man," even though the character wears a mask that hides his features "I had to draw him a little creepier, angrier," but now that Peter's back he needs to convey a more "smiley" appearance beneath the mask.

Next up, Spencer discussed "Superior Foes of Spider-Man," which stars the "working-class criminals" that Spider-Man "usually beats up in the first few pages while he's thinking about what else is going on in his life." But now these low-level villains "are in a lot of trouble, everybody's after them." In issue #14, "we're going to spend a bit of time getting to know Overdrive."

October sees the weekly "Edge of Spider-Verse" miniseries, which leads off with a Spider-Man Noir story by David Hine, Fabrice Sapolsky, and Richard Isanove. The second issue features Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman by Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez. "This character was one that Dan was most excited to get out there," Lowe said. Issue #3 is written and drawn by Justin Weaver. "He came at this with such a cartoonist's eye, and it's a future, non-Peter-Parker Spider-Man," Lowe said. Issue #4, which arrives in November, is by Clay McLeod Chapman, Elia Bonetti, and a cover by Garry Brown, is "terrifying," Lowe said, and is "closer to Kafka's 'Metamorphosis' than Stan Lee." Finally, #5 is by Gerard Way and Jake Wyatt with an alternate universe Spidey called SPI//dr.

"Amazing Spider-Man" #7 features a team-up with Ms. Marvel. "She is the closest character to classic Peter Parker," Slott said of the new heroine Kamala Khan. "The fun is teaming her up with modern day Peter Parker," Slott said. The writer was also very excited about another character in the issue, the new hero Spider UK of the alternate universe Captain Britain Corps.

"Amazing"#8 sees an appearance from MC2 Spider-Girl. "It doesn't look like she's in for a good time," Slott said. "There's rough stuff in store for every Spider character you've ever cared about!" he added ominously. "I'm very sorry."

Lowe then announced "Spider-Verse Team-Up," each issue featuring a story by Christos Gage and Dave Williams and then another story by "a murderer's row" of writers and artists.

Next the announcement for "Scarlet Spiders," by Mike Costa and Paco Diaz. The stars are Ben Reilly, Kane, and Ultimate Jessica Drew in a team-up of the Spider-clones.

This was followed by a video of a new Spider-Man mobile game called "Spider-Man Unlimited," which launches in September. "It's kind of like a Temple Run game only better," Lowe said. "There are 23 playable Spider-Men at launch, and there will be even more after 'Spider-Verse -- that's the most Spider-Men in a game, ever."

Lowe said there would be another Spider-announcement at the Women of Marvel panel Sunday morning.

The floor was then opened to fan questions.

Slott said that, for there to be possible for the Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman to get an ongoing series, "first she'll have to survive Spider-Verse."

Asked about the accessibility of "Spider-Verse," Slott said it will be easy to read, and the chapters in "Amazing" make up a complete story in itself, with the tie-ins "enriching" the experience. "You don't have to have read every issue of 'Spider-Man India' or 'Spider-Manga.'"

Slott clarified that any Spider-Men co-created by Sony, such as the movie versions and CGI cartoons, will not appear in "Spider-Verse," but will include unexpected versions like the Japanese "Supaidaman."

Asked about whether Miles Morales' previous meetings with Peter Parker would be mentioned in "Spider-Verse," Slott said that yes, and "he's actually met a couple alternates of Spider-Man," specifically Superior. As to whether it affects the "Ultimate" book, Slott shouted "SPIDER-VERSE AFFECTS EVERYTHING," joking that it will even influence "some kid writing fan fiction, 'Spider-Verse' will affect that."

Asked about Madame Web, Slott tentatively said that, "yes, she is on panel" in an upcoming issue of "Amazing," but "she has been in a coma since the events of 'Danger Zone.'" Which of course led Lowe to sing the Kenny Loggins song.

The next fan asked whether "Spider-Verse" would include Ultimate Peter Parker. "That's a very good question," Slott said, without elaborating.

Asked about Anna Maria would have time to grieve, Lowe noted that "she's also learned that he was a super-villain. Who has literally tried to blow the world up." Slott added that, "it would be a real shame is something really horrible happened to her."

Will we see 616 Miles Morales in "Spider-Verse?" "Not in 'Spider-Verse,'" Lowe said, wrapping up the panel.


From Newsarama

SDCC 2014: Marvel SPIDER-VERSE Panel w/ Slott, Waid, Lowe

Comic-Con International: San Diego Friday kicked off with Marvel Comics and the Spider-Verse panel. Taking a look at the Spider-Man family of titles and the upcoming major multiversal crossover event, Spider-editor Nick Lowe attended along with Dan Slott and Mark Waid to detail the year in Spidey. Nick Spencer took the stage after the two previously-announced guests, as did colorist Edgar Delgado. Humberto Ramos also joined the panel a bit late, also as an unannounced guest.

"We're going to talk not only about Spider-Verse, but a bunch of other Spider-office things," Lowe promised.

Mark Waid said that Humberto Ramos is always late, and fans should not cheer for him to teach him a lesson. Fans complied, and Ramos said, "That was really awkward. I felt like I was at a DC panel" to lots of laughs.

Superior Spider-Man #32 is the first book to really tease Spider-Verse, with a "cool backup story by Christos Gage and Adam Kubert," out on August 6th. The backup will be a direct Spider-Verse tie-in. "This is really where Spider-Verse begins," Lowe said. "In Superior #19, there was a timeplosion," Slott Said, "and this tells the story of where he went for those couple of pages."

The two-issue stories continue in September with a pile of dead Spider-Men on the cover. Slott also outright said that Superior will take place in the 2099 era.

They showed the Skottie Young Spider-Verse variants. "That's the cutest thing ever," Slott said, "but when Spider-Verse starts, they all DIE!"

Spider-Man 2099 was next to be featured, which has Spidey 2099 stuck in the present Marvel Universe. Rick Leonardi (co-creator) joins Peter David for issues 4 and 5 in October.

Mark Waid talked about Daredevil and its tie-ins to Original Sin, where Matt finds out that his mother has been extradited to Wakanda for crimes against the people of that nation. Next issue has "Matt fighting a bunch of awesome Wakanda warriors."

"My goal on Daredevil is to make him do something in every issue that would make Green Lantern pass out in fear," Waid said, as they showed pages from #7 featuring him skydiving.

Daredevil 8 & 9 is a "terrifying" arc called "Who are the Purple Children?" "When you're dealing with the Purple Children who like to dig stuff up and churn things inside you, Matt does not come out of this as bouncy and happy as he usually pretends to be," Waid teased. The Children are connected to the Purple Man, who has "deliberately set up a dynasty for himself."

Slott teased the current Amazing Spider-Man story, with Silk, the second person bit by the radioactive spider before it died, and how she ties into Spider-Verse, as Morlun can detect her and is drawn to her in a unique way.

Ramos said that drawing Superior, he had to draw him "Creepier, and dark, and angrier." When Peter came back, "I'm trying to come back to the way he was before everything - from the cover to #1 with the big smile on his face." Delgado, likewise said he's using a lighter, more classic palette for ASM than SSM.

Superior Foes of Spider-Man, Spencer explained, is about the day-to-day lives of some of Spider-Man's "C-list and D-list villains." They've been stealing some high-profile things, and are in "a lot of trouble."

Coming in October, The Edge of Spider-Verse #1, and each issue will feature a different Spider from a different universe. The first is David Hine, Fabrice Sapolsky and Richard Isanove doing a Spider-Man Noir story, picking up from the most recent mini-series. #2 is Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez, starring Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman, and there was a cosplayer in the crowd for that already! "It's so vibrant and so cool," Lowe promised. #3 is written and drawn by Dustin Weaver, with an all-new sci-fi Spider-Man in the future. "All of these issues lead directly into Spider-Verse" (those first three are in October). Issue #4 by Clay Mcleod Chapman and Elia Bonetti is "terrifying. It's probably closer to Metamorphosis by Kafka than anything by Stan Lee." Issue #5 is written by Gerard Way and drawn by Jake Wyatt, and features a mecha-Spider-Man, an alternate universe Japanese styled Spidey. "If you're fans of Umbrella Academy, you gotta pick it up!"

Amazing Spider-Man #7 will start a team-up with Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan, and is also an Edge of Spider-Verse tie-in. "Kamala is the closest character to classic Peter Parker in the entire Marvel Universe. It feels like classic Spider-Man - it's that good!" Slott said. "Also, we're going to introduce ... on top of Spider-Verse using every Spider-Man there's ever been, we're also making some guys up, you'll get some all-new Spiders! One of my favorites is The Spider-Man of Otherworld, the Spider-Man of the Captain Britain Corps, SPIDER-MAN UK!

"Some of the fun of Spider-Verse is that there will be a Spider-Man for you, no matter who you love." Speaking of, MC2 Spider-Girl returns with Amazing Spider-Man #8. "This issue is essential. And it doesn't look like she's in for a good time. There's rough stuff ahead for every Spider-character that you care about. I'm very sorry," Slott continued.

Spider-Verse Team Up is a new three-issue mini-series with two stories in each issue. The first will have stories by Christos Gage, Roger Stern, Tom DeFalco, Dave Williams, and more.

Scarlet Spiders is a three issue mini-series featuring Ben Reilly Spider-Man! Alongside him are Scarlet Spider Kaine, and Ultimate Jessica Drew! It's by Mike Costa and Paco Diaz.

A new Spider-Verse themed mobile game called Spider-Man Unlimited is coming in September, and lets you play as Spider-Men from all over the Marvel multiverse - there are 23 playable at launch, and more as Spider-Verse kicks up.

Lowe promised there is one more Spider-Man Announcement, but it's going to be held for the Women of Marvel panel on Sunday morning.

And then, Fan Q&A.

Q: Any chance of Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman getting her own series?

Lowe: First she has to survive Spider-Verse... Everyone has to survive Spider-Verse.

Slott: You have to imagine for Peter Parker it's going to be very weird meeting her.

Q: I just started reading with ASM #1, how new-reader friendly is the intimidating Spider-Verse?

Slott: Very. All you need to know is there's lots of Spider-Men. You'll meet them, and many of them will die just a few pages later, so don't worry. As you're reading these characters and meeting them, and think "Oh man, I want to know more about Ben Reilly," then you can spin-off and pick up Scarlet Spiders. It's all fun... until you start crying.

Q: How far back were you planning Superior Spider-Man?

Slott: "I started all of this as far back as Amazing Spider-Man #600, but everything was out of order from where it all wound up coming out." Slott pitched the brainswap story, and really wanted to get Ends of the Earth done first so that the brainswap would be #700. In order to get there, he had to figure out Spider-Island first.

Q: Movie Spideys in the crossover?

Slott: "There are 8 Spider-Men we can't use, including any of the Sony ones - Toby, Andrew, Spectacular animated and MTV animated, then a few others. But there are so many guys, Spider-Mans from What If?s. Miles Morales has a big part, but not those guys, sorry."

Q: How did Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman get her powers? Asked a young fan.

Lowe: "It's all in Edge of Spider-Verse - there's a twist, I think you'll like it."

Q: 90s Animated Series Spider-Man / Spider-Man Unlimited?

Slott: "Yeah, Spider-Man Unlimited is the end of his story, so we'll see him that way."

Q: What's Miles Morales's role in Spider-Verse?

Slott and Lowe said you'll see him in ASM and in Edge of Spider-Verse. "And yes, it affects his story in Ultimate Spider-Man"

Q: How does Gwen Stacy come back to life to be Spider-Woman, a young fan in costume asked.

Slott: It's a Gwen from another universe.

Fan: Oh, okay, that makes a lot of sense! (Slott gave him a signed comic)

Q: LEGO Spider-Man?

Slott: In some non-legally offensive way, yes. I want to have 8-bit Spider-Man from Atari in there.

Q: How merciless from 1-10 are you being on the Spideys in Spider-Verse?

Slott: 616.

Q: What's the hardest part of writing an event like this?

Slott: Sleep

Lowe: This story is big, but it only revolves in the Spider-Man series, it doesn't cross over into the other Marvel Universe books. There's a huge bible that maps out every detail that Dan wrote, he's been working on it for over a year. The story is SO GOOD.

Slott: There really is no way of summing it up than saying it's EVERY SPIDER-MAN, it's throwing the whole toybox into the air.

Q: Madame Web - haven't seen her for awhile, will she play a role in Spider-Verse?

Slott: Madame Web will be on panel in an upcoming Amazing Spider-Man issue. She has been in a coma since "Danger Zone."

Q: Does every Spider-Man ever include Ultimate Peter Parker?

Slott: "That's a really good question! Come up I'll give you a comic."

Q: Will we see a real closure/grieving process for Ana Maria? She learned the man who she was going to marry died...

Lowe: "Yeah, she learned that he died, but also that he was a supervillain. That he literally tried to blow the world up."

Slott: "Do you guys like Ana Maria?" (applause) "You'd feel really terrible if something horrible happened to her... Next question!"

Q: Is Daredevil then Iron Man going to San Francisco a trend?

Lowe: "Yes, everyone's going to San Francisco. It's lovely."

Slott: "Newsarama exclusive!"

Q: Spider-villains?

Lowe: "Just the main villains in the series."

Q: Will we see who 616 Miles Morales is?

Lowe: Not in Spider-Verse...

Slott: oooooooo


From Bleeding cool

SDCC 2014: Spider-Verse Panel

Peter S. Svensson, powered by Gatorade, liveblogs Spider-Verse for Bleeding Cool. Editor Nick Lowe, Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott and Mark Waid attending. Waid not actually writing Spider-Man at all right now being a bit of a clue that something is going to be announced.

Nick Lowe is loud and getting the panel off to a roaring start. Senior Editor of Marvel Comics, it’s all about Spider-Man.

Your Best Friend in Spider-Man… MR DAN SLOTT! (Lowe should have a career as a wrestling announcer.)

Humberto Ramos is going to arrive late apparently.

Writer of Hulk, Daredevil and creator of Thrillbent, MARK WAID.

Superior Foes of Spider-Man, Mr. Nick SPENCER.

Colorist of Amazing Spider-Man, Edgar Delgado!

Spider-Verse Gabriele Dell’Otto variant.

Waid asks a favor. Humberto comes in late on purpose, just to get the applause of coming in late. So Waid asked the attendees that when he comes in, do nothing, no applause, no screaming, it would be awesome to teach him a lesson.

Superior Spider-Man #32 has edge of Spider-Verse part one. Christos Gage at the show later, Adam Kubert back-up story. August 6th.

Do we have Superior fans who didn’t trust us? *audience cheers* Aren’t you glad we did it?

Superior #19, Horizon labs blows up, Superior Spider-Man shows up later, that shows what happened during that time..

Slott: There was a Time-Plosion. almost like we planned this in advance.

Humberto shows up. We are silent. Lowe finally convinces us to applaud for him.

Look at Spider-Bodies at bottom of Superior #33 Cover.

No art from Spider-Verse itself today. Even though they have it.

Slott: You know, that when there was the timeplosion…. (he plugs Spidey-2099) That nature abhors a vacuum, Superior Spider-Man has been in 2099, you’ll have to wait and see.

The Skottie Young Variant, baby version of Spider-Ham. How cute!

Spider-Verse, they will all DIE.

Slott: I will kill them all! I tried to kill Humberto!

Lowe: That’s kinda true!

Spider-Man 2099 is out, Will Sliney art, Peter David writing, but you knew that already. Spider-Man 2099 came to the present, is stuck here, working for Alchemax, the future corporation that he’s trying to defeat in the future. Try to change his great-grandfather Tiberus Stone into a better person.

#5 is an Edge of Spider-Verse tie-in, with Rick Leonardi art. Lot of 2099 men, why are there so many?

Oh. Daredevil is being talked about. So that’s why Waid’s on the panel. Original Sin tie-in. I am the only one here who bought it.

Waid: The reason why Jack had to bring up Matt alone, why his mom left. Why his mother left and never saw him again until he was an adult, when he goes to confront, he finds her in prison, being extradited to Wakanda, the beginning of the story. Matt fighting a bunch of Wakandan warriors next issue, I can’t say anything, some good solid research, and important story.

Lowe showed some preview pages. “Nothing better than a blind-man skydiving.”

Waid: Daredevil doing things that would make Green Lantern pass out in fear. Skydiving 30000 feet into the jungle would do that.

Issues 8 and 9 are the “Who are the Purple Children?” arc. Daredevil has been trying to be happy, when dealing with the purple children, churn stuff inside you, Matt does not come out of this as bouncy as he used to be, tough on Matt, you can’t punch about, you could pick one up and use one as a

Purple Man is one of the oldest foe, mutated genes, ultimate persuader. You are forced to do. He’s been deliberating setting up a dynasty, all brought together for a purposes. Put those kids in a room with him, he’s not the most powerful.

Original Sin arc in Amazing Spider-Man. History of Silk is revealed, Slott and Ramos, and colorist Delgado.

Original Sin #4, not only some of Marvel’s characters kept secrets and have had secrets kept from them. Why haven’t we seen her? We find that Ezekiel, lied to Peter, he’s known that Cindy Moon had powers, she’s been called the Spider-Bride, the same bunker he tried to get Peter trapped in to protect him from Morlun, something that would draw Morlun towards world of the Spiders. After Original Sin, let out by Peter Parker, leading into Spider-Verse.

How do you draw them different? Otto and Peter?

Ramos: Costume…

Ramos continues to seriously explain that they have different gestures and body language, and that the scripts are different and leading towards different styles. Creepier and Angrier Otto, Peter is smiling and happy face on issue #1 cover.

Edgar Delgado is taking a selfie of himself, because this is his first panel. Actually he was taking a picture of his Comic Con placard. Now, he did the colors different on Superior, more darker and moodier colors, and Amazing is meant to pop more.

Superior Foes of Spider-Man! Nick Spencer, superior foes, leading to a climax. This is basically of some of Spidey’s C-and D-list villains, the ones he beats up at the start of the issue when thinking about problems he has. Painting of Dr. Doom’s face, head of Silverman, something from Chameleon’s safe we don’t know what, the gang is back together, not all of them know they are reunited yet. Here in #14, getting to know Overdrive, what motivates him. Steve Lieber and Rich Ellis helping out this issue on art.

Lowe really likes the fantasy sequences, and the use of space. Spencer gives a paragraph summary to Steve Lieber who goes to town on it.

In October, Edge of Spider-Verse. Prelude to Spider-Verse, deals with different Spider-Man. Spider-Man Noir, David Hine and Fabrice Sapolsky, with Richard Isanove coloring. Coming in October. Picks up from the last Spider-Man Noir mini, leads into Spider-Verse. So excited.

Issue #2, is Jason Latour, Robbi Rodriguez. I call out a Spider-Gwen cosplayer for Nick Lowe to notice.

Issue #3 is written and drawn by Dustin Weaver, written some Turtles comics, but this will be his first Marvel written work. Non-Peter Parker Spider-Man in the future, genetics and alternate universes galore.

Issue #4 is terrifying. Different Peter Parker-figure. A true horror story. Clay McLeod Chapman writing, Elia Bonetti artist. It’s more like Kafka.

Gerard Way writes #5, with Jake Wyatt on art. Drew some Ms. Marvel, he’s just terrific. SP//dr, alternate spider-story, you will like it.

Amazing Spider-Man #7, Ms. Marvel team-up and Edge of Spider-Verse team-up.

Dan: Anyone reading G. Willow Wilson is doing, closest to classic Peter Parker in MU, hanging out with friends, dealing with family and responsibility. Teaming her up with modern Spider-Man. But also, a character in the corner.

Dan: We’re using all the Spider-Men over the years, some new ones like the Gwen Spider-Woman, one of the my favorites, the Spider-Man of Otherworld, the Captain Britain Corps, Spider UK! Dan is using Japanese Live Action Supaida-man. Electric Company Spider-Man…

MC2 Spider-Girl returns to #8! It doesn’t look like she’s going to have a good time.

Dan: None of the Spider-Men you like will have a good time!

Spider-Verse Team-Up! Three issue mini, each has two stories. Christos Gage on main story, with Dave Williams art. They did Beast + Wonder Man story. Classic Spider-Writer,

Also, Spider-Verse #1 anthology. Lots of Spider-Man.

Old Man Logan, Ashley Barton is the daughter.


Scarlet Spiders 3 issue mini! Ben Reilly Spider-Man is in Spider-Verse, with Kaine, with Ultimate Jessica Drew! All Clones! Mike Costa is writing with Paco Diaz art. Mark Bagley variant cover. Slott confirms Ben Reilly.

Movie. Gameloft. Marvel. A new sinister six. dimensional catastrophe. Swing fight and run. Recruit from across the spider-verse. Lots of playable Spider-Men. Captain Universe Spidey! Spider-Man Unlimited video game, kicks off in September.

Like a temple run, only better, fight people, jump around. 23 playable Spider-Men. More when Spider-Verse kicks off.

Head to the Women of Marvel panel for a spider announcement. Sunday at 11:15 AM. Nick promotes how awesome the Women of Marvel are. Some Marvel Studios women on the panel this year.

And now, go ask questions. We are joined by the inker of Amazing Spider-Man.

Humberto: Were you working on an commission?

Liam Connelly: For Dan. I saw the Gwen Stacy, ever becoming an ongoing series?

Lowe: First she has to survive Spider-Verse. You don’t know if Peter Parker will survive?

Dan: What if Superior came back? (he teases)

Max Dweck: I’m a new reader, with Amazing Spider-Man #1, Spider-Verse is intimidating.

Dan: It’s easy. There’s a lot of Spider-Men. We don’t expect you to have read Spider-Man india or the Spider-Man manga. Just meet new Spider-Men, and then see them die 10 issues later.

Nick: All you have to read for the story is the main Amazing Spider-Man story, but there are tie-ins. Don’t be intimidated. Trust us.

Dan: Until you start crying.

Ben: How far back were you planning this

Dan: Amazing Spider-Man #600, I work Marvel-style, I had this moment, looking at the Jr JR art, to get control of the city, to put his brain waves into Doc Ock’s machine, and realized what that implications were. I started building up, we had a lunch about the big Spider-man event of the year, Ends of the Earth, we need it to be this, at one point, the end of the story, Doc Ock is in an iron lung? That’s a terrible place to leave him, that’s not the end, wait, what?

Everyone convinced Dan to do the Otto brain swap earlier and Spider-Island was made to allow the Otto

Elijah: Movie Spider-Men?

Dan: 8 Spider-Men we can’t use, no Andrew, Toby, no Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man, no CGI MTV Spider-Man. And like 3 or 4 more. Nick: But we’ll have Miles Morales!

Kent: How does Gwen get powers?

Dan: Read the issue.

Will the alternate Spider-Men from the Secret Wars episode of the 90s animated series?

Dan: Hard to do alternates of alternates of alternates. So probably not.

Is Doctor Octopus coming back?

Nick: Dead is dead!

Dan: Empty grave!

Will the Miles Morales previous team-up count?

Dan: Yes.

Will this affect the Miles Morales book?


Live Action CBS Spider-Man?

Dan: Sadly, he’s one of the eight.

Kid dressed as spidey asks how does Gwen come back to be Spider-Woman?

Dan explains alternate universe Gwen, and he gets it.

Is Lego Spider-Man one of the eight?

Dan: In a non legally sueable way… I want to have 8-bit Atari Spider-man in there…

Dan how merciless are you being to Spider-Men? 1-10 scale?

Dan: 616!

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From CBR

SDCC EXCLUSIVE: Costa Assembles "Scarlet Spiders" For "Spider-Verse"

In November, Mike Costa returns to the Spider-Man universe for "Spider-Verse" to head up a team of some of the Spider-Family's most famous clones. With art by Paco Diaz, Costa's "Scarlet Spiders" follows the Marvel Universe's Kaine, Ultimate Jessica Drew and an alternate universe Ben Reilly on a special mission that requires their clone-expertise. One of Marvel's big Spider-Man related announcements at Comic-Con International in San Diego, the 3-issue long series promises to show a new side to some of Spider-Man's most prominent associates.

To get a better idea of what the Spider-Verse's best clones are up to, CBR News spoke with Costa about the series and his history with Spider-Man, discussing the dynamic between the trio, bringing an alternate universe Ben Reilly to the table years after his death in the main Marvel U, how the series directly ties-in to "Spider-Verse" and more.

CBR News: Mike, tell us a bit about "Scarlet Spiders." What's the core concept here and how does it tie-in to "Spider-Verse?"

Mike Costa: I have to just come out front and say that seriously, I think this is the best-plotted crossover in the last ten years at Marvel. The story is so tight and so character-oriented and so good, I'm just so proud to be a part of it. Obviously, it's really [Dan] Slott's baby. But what happens is that all of the Spider-Men and Women from all the different Marvel Universes come together to fight the good fight and stop their own extinction. So, we're going to get a couple of spinoff miniseries following characters as they go on their various side missions.

I get to do "Scarlet Spiders," which is Kaine from the 616 and Ben Reilly from an alternate universe where he remained Spider-Man. The Ben Reilly we're dealing with is the one that actually succeeded and made it instead of sacrificing himself and dying in the 616. In his universe, when Peter started becoming de-powered, his powers never returned. Peter and Mary Jane retired to Oregon, lived their life and had kids. Ben inherited the mantle of Spider-Man and has been Spider-Man ever since. This Ben Reilly is the Spider-Man that made it. Then, of course, there's also Ultimate Jessica Drew.

The one thing these three characters have in common is that they're all clones. They are sent off on a very specific mission by Spider-Man and a bunch of other Spider-Man characters to deal with a clone problem -- I'll say it that way. Send a clone to beat a clone, basically. You're following those three characters in my book on their side mission that is crucial to the story of "Spider-Verse," but there wasn't time to deal with it in the main book. You'll see it in my book and obviously it'll fold back in to the main "Spider-Verse" after they've either succeeded or failed.

Ben Reilly, Kaine and Ultimate Jessica Drew are three characters that you haven't gotten the chance to write to date. What was the draw for you in writing these characters together?

What's really exciting is I get to write Ben Reilly, which I'm really thrilled by, because Ben is a controversial character, to say the least. Obviously, I'm not writing "the" Ben Reilly, because that character is still dead. But it's as close to the real Ben Reilly -- it's essentially is Ben Reilly, the Ben Reilly who made it. I don't think there's been a Ben Reilly story in about 15 years, and I get to bring back this character who, through no fault of his own -- it was not Ben's fault that he was so controversial. [Laughs]

I think Ben Reilly the character can get kind of a bad rap because fans perceive the story around them as potentially destructive to the Spider-Man legacy, so Ben got killed off and swept under the rug. It's really fun to bring a character like that back and say, "Well, if I had a second chance, let's see what can be done with him."

Whatever minor attention I've gotten in my career, I've gotten largely because of the "G.I. Joe: Cobra" book I wrote for so long. I wrote a lot of characters in that comic who were written off or were considered silly when they were originally conceived. I really did my best to investigate those characters while maintaining fidelity to their core concepts. But trying to find something about them that was interesting and real -- I look forward to doing that with Ben Reilly. Now, Ben was obviously a much more already rounded-out characters than say, Chuckles was. [Laughs] But still, it's really fun to take these characters that I think fans aren't expecting a lot from and see what I can do with them.

Kaine and Jessica Drew are really fun on their own, too. Kaine is one of my favorite characters in the Marvel U, just because I really like dark, conflicted guys -- guys who are trying to do good but don't see themselves as good people, and are trying to atone for something they can't atone for. Jessica's interesting -- I actually think it was a stroke of genius by Bendis to combine both the clone and the Spider-Woman concept into one character and say, "Well, this Spider-Woman is a clone, but it's a female." I think it's a really interesting idea. I love what's been going on with her recently in the Ultimate U. She was being trained by Captain America!

There's a great trifecta to the characters because you've got Ben Reilly, who for all intents and purposes is Spider-Man. Like Spider-Man, he's a very seasoned hero, he's got a lot of experience, he knows what he's doing, but he hasn't had any training, necessarily. You've got Jessica Drew, who is very young and is nowhere near as seasoned as Ben, but has been trained by one of the greatest soldiers in any universe. She's got technical know-how, whereas Ben Reilly is very experiential. Then, you've got Kaine, who's just a wild animal. He'll just tear your head off. He doesn't need training or experience because he's just a killing machine. There's a great character dynamic there.

The way you talk about the book makes it seem similar to the team black-ops feel you created with "Blackhawks" and "G.I. Joe: Cobra." What was it like approaching that feel from a Spider-Man angle?

It's interesting because for the vast majority of my career, I haven't written superheroes. The first thing I wrote was a Jack Hawksmoor comic, and while he's technically a superhero, I think he's right on the edge. He doesn't wear a costume, he doesn't have a secret identity -- he's that post-modern Warren Ellis version of a superhero. It wasn't until last year when I got my first gig at Marvel that I really wrote superheroes for the first time. I've always loved superheroes and I've always wanted to write them. It's really exciting for me to do this again, to do it regularly. I guess it's true that there's a certain continuity with my career that I've written a lot of dark, military -- "Blackhawks" wasn't dark, but it was certainly technocratic military kind of story. I never imagined that I would be good at or known for that kind of thing. I surprised myself enjoying working on "G.I. Joe" so much, because it was never a property I thought of before I was asked to write it.

I think the reason books like "G.I. Joe" and "Blackhawks" clicked for me is because the thing that really appeals to me in the stories that I come up with and the work that I do are characters who feel a great deal of guilt and conflicted emotions of what their roles are in the perpetrator of acts, be they good or bad. Chuckles, in "G.I. Joe: Cobra," went undercover and did a lot of really bad things for what he had to believe was a good reason. Towards the end he started doubting whether that reason was worth the things he had to do, and wondering who he was on the inside; if he was a good person or a bad person. "Blackhawks" dealt with very similar themes: whether we are the problem or the solution to the problem.

Ultimately, that's sort of what Spider-Man is about. He's a character who is 100% motivated by guilt -- he's a hero, absolutely, but the thing that motivates Peter is the mistake he made and atoning for it. Somewhere down on the inside, Peter wonders if he's really worthy of this mantle, and he's doing it to make up for something he did before, and that's something he carries with him all the time. Similarly, that's what Ben Reilly would have as well because he has the same experiences as Peter up to the point where they diverged. I think that writing these particular superheroes is right in my wheelhouse for that reason alone -- even less so the man on a mission thing. That's sort of plot mechanics, but the actual themes and things that motivate the characters, they feel like something I can understand.

Clearly, I have some darkness in my past that has yet to be exposed somehow, because this is what appeals to me. [Laughs]

These characters aren't super mainstream, but they're certainly popular amongst a certain readerbase. Did you find there was a freedom in getting to write these lesser-known folks? What was the experience like for you?

Oh, totally. I think a lot of writers like Christopher Yost have done a really good job with Kaine. But he is an interesting character, so there's a lot more to investigate with him. Similarly with Jessica, Bendis and Michael Fiffe are doing a good job with her as well. Ben is sort of the outlier because we haven't seen this Ben Reilly before. I had a big conversation with Devin [Lewis] and Nick [Lowe], my two editors on the project as well as Chris Gage, who is writing the "Spider-Verse Team-Up" book, which is a bunch of vignettes showing how characters are being recruited into the team that gets put together. He's introducing them and showing how Ben gets recruited, so we wanted to get on the same page of who Ben is, what makes him tick and why he's interesting. Why is he different than Peter?

[This incarnation] of Ben is the Spider-Man that doesn't have the famous Parker luck. Everything has gone well for him. At first it didn't because he was living rough and living underground while Peter was Spider-Man. But unlike what happened in the 616 where Ben thinks he's the original Peter and then he's not -- it's not a very happy ending for him -- this Ben, everything works out. Peter gave him the mantle and went away. Peter Parker had his happy ending, he moved off into the countryside with Mary Jane and had a kid. This Ben Reilly ended up becoming Spider-Man. Our idea was where things would go wrong for Peter Parker in the 616, a lot of things went right for Ben in his universe. He got to "Big Time" faster than Peter did, "Spider-Island" was easier, there was no "Superior" Ben Reilly -- Doc Ock did not take over Ben. This version of Peter Parker -- because Ben is a version of Peter -- is the version that everything worked out for.

Not to say that it makes him arrogant or it makes him have a chip on his shoulder, but he doesn't carry the guilt and the darkness of 616 Peter, because he hasn't had to sacrifice a whole lot, and he hasn't lost a lot of fights the way our Spider-Man has. We're pairing him up with a guy that is basically part animal and a violent, borderline sociopath with Kaine; and then Jessica Drew is much younger than Ben, but because she's been through the Ultimate Universe, she's lost a lot. The Ultimate Universe is a pretty grim place. Tons and tons of characters -- friends of hers, people she's fought with have died, and died for good. There aren't a lot of resurrections in the Ultimate U. The city was destroyed and flooded, and her Peter Parker is dead. In a lot of ways, she has a more mature outlook on life than Ben Reilly does, because she's lot a lot more.

It was really interesting saying, "Who is Peter when you take away a lot of the sadness that's inherent?" Which is interesting because Peter is this very boisterous and funny character, but it's obvious that a lot of the humor is gallows humor, because things are always going wrong for Peter. His way of dealing with it is joking about it, but things have really gone more right for Ben Reilly. We're in a situation in which there's real serious danger and he's going to have to decide what kind of hero he is.

You're working with Paco Diaz on this miniseries. What is it about Paco's art that you think makes him a good fit for your "Scarlet Spiders" story?

Well, [editor] Nick [Lowe] was the one that put that together, but if I had the ability to call Paco and say, "Would you do this book with me?" I would have done it! [Laughs]

I think his art is excellent. It's strange, because we're dealing with characters that wear masks, but his characters are incredibly expressive and nuanced when it comes to the emotional content. Artists literally refer to their characters as acting, when you're expressing an idea through bodily language and facial expression. Some artists are way better at acting than others. Some artists are really good at action or design, but when two characters end up talking, it's stiff and boring and you have to let the dialogue carry it, but I think Paco's good at everything.

How does "Scarlet Spiders" challenge you in a way that some of your other work hasn't? You've definitely done team books before, you've even done Spider-Man-based Marvel books before -- what did you find most challenging about this miniseries?

I'm so honored to be a part of an amazing, huge event -- and Spider-Man is one of the best-selling books in the industry. So, there's a lot of pressure there. Not that my book is going to be selling 300,000 copies, but it's a part of a major event for the most popular character who is currently undergoing one of his most popular eras in comics. And he's written by who I consider to be the best writer that has ever written Spider-Man, Dan Slott. That is a lot of pressure to not be the book in this crop that sucks. [Laughs]

I think there's a very high expectation for this to be good, and having read what is going to happen in the Spider-Verse and having read the scripts that are out there right now, knowing how good it's shaping up to be, I want mine to not be bad in comparison.

Also, I am dealing with characters -- particularly Ben Reilly -- where it's a tightrope. You can't make them too much like Spider-Man, but you also can't make them too different. I was saying that he's the Spider-Man everything's worked out for, but I also don't want him to be an arrogant Spider-Man who thinks he's going to win because he's entitled to. That's not who Spider-Man would be. Peter Parker wouldn't be that guy. Even if everything worked out for Peter, he wouldn't be a jerk about it. So, it's a really delicate line to walk to express this nuance of a character that is familiar but at the same time, not.

The world that Dan has built for this to take place in, the world of "Spider-Verse" and where "Scarlet Spiders" is going to go -- it's a really fun playground to be a part of. That has been just a lot of fun.

Again, I'm so happy and excited to be doing this. I grew up reading comic books and my dad was a comic collector since he was a kid. Comics were a huge part of my life. He would go to the store every week and come back with a huge stack. He was a big Marvel Zombie -- he bought almost everything Marvel published. So I've been reading these comics my entire life, and I don't think there's any kid in the world that doesn't love Spider-Man, especially if you read comics, because it's such a compelling character. It's you if you were a superhero. The idea that I get to write Spider-Man now is just so awesome. I hope it never gets old! I hope if I write Spider-Man for the next 10 years, it never gets old. To work on a legacy like this -- it's really awesome.

"Scarlet Spiders" begins in November.


From Bleeding Cool

Spider-Verse Team-Up, Scarlet Spiders Mini Series Announced By Marvel

Spinning out of Peter Svensson’s Spider-Verse panel liveblog, here’s some of the break-out news for the panel:

First we’ve got Scarlet Spiders, a three-issue mini-series featuring Ben Reilly, Kaine, and Jessica Drew. The series is by Mike Costa, who is of course well known for his work on the Avatar series God is Dead, and Paco Diaz. Coming in November.

Then there’s Spider-Verse Team-Up, a three-issue mini written by Christos Gage with art by Dave Williams, with back-up stories by other creators. Also coming in November. Bagley's "Scarlet Spiders" variant cover / Scarlet Spiders #1 cover

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From Spider-man Crawlspace

Rick Remender and Nick Lowe explain the switch of goblins in AXIS

Live from SDCC. The AXIS Marvel Comics Panel is going on right now. I grabbed this news on why the Green Goblin was switched out for the Hobgoblin and how Jack O’Lantern is now part of the story.

A Fan asked a question about the change in Goblins in AXIS. Lowe explained to a fan why an early “AXIS” teaser shifted from depicting Green Goblin to Norman Osborn. Following the “Goblin Nation” storyline in “Superior Spider-Man,” Lowe said, “it wasn’t going to be possible” for Norman Osborn to have a role in “AXIS.” “What Dan ended up doing with Norman didn’t fit with ‘AXIS’ anymore,” Remender added. “I think it worked out for the better. We still have big Spider-Man piece, and Spider-Man himself, will play a role. Hobgoblin is a more interesting piece, I think, once we got to it.”

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