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Spider-Man - Freddie Highmore Wants to be the Next Spidey

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@8008s: They can't really know that.

Nick Lowe himself said it himself, it wasn't a simple article, it was an interview with Lowe.

Remember when he said "This is the last Peter Parker story" after issue 700.

That might have been the case before, but I think took it as far as they could, even if he does return, it'll be as something else.

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@teerack said:

@8008s: They can't really know that.

Nick Lowe himself said it himself, it wasn't a simple article, it was an interview with Lowe.

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Spider-Man appears and Black Cat is mentioned and I suspect will appear as well

Preview: Howard The Duck #1 - OUT March 11th, 2015

(W) Chip Zdarsky (A/CA) Joe Quinones

• HOT off the pages of the ... the post-credits scene at the ... the end of a ... popular movie ... HOWARD THE DUCK is back! Join him as he takes on the weird cases that only a talking duck can crack as the Marvel Universe's resident private investigator!

• Let Sex Criminals' CHIP ZDARSKY (a writer known mostly as an artist) and JOE QUINONES (an artist known mostly as a lover) guide you through his new world as he takes on THE BLACK CAT and MYSTERIOUS FORCES FROM OUTER SPACE!


Rated T+



And as mentioned by @zarius there are first looks for Amazing Spider-Man #16 & Spider-Woman #6


First look: Amazing Spider-Man #16 - OUT March 11th, 2015 (Black Cat appears)

• Spider-Verse is over, but that doesn’t mean Peter Parker is safe.

• Someone (or something) has invaded Parker Industries and is targeting its staff!

• But how? Parker Industries’ security can keep out any living thing?!



First look: Spider-Woman #6 - OUT April 8th, 2015

• Someone is kidnapping the loved ones of super villains and because of their connections, no one cares.

• No one except Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman and Ben Urich. They continue their investigation into a problem that’s going to put the whole Marvel Universe in danger!

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Preview: Spider-Gwen #2 - OUT March 11th, 2015

Story by
Jason Latour
Art by
Robbi Rodriguez
Colors by
Rico Renzi
Letters by
VC - Clayton Cowles
Cover by
Robbi Rodriguez, Rico Renzi, Sara Pichelli


• Gwen finds herself between a rock (this vulture) and a hard place (the entire NYPD)!

• Don’t miss this second issue of the Spider-Character who set the world on fire!

Comic Book Resources


Preview: Amazing Spider-Man Special #1 - OUT March 11th, 2015

(W) Jeff Loveness (A) Luca Pizzari (CA) Jamal Campbell


• A blockbuster three-part story spanning AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, INHUMAN and ALL-NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA starts here!

• Something BIG wants to destroy New Attilan. The fact that New Attilan is in the Hudson River puts Manhattan and Spider-Man right in its crosshairs!

• Jeff Loveness (The Jimmy Kimmel Show, DEATH OF WOLVERINE: LOGAN'S LEGACY) pens all three chapters with tremendous artists like Luca Pizzari and connecting variants by super star ADAM KUBERT!


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Tobey Maguire Wants to be the MCU Spider-Man


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Sony & Marvel Spider-Man 2017, Casting Miles Morales - Beyond The Trailer


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From ComicBookMovie

Dylan O’Brien Addresses Those SPIDER-MAN Rumors

Has Marvel Studios and Sony's rumored interest in Dylan O’Brien actually reached the actor? Would the Maze Runner star even be interested in taking the multi-picture role? Find out after the jump!

Not too long after Marvel and Sony had announced their new plans for Spider-Man, which entail an all-but-confirmed appearance in Captain America: Civil War before a Spectacular standalone movie, the two names mentioned for the Peter Parker role were Percy Jackson's Logan Lerman and The Maze Runner star Dylan O’Brien. Well, now the latter young actor has finally addressed those reports that he's under consideration for coveted part. “Professionally, I haven’t heard anything about it,” O’Brien told Buzzfeed today while on the set of MTV's Teen Wolf. “I’ve only heard from, like, [rumors] online. It feels so weird to say,” he said, laughing, about not knowing where the rumor originated. “It’s so funny. My friends from New Jersey are calling me. They’re like, what are you not telling me, dude?! Spider-Man?! It makes me feel bad because I’m, like, disappointing a big chunk of fans across the nation. You can tell them that it’s not true.” Even though the rumor isn't true, that certainly doens't mean Dylan O’Brien wouldn't be interested in playing the Webslinger on the big-screen. “It’s nothing but flattering,” he said. “It’s never something I would want to get myself excited about, since I know I haven’t heard about it from a professional standpoint,” he said. “I’ve always wanted to play Peter Parker, obviously. I feel like any actor my age, that’s, like, a big thing. And my name being tossed with Logan Lerman’s is the coolest thing ever, too. I just think that kid is [frick]ing fantastic.” He continued, laughing, “It’s really just, you know, I guess I’ll see if I even hear about it? But thank you, internet, for giving me false hope!”