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Nice review, well constructed, the title though is a little premature I would say, since there's still issue 15. Something tells me that Ock is going to have a fight on his hands and that's why we saw battered and bruised when he returned.

and, you are actually admitting it

i like Spider-Gwen

I never thought I'd see @punyparker admitting to liking any Gwen

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let's not forget to add shanna to the list like when she thought kazarr was dead she kissed peter but he broke it off.

Yes, they liked each other and something could have happened if Ka-Zar was dead but since he wasn't, nothing came of it.

don't forget to add liz allen. even though they haven't dated(wish they did in marvel adventures because that would've been alot nice to see him get the girl he wanted) she had a crush on him.

It was one sided and

We did look into it, and although she did begin to like Peter it never went beyond that and Peter at that time was Dating Betty Brant and no longer felt the same way about Liz, and eventually after she graduated she married Harry Osborne which immediately took her of the list.

silk is now the new love interest because of their phermones. they may not have been a couple nor does it seem romantically interested in parker but a friends with benefit still count.

Not really, there has to be more to the relationship than being friends with benefits, although I don't think that will last

i know she loved otto but she did date peter while he was taking over.

Still it was Otto not Peter

he also had a thing for tigra a long time ago

It was one sided


I'll look into Marcy, Marrow & Firestar


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@madeinbangladesh: Well done on adding Black Cat to the list, she definitely is being treated poorly, if you're not limiting who goes on the list, would you consider adding Mary Jane to it, because she has really been poorly written.

and yes, I agree with your choice of adding Batwoman, I preferred the old team too and the fact that they broke up her relationship with Maggie and dissolved the engagement, on top of that, turning her into a vampire is something I definitely don't agree with.

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@punyparker said:

@animehunter: You saw the resemblance between the hug scenes i pointed out?!

BTW,as i wrote,i didnt cry at all ,when they met and MJ started

Yes I did and there's no shame in crying

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Nicely done on the review.

Shame Jonah is no longer with us.

and before anyone say "What!, you like Jonah?"

I Like this Jonah, he started off as a douche but began to understand Peter/Spider-man even protected him. 616 Jonah is and will always be a douche and an idiot.

Just like I never liked 616's aunt May, but I love Ultimate Aunt May, as @punyparker said 616 Aunt May is always dying, yet never actually dies (it's about time don't you think), while Ultimate Aunt May is strong willed and a survivor while 616 Aunt May is just lucky.

one of my favourite scenes with is this

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@punyparker thumbs up on the review

and yes he'll be meeting Peter in issue #5

Here's a snapshot from the interview David and Leonardi gave


Nrama: Nice to have a remembrance ­ so guys, what can you tell us about the story of Spider-Man 2099 #5 (out October 15th, 2014)?

Leonardi: Issue #5 continues the story of Miguel O'Hara improbably stuck in present-day New York. An implacable enemy is introduced, and we get an appearance from Mary Jane Watson, as well as Wolverine and Captain America!

Peter David: Miguel comes face to face with one of the major movers and shakers of the “Spider-Verse” story, and ends up heading to Peter Parker seeking help.


The issue is only 2 weeks away, that is if Marvel haven't messed up the scheduling

Thanks man!

There is a "kinda" thumbs's called "reccomend review" ....and FRIENDS USUALLY PRESS THE BUTTON!!!

Already did.

more? ok.

Well written, well put together, keep it up.