digital comics vs the experience comic book store

When I think about my favorite comic store the first thing I remember is the smell. That smell brings me comfort in the way that someone might smile at the smell of their mother's homemade apple pie. (I also love the smell of office supplies, but that's for another blog ^.^) As I was browsing options for Christmas present, I went to Marvel's site to investigate getting a few subscriptions and that is when I saw the MARVELous idea of the digital subscription.  
Their selection is amazing at the price of $60 a year. I think its worth it. It certainly is no different, in my opinion, than signing up for Xbox live. The thought of having all of those comics at my finger tips in secs, being able to share it with my kids and not worrying if they are going to rip the pages (yea, I am anal about that), and I loved the list of classics available, as well. I thought to myself, Yes! Sign me up! Then I went to DC's digital comic site and I was even more on board, if that is even possible. But then it hit me.The memory of that smell. Followed by these thought, how likely am I to go back to my favorite comic book store once I sign up for digital comics? Is the instant gratification worth missing out on the comforting smell of the comic book store? The feeling of freshly printed pages on my fingers?  
I haven't signed up for anything just yet, but now I am I the only weird one out there who savors these little joys? 


When do looks matter less and acting ability matter more?

I was trying to build my "Fav Couples" gallery and it was difficult to find a picture of Aspen Matthews and Chance together. But what I did find were TONS of pictures of Megan Fox being compared to Aspen Matthews. I stumble on an old blog that said Fox had been confirmed to play Aspen in the up-coming silver screen adaption for Fathom. I went to her imdb page and so nothing there. Sadly I wouldn't be surprised to find this movie dead in the water. While comic book character movies are all the rage, I have yet to see a female lead. But back to the topic at hand. Megan Fox is beautiful, this is undeniable...along with her acting talent. Does she have what it takes to carry a lead? NO! Can I blame Hollywood for wanting to cast a beautiful woman to play a beautiful way. BUT I feel the argument is the same as Wonder Woman...there are beautiful unknowns who can act. IMAGINE THAT. Would it hurt to give them a shot? A screen test at least! Look at how well Superman Returns did with Brandon Routh.   



Batman: Under the Red Hood

So I have to admit, I haven't really read a Batman comic. I just followed the movies and tv shows. Luckily for me, Netflix has been streaming some pretty good DC character movies. Today my kids and I were hanging out, as we did a countdown to Trick or Treating, and saw Batman: Under the Red Hood. I saw that it was Pg-13 but I felt like it would be fine for my 8.5 yr old and probably ok for my 6 yr old. My 3.5 yr old could careless, he was doing his own thing.  
Overall I loved the movie. I felt like the storyline flowed well. I was able to guess from the foreshadowing where the plot was going and just who was under the Red Hood. I loved the dialog between Batman and "Red Hood" at the end of the movie. The art was compelling and kept me hooked in the movie. I liked how it didn't show the actaul violence, but eluded to it with a cut scene that would show the shadow of what happened. My daughter asked me, "Mom, did _______ just die?" and I answered her, but it didn't freak her out.  
Now, I haven't read the comic or the story arc, so my judgement is limited...but I would recommend this movie to any batman fan. In fact I did to 3 of them tonight and I plan to tell a few more friends.