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This account is now Feral Nova's if you have any questions about the character and such, PM me here: http://www.comicvine.com/myvine/feral_nova/

My Super Life Well… I was an average girl, love being with my family, I’m going to college right now while holding a lame job and I still manage to live a decent life. However one day while driving back from school at night I was caught in the middle of a battle between two spiritual beings. One of the spiritual beings named Ori an Archangel and Ahriman, most people know him as ArchDevil. I thought Ori was a human who was in trouble so I tried to help him by trying to 'scare' ArchDevil away. Well let me tell you, that didnt work, instead ArchDevil wounded me and then tried to reap my own soul to add to his soul collection. But Ori managed to stop the process by wounding him, but when he did this, instead of some of my soul going into Archdevil, part of HIS OWN SOUL came into me. After Archdevil left Ori managed heal my wounds and give my life back, but under one condition, that I would carry the burden of protecting both the Spiritual world and physical world. Not really knowing what was going on... I agreed. I soon found that I some how received some of the powers of BOTH Ori and Ahriman.

The very first powers I used were sensing death, seeing spiritual energy and reaping it. I was in a hospital after the attack with Ahriman, and in the recovery center when I felt the urge to get up, like something was calling to me. Asking me to come to it, at first I ignored it, thinking I was going crazy until I felt it more powerful and stronger as every second passed. So I got up and walked around the hospital until I stopped in front of a room. Not sure what would happen I slowly opened the door and stepped inside. As soon as I was in I was overwhelmed with the urge to do… something, I didn’t know what at the time but it felt like if I wouldn’t do something fast, I would go crazy. I walked up to the bed to find a young boy about the age of 10 sleeping with tubes and IV’s coming out of him. I stood there for a moment looking at him, trying to see something, something within him, and then I saw it, I saw a glow within him, a small, weak and faint glow but it was there. I slowly moved my hand forward and placed my hand upon his head, and I felt the spiritual energy that lied within him. It was soft and warm, but was very weak. I then closed my eyes and I could feel something come over me, something told me to take that warmth away from him, to suck him dry of this small amount of energy he had. I tried to resist, tried to tell myself not to, its not right, he needs it more than me. But something, deep inside my mind told me too, demanded me to, told me if I didn’t this feeling I had inside would only get worse. So… I did, I slowly began to reap my first soul, and when I was done all the monitors that were around him went crazy, flat lines were heard and alarms in his room went off. I then reopen my eyes, not sure what just happened and ran out of the room and into mine. I could hear doctors and nurses yelling at each other, asking what happened. They didn’t know but I did… I looked upon my hands and looked at them in horror, what I have become?

After I found out about my powers Ori came to me and explained to me what happened. How I received them and how they worked. He told me he wasn’t sure exactly what powers I received or how powerful they are but he told me he needed me to train how to use them. I freaked out and told him no, saying I didn’t want to be what I became, I begged him to take the powers I received back, told him I wouldn’t tell anyone what I saw that night. He looked at me with sorrow and told me that he couldn’t take them back, once my powers were inside, they would stay there till I would pass away myself. We talked for a while, him explaining to me what kind of work I would be doing and what my new responsibilities were, even though I didn’t want them. For about six months I trained with Ori in the spiritual world, he showed me how to use my powers and how to get he best out of them. When he knew I was ready he then started to tell me about the demon called ArchDevil the one who truly cursed me with my powers. He told me why he does what he does and how his powers work as well. I then vowed my loyalty to Ori, telling him I would work with him till the end of my life, to try and bring the demon lord down for good. I now work with Ori in keeping the balance of both the physical and spiritual world, but with the powers of both Ori and Ahriman, other spiritual beings (Even villains and heroes) find it hard to trust me. Because of my mixtures of powers I have been called numerous of things. I have been called an Angel,​ demon, devil, Savior, Death, healer, protector, destructor, Angel of death and many others. And because of the mixture of powers I cannot say that I am a hero because, if I must, I will take the soul of anyone, ultimately killing them. But I will not call myself villain as well, because if balance is being disrupted I must fight to put it back in place, saving both worlds.

Only two people know of my double life. My two cousins, Candi and Carol. They were there when I discovered my powers and are continually making up excuses for me of where I’m at or ‘sick’ excuses for school and work. The only place I really feel somewhat safe is at Church. I know it sounds stupid but... I feel like I can relax there without having to keep watching my back.

Even though I am working with Ori to keep the spiritual and physical world in order I have another mission as well. One that I like to say is my ‘true’ mission; to find the ArchSword.

After leaving Ori one day after training I was getting ready to leave the area, I packed up my things and was ready to teleport back into the physical world until I felt the presence of a dark demon. Knowing who it was I immediately went back to the training area and found ArchDevil speaking to Ori about something. It seemed like he was asking him some questions about a weapon that I never heard about, the ArchSword. From what I understood this sword was created by Ori, ArchDevil and another spiritual being I do not know of. It sounded like a powerful weapon from the way ArchDevil was talking about it. Once he left I went up to Ori and asked him what the sword was. He was hesitant at first but then told me what it was. T

he sword was in deeded created by him, ArchDevil and another spiritual being thousands of years ago. This sword was created as a ‘last resort’ weapon that would be used in case the darkness of the world becomes too overwhelming for anyone to handle. He told me how it works, how it feeds off of one’s spiritual energy and multiplies it buy a million. Only thing is that since it feeds off of spiritual energy, most beings cant hold it for more than a second with out almost dying, even Ori and ArchDevil cant hold it for too long before they feel weak. I asked him were the sword is at, saying I wanted to use it against ArchDevil, only to he refused to tell me, no matter how hard I tried to get it out of him, he refuses to tell me. So instead of waiting for him to tell me one day, I have gone off myself in search for it, so when I do find it, I can use it against ArchDevil and slay the demon that has cursed me with my powers.

After being blessed and cursed with her powers, her demonic side formed a weapon for the both of them to use in battle. This weapon she calls her demonic scythe. It is a scythe formed from electric energy as well as the souls of those that have passed. It is able to channel her electric attacks, making the attack more powerful than if she were to use her bare hands. When stuck into the ground one of the things this scythe can do is create a dark purple electric like force-field, she can also channel her electric powers into it, and she is able to make the forcefield change in size. Nothing can come in or out of it unless Angelic Reaper allows it. No matter what kind of force smashes into it, it will never break down unless the scythe is pulled from the ground. However the only person who can touch the scythe is Angelic Reaper herself. If anyone is to try and pull the scythe out of the ground their soul will be sucked out of their body, leaving them dead. Only one thing can pass through this shield however no one has seem to figure that out yet, only Angelic Reaper knows of what it is, not even her trainer and partner Orifiel knows. Another thing this scythe can do when in the ground is call upon Angelic Reapers army of undead. For as long as her scythe is in the ground, her army of undead will continue to multiply and attack with no mercy. Also when sucking the soul of a person her scythe must be present. She cannot take the soul of another person unless the blade of the scythe touches the person, sucking its soul right out of them. This should not be confused with her being able to suck up Spiritual Energy from someone. She doesn't need her scythe to suck out Spiritual energy, just their soul.

While searching for the ArchSword one day I came upon a group of heroes who fight together to Peace to the world and light up the darkness within it. Understanding what they were fighting for I asked if I too could join there group, even though I myself was partly made from darkness. The group accepted me with open arms. They are lead by a strong and fear less leader who sees everyone as equals in the group. Together, we WILL bring peace to the world, together we will light the darkness for... WE ARE LEGEND!


Recently our Captain and Co-Captain have been away from the group, busy with missions to help turn the darkness into light. Because of this the Captain has made Angelic Reaper 3rd in​ command when he or Larry are not around to keep an eye on the group. Long ago there was a team of super heroes called the Justice 10. Although we all fought hard for justice soon trival things seemed to ware each of us down. But now, I Mister Number 10 man have formed a new Justice 10 and justice can once again be delt to those with harmful intentions opon themselves and/or others. One of the many friends Angelic Reaper as made while on her journey created this group in order to try and bring justice to the world. Being offered a spot she refused to be directly involved in the group because she was already dedicated to the 'We Are Legend' group. But agreed to become an ally to the group and agreed to lend them a hand when needed.


This group is made up of female warriors who have come together to fight together. What they fight for and what there purpose is, is still unknown. They are lead by one of Angelic Reapers many friends, Sha, a mighty and powerful Ninjan warrior from the planet Ninjeta. It is a new group but with time they will be a powerful group. After some time, Sha, the leader of L.O.V.E left the team, having her own reasons for leaving the girls of L.O.V.E decided to try and keep the team going. The new leader is yet to be known, but time will tell.

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The following are a list of powers I have developed over the years.

These are my powers in my Angelic Reaper Form:

  • above human agility (Teleportation powers allow her agility and reflexes to be above human).
  • able to create a force field around my body to fit it like a glove or I can create a dome like shield that is able to withstand anything except for one thing (wont be listed here, but if we battle and you do figure it out, I’ll let it be known).
  • able to heal any wound on any being however I cannot bring the dead back to life. Not only can I heal but I can also take souls away from those who are about to pass, intertwined with this power is my ability to be able to 'sense' death in a person by looking at there spiritual aura.
  • can also absorb other beings spiritual energy and use it as my own. Not only can I sense death by looking at ones spiritual energy but I can also identify beings by looking into it, even if they are shaped into another form or in a whole other body.
  • can hear 'True' cries for help in a 10-mile radius and be able to teleport to the direct area where the call is coming from.
  • can also control all form of electricity, weather it be static, lighting or even the electrical nerve impulses inside a body, I can control it.
  • am able to fly up to the speed of sound, and I can also teleport in both the physical world and spiritual world. ​
  • Can call upon her demonic scythe

Following are my powers when in my Reaping Rampage Form:

  • all of the powers that I have while in my standard Angelic Reaper form
  • Can call upon the undead as well as place souls I have collected into other dead bodys I wish to do my bidding.
  • can take souls at random using it as energy, instead of spiritual energy.
  • invulnerability
  • superhuman strength
  • superhuman speed
  • if was wounded during a battle then goes into Reaping Rampage all wounds (except those that were caused by a holy weapon) will be healed.