Sony lays its Playstation Comic Book Store to rest

It was already announced that the PSP's comic download service would be coming to an end. Now, the "comic" tab in the Playstation Store is no longer accessible.

Sony is still planning on releasing content, the last batch of comic goodness is set to hit the PSN store on March 15th. For those that used the service, Sony will allow you to re-download any title until the end of this year, along with the Comic Reader app in the store. Sony has suggested for users to back up their comic books using Media Go.

Even though this seems like a big step back for comics, it might not be and Sony never said they where going to totally discontinue to provide digital comics. Sony stated that they are looking into offering comics and other digital books through other Sony and Playstation brand products. Should Sony man up and just use Comixology?

[Source: AndriaSang]