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@catriona_knightfall: bby doll! <3

Can I do something minor with your character to help establish my character in the rpg?:)

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might want in on this. :o

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Niceeeee~ Omg is Psyentist back?!!! :o beautiful read and edit to the photo <3. Emma's and Layla's interaction during House of M and this seen in particular was my fave ♥

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@rezurrection: "You do know how to spoil the night, don't you?" she said with a smirk, hiding her irritation. The witch tossed her long wavy locks behind her and proceeded to answer his question, "Kill you? No. Maybe sometime down the future, yes. That is if you ever get in my way." the devious vixen was making it clear to the man even though he did no harm to her and came about non-hostile, should he one day come across her path and block her ambitious goals, she would kill him, but her tones were much condescending than anything. This wasn't anything new, Angela was the passive-aggressive type of girl, competitive and always wanting to remain on top and ahead of other competitors. " But tricks, darling?. I do anything but tricks." walking past him but not without running her finger across his face, her seductive moves and voice was another trait of hers. Cunning yet mesmerizing, she was a femme-fatale, should she be underestimated by those who do so then they would see a side of her they wished they had not. "Are we done here?" she asked disdainfully towards the man known as Rez. "I can already feel it. Your little friend didn't come alone. It seems her mess just doubled." hearing the screams not to far, it seems the new born vampires had risen from being bitten by the dead Marie. Opting to protect the weak, the strong and powerful that was Angela simply walks away from Rez. Whether he would try to get to know her and follow her would remain anonymous but for now Angela had other pressing issues to deal with.

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I don't care if James Franco is looking his worst. I'd still let him bang me. <3 Ugh. Jitters.

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@rezurrection: Holding a torn piece of fabric from the injured man's shirt, Angela used it to suppress the wound, in hopes he wouldn't die from blood loss. "Don't worry. I'll get you fixed up." reaching into her clutch purse to grab her pearl covered i-Phone 5 Angela proceeded to make the call to her coven instead of the police. But before she could dial for help a man had taken upon himself to help the injured victim. In his attempts to dismiss her, Angela calmly protested to his demands as she placed her cell phone back into her clutch "I think not. What makes you so entitled to do such a command. What can you possibly do to help him?" clearly unaware of his gifts Angela stood up to look down on the man who attempted to control the situation. "Marie?" she silently asked, aware that the man before her wasn't as normal as she thought, he had a thin connection to the incident that she had witnessed, "You know who attacked him?!" she asked in surprise. Hearing as what seem like a casual conversation between the mysterious man and the vampire, the blood sucking creature clearly was angry, she suffered loss that Angela couldn't relate too. But as a dangerous species, Angela would have to interrupt their reunion and lay siege onto the beast.

"I've had enough of this. Out of all the places to come, you dare come to New Orleans. It's time I make your leave." walking in a fashionable flair of confidence and pride, Angela began to toy around with a pocket knife she had taken out from her designer purse earlier just in case, moving closer and closer. Pricking her forefinger, a single droplet had formed in the most beautiful way, suddenly a sense of pleasure and excitement crawled through her whole body. With that she began to weave her magic in the most unpleasant way for the creature in the shadows. "Esprit de gravure, gravure de chair.", as she utter her incantations without the need to gesture, she stops a good distance away from the anguish creature. Inflicting mental pain onto the vampire by popping her blood vessels continuously, Angela's spell then began to burn the creature's flesh in a way where flames where not provided but heat itself, slowly flaying the creature but with enough speed to counter the vampire's healing factor. Her eyes were cold, filled with hatred as she continue to chant her spell.

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