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@la_espada: (Sorry for the late response. I'll make this long to end our chapter here. :) ♥)

A witch with the power to that of a god, eyes bearing superiority similar to a queen of control, but best of all, a witch empowered by the forces of nature and those of her fallen community now sought to reap and sow the blood of her victims. Her chants continued and the power that she brought forth bled her enemies. With the moon at her beckoned call, the witch channeled the immense power provided by the full moon, in return she was granted with the cycled ability to manipulate her victims through their own blood. Bending the blood of her foes to her will, she pulled their blood like strings and crafted her gift like a puppeteer and forcefully ripped their bodies from within. Many had fallen towards the mercy at the goddess-like witch, they all screamed in desperation for her to be stopped. Shocked at the sight of their fallen allies at the hands of the witch they all charged towards her, without flinching, the blood eyed witch stopped them all in their tracks and effectively immobilizing them in place. Before she could deliver a torturous ending and send them to the arms of death, something disrupted her flow of power. Her heart instantly skipped its rhythmical beat and the witch had then suffered some sort of psionic feed-back that kneed her to the floor in agony. Seconds later she felt her power bleeding back into the earth, returning back to nature, the connection to her power and the spirits of the dead witches was now severed. "No no no no." she repeated, looking to her hands as she shook in fear, "What's happening.... the nemeton!".

Weak to her knees the witch fainted shortly after due to exhaustion, luckily, it save her from witnessing more murders that had been done by the assassins who had swooped down from the rooftops to completely eradicate the other remaining survivors. Awakening later against the stub of the once grand tree that fueled the witches, C's currently vision slowly repaired itself from her daze and confused state. Quickly noticing the tree had been cut down in half, explaining why she lost her connection to her power and the other witches. "It can't be. This isn't the end, the nemeton. No!" looking around in explosive burst of emotions and violent shakes, the witch demanded answers. Her movements where restricted by the thick ropes that tightly constricted her arms and legs. "Oh but it is, at least for you." two shadowy figures then emerged to brace the lunar light which revealed themselves to be both detective Porthos and shockingly, Julian. "Julian? What are you doing here.. I thought you were dead. Please help me." she pleaded with desperation and ill-hope filling her voice. Walking slowly towards the witch, he lifted up to her feet by aggressively locking onto her neck, his rough grip slightly chocked her as she gasp for air. Finally revealing his true nature he informed the witch that it was him leading the assassinations that led to the witch effectively helping him rid this city of the other factions. "You used me..." she said with realization, reflecting back to everything he had told her and what she had told him. She mistaken him for a fool and because of that he learned everything. Feeling a slight loathe to what her actions ultimately caused to not just herself but her witch community, she prayed for mercy. Embracing her lips one more time, Julian kiss of death was both bitter and sweet to the end, as he touched her lips a sudden sharp pain shot through her, a plunging dagger traveled straight into the powerless witch's stomach and her body fell lifelessly back on top of the nemeton's flat surface. Thanks to Santiago Porthos intervention in the past it changed the future, the revealing of the miracle men had been stalled but soon shifted the power and current dynamics in modern day Los Angeles. His actions saved many but it also condemned the witches to a lifelong state of misery and torture from the other reforming factions.

21st century

After a brief encounter with Antonia Dain, Angela was met with failure in obtaining the sought after grimoire. Time was almost up and she had to rendezvous with the other witches, those who accompany her on this mission. Visiting the witch district in the city Angela hoped they would serve some use to her in her mission to acquire the grimoire one last time before she take her leave back to New Orleans. Visiting a former apothecary store with bloody history, it now served as a mixture of its past and now new-age shop. In this shop she met with the residence witch, "I'm sorry but we witches don't have any power that you speak of. All we do is grow herbs and make potions and use tarot cards or other form divination with mundane tools. We don't even practice magic and cast spells like other witches, we haven't done so in a long time." Angela's eyebrow arched with confusion and frustration in understanding the predicament of the witch and her coven's issue, before she arrived, she read the French Quarter coven's archive on these witches, "What do you mean you don't have any power? Your magic is tied to this land like the Ancestral Witches in New Orleans. Our practice in magic is similar to the practices of the witches in this city. What about the nemeton?" apparently Angela was more invested in the witches of this city magic than the witches who lived here themselves, but she was ignorant of the nemeton's current status to witches now in this time. "The nemeton? That's nothing more than a myth to the witches, the tree is nothing more than a stump now. The elders say it was once a large and majestic tree that once flourished with magic but that's no longer the case. Whoever cut the tree long ago cut us from our power. If the legends and myths surrounding the nemeton were true then we witches wouldn't be living under the rule of the vampires in this city. The witches in this city still hold the faith that one day our magic will return to us, but faith isn't enough to get back our power.". Faith in tradition, power, and the people was sounding alike to the witches in New Orleans, "I'm well aware of the volatile nature of the magic practice in this city. I understand that." before Angela could continue, the other witch shot her down, "Our magic is more... violent compared to other forms, yes. Our magic relies on sacrifices to empower our strength, our connection, but no one is willing to go that far to an extent just for power. The nemeton is nothing more than a myth to us. I'm sorry but we won't be any use for you, as much as I like to help especially with the vampires and beasts in these cities, I just can't help you the way you want me too." just like the witches in New Orleans, the witches in Los Angeles practice in magic was similar and Angela couldn't help but focus on that highlight. "Actually you can help me. I have a plan. I know that the ritual the witches in this city used long ago to empower the nemeton: the Grand Rite. If we can complete it then we can restore the magic in this city." it seemed Angela had resources inside Avalon who was willing to help her, one who managed to secure a page from the grimoire before Antonia's notice, but the price of the said ritual Angela enlisted required sacrifices, 13 to be exact, but some how the other witch knew how clever Angela was and she knew that Angela had something up her sleeves that would avoid such crimes of that scale. But Angela wasn't the type of girl to lend her service for free, there was always a price to pay and definitively she wasn't doing it out of the goodness in her heart, she was wicked and cold. "But I wonder, why are you helping us? What do you get in return?" the witch ask, staring at the enchanting Asian doll with some studying, knowing that the risk of performing magic of this scale in a city where they were oppressed could lead to consequences. "Liberation. I want to make Los Angeles my home again. New Orleans is impressive indeed, with the vast amount of power bestowed to the witches there, but." of course there was a 'but' involved, "New Orleans is taken care of. While you witches here are not. In exchange for my help; not only will helping you help me, but I will no longer be powerless since Ancestral Magic is tied to New Orleans. By leaving the ancestral grounds for good means my connection to Ancestral Magic is tarnished, but I'm okay with that. My one true goal is to lead the witches in this town and bring glory back into their arms. So tonight it begins." her voice conjured an enchanting tune to the other witch's ear and her eyes showed sincerity and determination, but of course Angela was a trickster by nature and what she showed or told didn't always mean it was the truth. Lies upon lies, piling up.

"We're preparing to leave back to New Orleans, the bodies are being shipped back home.", "There's been a change of plans, girl. I'm not going back, I'm staying here. Consider it as me moving back 'home'." the other witches were hiding their gleeful joy, finally the witch-bitch was gone and out of their coven, they allowed Angela her way and left her to her own. In a self-made prophesy of the witches, Angela was the chosen one, the witch who would lead the Grand Rite and ensure glory to the witches in the City of Angels. Now, with the hunter's moon in full bloom, the coven of witches who once held disbelief in their heritage and power now circle around the nemeton. Dressed in ceremonial garb, Diana, the witch who planned this ritual alongside Angela began to voice her charming charismatic speech as scripted from the other conniving witch who orchestrated this long over-due ancient rite, "Witches of Los Angeles. I'm here to inform you of a new beginning. United as one. No longer will we witches hide in fear, no longer will we feel powerless, no longer will we be the victims. Tonight! This will all change and I have the knowledge from a special friend of mines to make this change. Tonight, the Grand Rite will be completed. And once the Grand Rite is completed, we witches will take back the city our ancestors left us with. Tonight we will rise from the ashes and be reborn. No beast nor undead and those of the living for that matter will dare take us for granted. No longer will we be the ones who were overlooked, we now rise from the flames and this rebirth will give us the strength to fight back." standing on top of the nemeton stump, Diana was like a queen and the witches all listened to her young wisdom and leadership, surprisingly, Diana never believed in her people and the faith they held on for so long, but with the death counts stacking of her people, she had to chance it. Proceeding to the ritual with adaptation thanks to Angela's instruction as a substitute to killing 13 victims but now 5, it was very similar to the New Orleans's Harvest Ritual, where sacrifices (4) would empower the witch community. Using the last of whatever magic was left in the nemeton ( thanks to a witch who had died in 1919) "Earth, connect us to our magic. Water, heal our community. Air, send our offerings to the spirits and back. Fire, purify our offerings. And Spirit, unite us as one and renew our strength." as each elements were called, five witches were selected from the crowd of magic restricted people, as they had met the requirements of the ritual. Originally, as mentioned before, the Grand Rite ritual required 13 sacrifices but Angela adapted the ancient ritual for Diana and used five witches to supplement the spell. Like the Harvest, the Grand Rite usage of witches was enough to endowed the ritual with enough power as oppose to 13 meeting that same strength requirement to be met with competition. One by one the five chosen young witches neck had been slit, all screaming in fear, but as each were killed they were then positioned to be laid on five sides beside the tree stump representing the pentagram."Sun and moon join as one. Let the dead come undone. The Grand Rite is renew, all the power for the witches now come forth, anew." the incantation was the final spell for the ritual and as the blood of the five virgin bled back into the earth through the roots of the nemeton, Diana proceeded to complete the ritual with its final step: by stabbing the the nemeton's surface with the blade used to slain the four witches.

Hijacking the Grand Rite

Now the witches awaited for the power that was suppose to come back to them as a result of the Grand Rite, but instead it vanish, the large sticks of flames immediately snuff out once the blade had pierce the stump's flesh, signifying that either the ritual was a complete (failure) or something had alter the course of their spell, the once burning flames left a trail of cold smoke and an aftermath of a failed ritual behind. "To be reborn you must sacrifice. Spirits take our offerings as a sign of our faith." hoping that the reaping to their ritual would come back and the dead girls resurrected. The witches were shocked that their ancient ritual was unsuccessful and now mourned their losses with Diana suffering a terrible guilt. But in truth it was Angela conniving actions that led to the disappearance of power, it seemed as her trickery surfaced, in concert with the ritual taking place, by its completion due to Diana's help, Angela was able to hijack the power of the Grand Rite all for herself. "Sacre sang du Pere. Sacre coeur de la Mere. Donne moi donne moi." drinking from a chalice, she felt the power of the Grand Rite energy now coursing through her body and with that power she resurrected four other witches, witches of the past and those of deadly discretion. Among the witches who were resurrected, was one who suffered a terrible fate, as she walked down the streets in a hip-bouncing like movement she met the other three resurrected witches, all of whom questioned on their revival until the master mind behind it all came forth, "I did. My name is Angela and we have much to do.".

Perhaps the most shocking discovery of all besides Angela's treachery, was one female whom she brought back. The witch who died so long ago on top of the nemeton, which empowered just enough that it gave Diana the power to complete the Grand Rite. The one who walked in such a way that had a flair of its own and would now come back for vengeance against Santiago Porthos, the female who was revealed to be the dangerous red-headed witch of his 'past'. Now she was alive and back in the flesh, she was revealed to be non other than the witch named: Chanel de la Fontaine.

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