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My wife says a strapless bra would do it. Sometimes her tops could have one of those. Otherwise, double sided sticky tape.

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If you're looking to get something other than HULK SMASH out of you Hulk comics, you're doing it wrong. By that scale, it was awesome.
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Let's spice it up by giving Galactus the Eye of Agamott, making Galactus into Super Galactus Eye Man of Agamott. 
But yeah, Superjuggerman would get it. Totally invulnerable and able to hit with infinite power... I mean, we've seen Galactus get beaten physically by beings, so to think he couldn't get taken out in a slugfest is wrong. 

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Anyone else think Manhunter's cred went down when he got iced so easily in Final Crisis? I know there was some infinite power going on there, but still, dude got stabbed with a flaming spear. Seeing that really made me think less of him as a true powerhouse.
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Yeah, this isn't a contest. Thor doesn't even need Polaris in the fight. She can just kick back and watch.

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I prefer Marvel because I think Marvel stories are more interesting. DC has too many gods and god-like beings and multiverses and blah blah blah to keep me interested. To me, the only interesting story from the last few years of DC comics has been in Batman comics, but that's really only because I'm a Grant Morrison fanboy.
But you know what? Live and let live. Don't let someone else's opinion bother you. You like what you like, and I like what I like. As Jay-Z said, "What you eat don't make me shit."

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@BIackFlash said:
and with his father getting ripped in half
I think Bendis has long term plans for the kid, this guy will be as ruthless as Damien Omen 666. 
Anyone think he's gonna be a big event like the Richard Donner movies and scare the hell out of the Marvelverse post Siege?
Holy shit dude, good job predicting the Fear Itself storyline.
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Pretty sure that "holding up the heavens" is a metaphor more than an actual strength feat. The current Herc comics have made it clear that much of what the gods are made of is symbols, ideas, ideals and so on. Holding up the sky was a metaphor for who holds the power at the point of the Axis Mundi, where the heavens and earth meet. Quoting: 
"  While Hercules decides to have a vacation with Namora after the Secret Invasion, a group of Amazons attack and capture Amadeus Cho. They wanted him to find the Omphalos, and use it to become the world's dominant force. Hercules manages to save the captured Poseidon, and heads to intercept the Amazons at the new Axis Mundi, in Washington D.C. but, the Amazon leader Artume succeeds anyways in reshaping the world into an Amazon-dominated one, with Hercules as the sole remaining rebel against her empire.
I don't have the page handy, but if anyone can back up my memory, I'm pretty sure they did this by taking the "heavens" off Atlas's shoulders, right? That's more of a feat that anyone can do at that point, because holding up the heavens is a metaphor for who is in control of the earth (which is why Atlas is in DC), not an actual feat of incredible, epic strength. I argue that holding up the heavens does not require great strength, but great metaphorical power.
All that said, Herc kick's Superman's ass easily :-)

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Cable died. Bringing him back would be a pretty big deal for the X-Men, so it'd have to be an event, you know? I don't see them doing an event that brings him back to life, shakes up Hope's life, changes the X-Men's dynamic and then drop him off on a Deadpool teamup. Doesn't seem likely.

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Remember that episode of the Venture Bros. when the Jefferson Twilight, the Blackula Hunter, realizes the only thing he can actually do is kill vampires (specifically, black vampires)? That's pretty much Blade, right? I mean, I guess he could toss some garlic on Flash, or fire a stake out of a crossbow at him. Or expose Flash to light... scary!